SP Native Fantasy [WB] The Weidzman of Calradia (Development Started)

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I thought to myself one day; "Wouldn't it be cool to be a bad-ass witcher taking on contracts and beheading lords for the single purpose of making coin?".
I got the Dismemberment mod working, but it wasn't enough. I needed the ability to plot assassinations and take part in man-hunts targeting more than just a common looter or spy.
My original goal (which I kept to myself at the time) was to attempt to combine the Brytenwalda Mod with the Decapitation and dismemberment mod. I haven't tried it yet as my research concludes that it will be difficult for newbies such as myself (but I will still try it when I get the chance).
However, another idea popped into my head. What if I could implement an entirely new ethnicity/subfaction to native calradia, and new dialogue options/opportunities (etc.) that plays in the lore of the witcher.

My plan:
- To add an entirely new career option to the character creation screen (and modify some of the character customization).
- To add rare/unique & witcher-class weaponry as a lootable reward in huge battles and secret locations/villages.
- To add new dialogue options and quests fit for a witcher.

Ex: "Hmph, pale complexion, ashen hair, animal eyes. You must be what those Temerians call Witchers, eh?

Ex: "We need King Ragnar to mysteriously disappear for a conspicuously long amount of time; are you interested?"

Ex: "Some foul creature wreaks havoc on the Nordic villages. I'll compensate you generously for dealing with it."

- A complete dismemberment system (sever limbs, split open shoulders, decapitate, dismember, eviscerate, or simply cut people clean in half). Possibility that the same will apply for animals.
- The ability to execute prisoners (possibly captured deserters), unruly members of your war party, and captured lords whom you see as unfit to continue their privileged life-styles. Choosing to execute someone (whomever it maybe) will initiate a battle, the selected person will be kneeling with their head down and their hands behind their back; their fate is now up to you (and your current inventory). Performing executions will have an impact on your public stature, of course (especially if you execute a noble/lord).
- There will be an effective notoriety system: being feared will drive away caravans within your range or armies with less than half your number, being appraised will bring you universal discounts and assistance from strangers, being hated will make nearby war parties more aggressive towards you and merchants/units will charge more.
- Witchers (Or those in the process of becoming one) will see major differences. As the player progresses through the 3 stages of training, his animations and speed will change drastically.

(initiate the process by reading "The Folk-lore of Temeria"). requires: +3 intelligence [4 days to read]

1. The player has minimal knowledge of the Witchering trade (vanilla animations).

(Advanced through reading "Art of the Weidzman"). requires: +5 intelligence [8 days to read]

2. The player has exceptional training in the Witchering trades (attack animations and ripostes are faster).

(Advanced through reading "Mastering The Monsters") requires: +9 intelligence [12 days to read]

3. The player is a master of the Witchering trade (all combat animations will include a spin to distort the enemy before striking and will be almost too fast to recognize).

- There will also be numerous books of knowledge hidden throughout the map that will teach the player Witcher signs
- Beheading a lord/noble/companion (yep) in combat or through execution will add their head to your inventory.
- Political system: Killing off valuable lords/nobles/generals from a faction will weaken it, and the opportunity to do so can be presented to you by another faction leader in the form of a quest assigned by contract given to you either through a letter given by a messenger or a personal invitation to a castle where you and all the leaders of the faction will discuss the plot.

Development has officially begun! After collecting information from our friend the internet, I have gained sufficient enough ability to start this mod by myself. Although progress will be slower, it will still be definite. I hope my progress encourages others to join in with me.

The basic steel sword. [My first 3D Model]



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I think that the models from witcher 2 are free to use for non commercial purposes, you can port them to warband if you know how to do it.
Well, I'm still qorking on how to add new weaponry to the game, but thanks for the info. By the way, I managed to get my custom sword with the mesh into the game, but it shows up invisible and I get an error after equipping it.

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There are tutorials here on how to add items to the game, search in the documentations and tutorials section.
The only "up-to-date" tutorial I found on the Taleworlds forum has missing images and the instructions don't help at all.
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