SP Fantasy [WB] The Imperial Simulacrum: An Elder Scrolls Mod (Orcish Armor p.57)

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Forward Note

This thread will be updated and improved as I go, so things are going to be a bit baron at the start. Feel free to pose questions/ideas and I'll make a Q&A and build up the thread as I go.

I've been working off and on for a few months on this as a personal project and I feel it's at a reasonable enough state where it can be shown. At the start at least, most of the input content is going to be OSP material.


"It's year 396 of the Third Era. The Empire is locked in turmoil as Emporer Uriel Septim becomes reclusive and apathetic towards the political stage; the Imperial Legion falls out of it's seat of authority among the provinces, while diplomacy and peace fall into disarray. Few realize that through magic and treachery the Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn has actually imprisoned Uriel Septim and taken his place as an imposter, to covet the Imperial Throne. Meanwhile fulfilling his own ambitions as Emperor; whatever they may be.

In the absence of Imperial authority, the unstable and restless Tamrielic provinces fall victim to agitators, and vie to pick up old vendettas long lost to the concerns of The Empire; in the decade that will come to be known as The Imperial Simulacrum."

Shorthand Description:

As you might have guessed, this takes place in Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls universe. This is an "alternate reality" of sorts, as kingdoms will be able to declare war on each other within any given timeframe, just like warband.

Though with that said, the primary intention of this mod is not to be a strategic military game (though one could still play it like that). The emphasis is going to be more around quests and player character development. Think TES II: Daggerfall, but in M&B :razz:

But, without further ado:

World Map (will be subject to major changes):


Ingame Media:























Planned Features

- 76 towns, and 150 forts/settlements (scening is going to be a long process :lol:)

- The normal assortment of character races. The beastliness of beast races may vary depending on the difficulty of changing animations; so mind you the appearance of beast races could be a variety of things. Race will garner you significant bonuses to given skills.

- Magic. This is a tough one to talk about, as I'm still not sure to what extent it can be implemented into M&B. It's a planned feature, but I'll need to take a look at my options before I can decide how it will be implemented.

- Villages and towns will be larger and more densely populated than those in most TES games, albeit there'll be fewer unique NPCs and the cities themselve may not be 100% identical to ones you've seen in the Elder Scrolls games; though they will be used as a layout and aesthetic reference.

- Crime system. You'll be able to attack whoever you want, whenever you want and take their precious gold; but you'll face the repercussions for doing so. You'll be pursued by any bounty hunters you run into until your fine is paid off. Likewise and patrolling guards/soldiers of the offended faction will pursue you as they normally would in warband.

- Non-human enemies. Monsters such as trolls, goblins, falmer, daedroths, ash creatures, zombies are intended to be included, likewise humanoid enemies such as Dremora and Golden Saints are also planned. However this will likely happen further down the road once more baseline features are completed. Groups of wandering monsters may inhabit the world map.

- More factions, more quests. Guilds and various minor factions are planned, hopefully with a plethora of repeatable and enjoyable quests to get from them; such as monster extermination, assassinations, manhunts, and even a variety of quests taking place in the cities and towns themselves.

- Discoverable locations, such as dungeons, derelict fortresses, abandoned villages, bandit hideouts and daedric ruins that will only be accessible by actually finding them on the world map.

- Explorable world map: The world map itself is 2.5x the size of Calradia, and contains many nooks and crannies in it's layout; said nooks and crannies will contain discoverable locations.

- Armor classifications. As per the elder scrolls games, armor will be categorized by weight and material. While there will not be any "armor skills," light, medium and heavy armors will have very significant encumbrance differences, so people who choose to have the protection of heavy armor must suffer a significant movement penalty, while those who use lighter armors will be much faster on their toes.

- Armor and Weapon "materials," Armors and Weapons will come in materials such as Iron, Steel, Silver, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Ebony, Daedric, as well as a variety of smaller classifications. Obviously said material will have an impact on the quality of the item.

Mind you much of this is very *WIP* and I have much work ahead of me.

Current "Full time" contributors:

- Me (modelling, texturing, all around tinkerer)

- Madvader (coding/programming & scripting)

Frequent contributors

- Counterpoint (texture assets/jack of all trades)

- PoisonCourtesan (models/textures)

Current Content Contribution Credits:

- Narf Picklestink, for his OSP armor resources.

- Gutekfiutek, for some of his Polished Landscape content.

- Vurt, for his Skyrim flora textures

- Checkmaty, for "more metallic" battle sounds

- Onra, For his tamriel heightmap which was used as a preliminary base

- Dejawolf, for his medieval helmet pack

- La Grandmaster, for various monster bodies/skeletons

- 747823, for Weapons of the Third Era (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/3871) which has been ported into the mod.

- Kuauik, for some of the face textures used in AD 1257 (http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?board=167.0)

- CounterPoint, for faction banner contribution

I'm not holding open applications for team members at this time, when the mod has a more solid and fleshed-out foundation, I'll be looking for help then :wink:

"I want to contribute, what do???"

The policy so far is independent contribution. The team small and coordinated, but I / we will accept contributions that meet a modest qaulity standard.

If you want to make armor, refer to Narf Pickelstinks men at arms pack, as that shows the method I'm using. Legs, Torso and Arms are all completely separated from one another and do not share the same texture/UV sheets (with the exception of pauldrons) armor needs to be based loosely or completely on the stuff in TES games. Keep them in reasonable portions relative to what Narf Picklestink has made

As for items and misc models, here's what is needed most currently (list may change)

- Map icons (province-specific models for cities, castles and villages)
- TES-style shields models.
- Faction/Noble Banner textures
- War Hammers.
- Daggers.

- Monsters will also be accepted. no rigging or skeletons are required at the moment for contributions, but keep them within the realm of the following types: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,251011.300.html (read first post on page)

Once again, keep them in the style of stuff from TES games. Do not rip models/textures directly from TES games as that will obviously cause copyright issues.

Simply PM me if you have a contribution you wish to add, and you'll be credited for your work.


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Wow, a TES Mod with impressive screenshots, thats awesome. Have you already done some of the other races ?


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Very impressing. The world map textures are beautiful. Is it your work, too?
Anyway I wish you the very best of luck! =)


I want to say, awesome choice on basing it more on quests. There is a huge lack of story based mods in Warband, even though the engine can handle it perfectly well.


Does applewatch really constitute a village? But nice work, some Daedra artifacts would be cool.

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La Grandmaster said:
Looks good, are the armours you posted in the pics all osp models?

The current ones are either using Narf's meshes, or default warband meshes. Granted I haven't gotten around to the elven nations yet :lol:

DoctorPainkiller said:
Does applewatch really constitute a village? But nice work, some Daedra artifacts would be cool.

A lot of the castles/villages will be subject to change. I'm going to get a bunch of new icons made up, so some villages will just be small settlements, while other may be much larger and include a fort. There's not going to be quite as much distinguishing between castle and village.


Funnily enough, you'll be able to scene the major towns and villages with more building density and higher pedestrian traffic than the Elder Scrolls games ever could.

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Bluehawk said:
Funnily enough, you'll be able to scene the major towns and villages with more building density and higher pedestrian traffic than the Elder Scrolls games ever could.

Well, with the exception of DF/Arena. That's sort of my primary goal here, while the mod is going to aim for a more recent elder scrolls art and atmopshere style, undoubtedly the gameplay will probably resemble the earlier TES games in the way scenes are handled, and the way you traverse the world map.

With that said I should probably note that pre-established towns that have been featured in the games like mw, ob and skyrim, won't be 100% recreations in this. I intend to make villages and towns significantly bigger and with higher population density; though I'll try to keep to a similar layout and aesthetic for the most part.


IamABOT said:
Great, but the Falmer rose again only by a bit before 4E200, which means no-no to Falmer.



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Nations With Fire (My Mod)
Veiled Stars
The Imperial Simulacrum

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