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Mod is under construction and everything is subject to change.
Release Date: Unknown

Planned features:
  • A brand new and original map.
  • A huge number of jobs to bring you as many different roles as we possibly can.
  • Creative and in depth lore of the religions and people of Calradia.
  • A brand new item system to be more fitting with roleplay.
  • GUI driven inventory management and shopping system.
  • NPC animals.
  • Persistent characters to keep your possessions and location upon reconnection.
  • And many more that we can’t yet reveal...

Developer list:
  • Team Heads: Anden and Peter
  • Coders: Peter, Trocket, S1lv3rs0n
  • Mapper: Flandrien
  • 2D graphic designer: Gowen
  • 3D graphic designer: Peter
  • Lore & concept: Sjtaf, Anden, Salamander, (Partly Norsking)
  • Music Composer: Theretor

About the mod:

Vildrheim... ‘The land of wolves...’ A fitting title given to their land by those who live there. The land where the wild north winds blow. The land where strength is never permanent, only a moment on the breeze... It is a wild land.
For a thousand years the Nords and Vaegirs fought over this desolate place...
Wars have raged over these lands for its richness in the ground. There may be peace, finally. But no one can know for certain. It’s not just the people of this valley who have suffered these wars, where once stood a thriving metropolis, now stands a pile of rubble, ivy and trees. Thus is the fate of strength in the ever changing tides of Calradia. They are the ones who suffered, the victims. Still loyal to their nobles they will do whatever they must to survive. The local nobles will try their best to protect their people and maintain the peace. But will they succeed? The wealth of this land pulls trouble towards it like iron to a magnet. How will the people react, how will they live? How will you live? Do you dare to enter the land of wolves?
The valley can change a man, a man can change the valley.

Vildrheim Roleplay is a brand new roleplay mod set in the Warband lore, which plays out between the Kingdom of Nords and the Kingdom Vaegirs. Under creation by a team of experienced role-players together with experienced developers of all kinds and with brand new in game concepts to back up the brand new lore surrounding the people of Calradia. Our goal is to bring an intense experience in the medieval roleplay-scene and provide a good environment for roleplay to take place.

If you want to help us out:

If you want to get included in this project, we are still looking for more developers to help us make Vildrheim to its full potential. If you want to get involved just PM us with what you can do!


The Veagir Castle.
Training Dummies :razz:
A "place"
An unnamed village as of now
The arch of River Knud



Credits to RoBiN for this Signature.

Update logs below


Update Logs

Update Log 1(15/01/13)
A very small update, the map is almost done, however, I feel we are not ready to post any screens just yet. However, I am going to add Theretor to the Dev list as our very own music composer :wink:
If you want to see a small piece of his work, follow this link:

Update Log 2(23/01/13)
Hey guys, time for a new update once again, firstly, we are still working. Secondly we have opened opened our own ModDB page, that you can find here: Thirdly, a new soundtrack made by Theretor, this one called "Night of Exploring". Link: To go with the music I put in a few screenshots, screenshots that can also be found on the ModDB page.

Update Log 3(11/02/13)

Hey guys!
It was some time since I last posted an update but its time I think, I dont want you to think that we are dead afterall :razz:

Anyhow, work is going forward, even though at a slow pace which is also why I am going to add the following.
We need scripters, 3D Modellers, artists or people who would like to contribute in any other way... even if it is only their interest.
Please contact us if you can help, if you know someone that can help, a name could be helpful or make them contact us. Thank you in advance!

I have also created a Steamgroup, link below! Show your support and join it!

ModDB Page:
Steam group:

Jezze said:
Congrats! I am glad to see that your project has find its way here. I am happy it offers something else than just Swadia  :razz:.
Thank you :wink:

Barradin said:
Sounds interesting, but can you explain what will differentiate this mod from Persistent World and Warband Roleplay?
Of course.

This mod is planned to be for serious RP, unlike PW. Atleast the last few times I have been on PW, RP is not what I have found, and if I have found some RP, its usually very light.

WRP on the other hand have always had serious RP, however its run in native which puts on a certain limit on some things.
We plan to keep things serious but also let players influence the "story" more then in WRP.

I kept the answer short and I hope it answered your question? :wink:

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