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Should Hornburg be a castle or a town?

  • Town

    Votes: 28 15.0%
  • Castle

    Votes: 90 48.1%
  • Town, but call it Helm's Deep instead.

    Votes: 24 12.8%
  • Castle, but call it Helm's Deep instead.

    Votes: 45 24.1%

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Docm30 said:
Takeda Shingen said:
There are several very good reasons, but i won't say anything as it will anger all the fanboys out there and the flame war will ensue...

I'm genuinely curious as to what your reasoning is. From my perspective, TLD is the most detailed and accurate adaptation of LotR as there's ever been.


I'd like to hear those "very good reasons" too, since I too am not understanding why "TLD is not part of LotR".

Frankly, LotR and Hobbit film design is better than TLD's. (in terms of armor, weapon, scenery and architecture)

But that's not a good reason to go against TLD.

Just look what TLD has achieved in Mount and Blade modding until today:
- "Riderless" system for Wargs and Spiders
- Currency varying from region to region
- Windy flora (trees and grass)
- Inter-active World Map when you zoom out it shows the names of the regions drawn just like Bilbo's Map
- Completely new warfare and faction relationship systems
- Various troop-trees within one faction
- Unique interactions with locations (such as Moria, Isengard etc.)
(Not mentioning here features present in other mods such as Formations)

Does TLD have issues or pieces that could have been done better?
Of course, every mod can have improvement. But it's not worth even mentioning since:
1-TLD has been a colossal work of many years and it's a shame to criticize it
2-Most of the criticism would be about subjective stuff and I don't think that one would find 2 people on the same mind on that.
Helloo, i could not play the Velvet because of my Pc, but i heard the full soundtrack and WOW, its absolutely wonderful and unique. It is original  made for the mod?
Hidde112 said:
Am i the only one who can't go to the wolfstar forums?
You are not alone with the issue, I do believe the website is down now. For whatever reason I do not know. I figure the hosting service expired. This makes it a lot more difficult to know what is going on.
nothing is going on so there is nothing to be caught up on

a wizard is never late nor is he early

especially when he ****s off and doesn't tell anyone where or why
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