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It's been over a month, i've already finished adding all my personal touches to my modded warband ages ago and i probably won't want to get back into modding it now, so i guess i'll just be making do with the gender toggle script.

Brilliant idea to make a fully functioning mod, release it and then un-release it because you wanted to add "features" which should be optional (because some people don't even want them, i for one don't want them, realism is boring and if i want it i'll go outside) so thank you for your hard work but that was a really dumb move to basically delete it all for no reason and then leave everyone in the dark for months afterwards. :meh:


Just leaving this here to finish this unfinished business, a little recap:

- Yes, we were working on it for a while. However, to be honest, we were only 2 on the programming part and it was quite the undeserving work. It was a very conspicous project and I had not (and I still have not) the fully understanding of modding nor programming. I must admit I'm very hostile towards programming, as I am more into developing ideas and developing the graphics (which were all done)

- No, the mod WASN'T working, that's why it was pulled down. Even though you could romance girls, you couldn't romance men as men. It required a rescripting, which, as I stated above, I was not entirely able to do, and the other girl who was working with me eventually lost interest in the project. Bummers, but so it is.

- No, the mod WON'T be finished, atleast not in my current situation. You can easily make the changes made to our files in like... 5 steps. It relies entirely on the removing check options, which were did in this -> http://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/6061/?  (please look forward to this if you just want gender checks removed and not any other changes)

- Yes, I, for myself - since I was essentially the last one working on it - pulled it away both from the workshop and online because I felt the "hard work" (which mainly consisted in studying the modding tools and the code inside the files) was being wasted because the mod wasn't working properly.

EDIT AFTER 1 YEAR: I continued the work on http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1133687340 to be able to reach a playable point.

We (I) love you, we (I) love Shik and I'm sorry for anyone who got upset about it. It's just the way things go, sometimes.
It surely wasn't helping having to delete hate comments and spam on the workshop, or answering stupid questions to the terrible homophobe part of this community. I get annoyed fast by this kind of behaviour.

Amen! (and thank you for your support, anyway)
P.P.S. I would thank Pierre Feulle Shogun for the graphical work he had already done and was never implemented, it was his first work and did a splendid job in my opinion!
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