SP Fantasy [WB] Tohlobaria: The Conquerors Expansion

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"Your Grace, I bring news of your trade with the West Trading Company. They have agreed to help arm and train your troops in their new tactics in return for trading privileges in our new Duchy. They were also generous enough to commison your grace with a well made set of armor, adorned with the best fashion that they can offer.

I hope this news brings abit of relief in these hard times. Let us go forward and become the Conquerors of this land."

This troop mod changes your Kingdoms army to have a style similar to the Atians but with your own little flair to it. Your troops will be well trained and armed, going from basic millita with spears and basic muskets to hardened, plate armored veterans, armed with long pikes and expertly made muskets. You will have shield bearing swordsman, ready to close in and assault your foes in close quarters. Pistoleers to harass and run down cowardly deserters while you are guarded by your most loyal and deadly bodyguard. The Elmeti Guard. Clad in the best plate, wielding great lances and swords that will make your foes rather run than to fight.

Just remember your Grace. Don't rely on one troop. these men work best together.


I have edited Dirims armor to match the legs better and also given them a handgunner to kind help with their roster abit.

Pistol also holsters on hip

I have changed the flintlock pistol into a matchlock to better suit the rest of the army.




You will need the Tohlobaria mod, which you can get here:: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,304142.0.html

Download my mod here:::https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bnyFZ9h87tiOg-LbSlG_dpNM1Os0sVEt/view?usp=sharing
Paste my mod files into the main mod folder

In order to get your gear you have to use cheatmenu. but it should all work.

Please give feed back and I hope you enjoy.


Quick update making it so the "New Troops" you get from master armour quest are now the same as the rest, just with separated millita troop

fixed slight folder typo and checked through dirim handgunner not having equipment

fixed morion not showing up.


Fladin for making this awesome mod that this is a mod for

Honour&Glory mod and Llew for the Matchlock pistol model that I edited.

the person who made the with fire and sword English civil war mod for his edit of the crusader cloak that I use.

and you the player for giving this mod a try.


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Very cool :grin:

Next step => create your own dream mod!

Don't aim big and go step by step:

- learn how to create your own campaign map (historical or imaginary) : it's the most difficult step, after it's a cakewalk!
- customize the music
- change the names of the factions, troop, NPCs ...
- add the items of your choice (armour, arms ... there are tons in the OSP section of the forum)

and voila, you have your own mod!

All this will force you to work with the Module System, but now there are  very good tutorials here to help.

Good luck


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All of those are missing meshes, but are still fine mechanically.

The Dirim Handgunner has no weapons or armour

Looking at the troop trees I also noticed the Borovod Marksman has worse Ironflesh and a worse bow than the Bovorod Trained Archers.
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um just quickly check if there is two resouce folders in your mod folder, just noted that I had an s at the end of resources and the main mods folder has no s. wierd. and the dirim handgunner having no items sound really weird. I'll check their gear in troop editor again and reupload the mod to be sure. I havnt touched the other factions. so the archers kinda come like that. I might change the values to fix that little odd detail.

Edit: reuploaded. if the handgunner still has no grear, I'll have to think of a work around.


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I'd forgotten this existed until I found this again by accident, I'll give it another play.

Something I thought about when reading this again though made me think of how this seems renaissance inspired, perhaps give the top tier swordsmen some javelins like Machiavelli advocated for?