SP Fantasy [WB] The Realms of Fire and Blood

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He may have little time to respond, don't be 'Vader', but let's not dirty the thread with our ****  :twisted:, please continue.
Dj_FRedy said:
For the amount of reserved messages I think they are willing, at least, to try.
We all know, in these forums, how complicated it is to take a project forward, there is a considerable number of them buried right here, under the tullo ... forgive us if we do not have much confidence in one of such size, but is that it has been shouted too many times that the wolf is coming and we no longer believe it. Let's hope that this time the wolf comes for real. Good luck with your project.  :wink:

I cannot speak for other mods but I have a lot of passion for this mod, and the small team I have, all have that same passion.  I started this on my own, with no one.  Overtime, as my discord started to fill up, I grabbed people that shared my passion that wanted to help.  So, yes.  I will continue until it's done. Thank you for the encouragement. :smile:

There is no wolf, but the dragon is here! :smile:
Just wanted to leave a little comment. So, there has been some speculation and a lot of questions lately about whether or not this mod would continue with its intended purpose or be re-purposed in light of the Early Release of Bannerlord. The long and short of it, is this:

At this moment, and until Bannerlord has been stabilized, optimized and with stable modding tools released, this mod will not touch it. Which, to be fair, could take another year or two, depending on a lot of factors. Which, we are not worrying about. So, we will continue developing this mod for Warband.

On a personal level, I haven't been able develop due to a computer crash, which I announced last year. I am finally able to continue developing.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support for this mod. We wish you good fortune in the wars to come!


Great news! I'm one of those oldtimers still rooting for Warband, of course, so my opinion might be biased. :sneaky:
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