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Alongside the main Mod stuff, we're also working on what I guess you could call, "conceptual literature". In other words, stories set in Gacea, following the lives of different people, strong and weak, low and high, poor and rich. Certainly even the ideas I've had for different bits and pieces have helped and depth and colour to the world. I apologise, I do have a couple of drafts for chapters, just not uploaded anywhere. However, if you enjoy writing stories, email or PM me. :3 This is non profit guys, for simple pleasure. I want everything from simple merchants tales, about the politics and in's and outs of each Faction, to the rip roaring adventures of mercenaries as they travel across the land, to soldier's tales of glory and death.
So far, I have two main Characters with some detail and plots, and some idea's for short stories or other pieces. I personally, I am aiming at Heroic Fantasy, but Idm what subformat of Fantasy Fiction your pieces take.
:razz: I'm willing to give any background info or lore about the area or people or whatever part you need to know to write it.
Feel free to let me know, and post any questions or comments here about any aspect of TGC.
I really appreciate when mod developers talk about the philosophy behind their mods, I feel a mod without a philosophy (or at least a sure direction) is one that is ultimately going to lack in dedication. I'll look forward to this
Very interesting, but if you were to make a move to a different game in the series I myself would suggest Warband as WFaS seems inferior and much less enjoyable.
Yo guys, apologies, but I am kickin this topic up. It's mine, so I don't see why not. And the offer for any meshes etc stands open, especially weapons, ask and I'll see what I have that might fit, especially medieval stuff or fantasy stuff. If its not UVed and textured I may expect you to do that bit though.
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