SP Native [WB] Swadian Interregnum 1387 [WIP] (3 Mirrors)

Should the year be changed from 1387?

  • Yes, move it to 1357.

    Votes: 146 41.1%
  • No, 1387 is good.

    Votes: 190 53.5%
  • Yes, but not 1357. (please reply with suggested year)

    Votes: 19 5.4%

  • Total voters

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Very nice. I have voted about change at 1357 , meseem a better year, in line with other mods.

Now I'm near to go in vacation, but I have saved the page, and I will be pleased to see and try this mod when I came back at home.
So, this mod works for 1.160 correct?

I'm curious if it adds many new unit types, since focusing on just one faction would be spectacularly bland, or spectacularly interesting, if say, the River-Swadian's sport spears and bows whilst the fringe groups faster horses or something...
It should work for the latest version. The troops are more or less the same for all the factions if memory serves. I haven't played it in a while.

Shame it's not being worked on anymore. That we know of at least.
Just found this mod and it's a real shame that it seems it's died out.
Going to try it anyway...I have a love of the 14th century and especially that periods armour...wish there were more mods like that out there.
thick1988 said:



The year is 1387. 130 years have passed since the reign of King Harlaus I, and his last heir, Harlaus IV, has met an untimely death. With no heirs himself, Harlaus IV has left the Kingdom of Swadia with no clear line of succession. The great lords of Swadia now stake their own claims to the throne and declare themselves rightful King of Swadia whilst declaring war on other "pretenders."  The fate of Swadia is clouded in the fog of war, politics, and treachery. Will you support one of the lords in his bid for the throne? Or take advantage of the situation and seek to claim the crown for your own?


(currently on GameFront, looking for other mirrors too)

Known Bugs/Mistakes - Player starts off with some equipment I was testing. (Heraldic tabard + armor upgrades)

Changes from Beta1:
- Universal Troop Tree In Place
- Foreign Mercenaries
- Banners Finished (98%)
- Polished Landscapes added
- Handgonners made slightly slower to reload
- Barded Horses retextured
- New Arena Scene
- Horses can be used in village battles
- New intro screens

County of Praven - The most powerful faction, seated in the northwest of the map.
County of Dhirim - A wealthy county in the east. One of the original 4 powerful counties in Swadia.
County of Uxkhal- A rich trading town at the source of the river seperating Swadia from old Rhodok lands.
County of Bruen- A relatively new, booming town made wealthy from the riches in the sea trade from far away lands.
County of Lumbar- A small county nestled along the banks of the Swadian River. A natural rival to Uxkhal in the River trade.
County of Kalberl- Ruled by the capital city far to the north east, this county profits from trade with the exotic lands of the Vaegir and Khergit. But it also takes the brunt of the attacks from raiders and incursions into the Swadian land, making these people veteran warriors.

- Diplomacy
- New 14th century items (clothing, armors, weapons, horses)
- 6 Factions based on the regions of Swadia
- A new large scale map of Swadia
- New lords, ladies, and companions
- New scenes to reflect 130 years of change and growth
- Different scale to the world map. Castles, forests, and villages tower over the player, and trekking through woodlands conceals many attackers from sight.
- the villages of Swadia have grown and familiar places may now be seats of power with outlying villages of their own

I want this mod to be accessible to all players. That means LOD meshes for everything, and veering away from resource gobbling addins or changes.

Scenes currently available for volunteer sceners:
Praven - Available
Suno - Available
Dhirim - Thick1988
Uxkhal - Seal_1

Development Screens/Art (more throughout the thread)

Men-at-Arms Compliation Preview NEW

Transitional Armor w/ Splinted rerebrace and vambrace NEW

Cuir Bouilli w/ Plate & Baggy Gambeson under Cuirass NEW

Transitional Plate w/ decorative Jupons NEW

White Armor w/ Latten plated Couters and Poleynes (helms size reduced since image taken) NEW

Man at Arms with Bouche shield

Cuirass over Aketon



Uxkhal Siege Scene

Low to Mid-tier Equipment

Man-at-Arms and new lance model

Lord with Heraldic Armor

Map Aesthetics

Wealthy Civilian Attire

Enlarged City Map Icon & Player scale

Transitional Plate Armors for the period of 1380's in Calradia. (armor courtesy of narf, helms by me)

Poll Results:

Should the faction troops be have a color theme to their uniforms?

What do you think of the Handgonnes?
Winner = Put them further down the troop tree. Give lords smaller amounts per party. Lower the reload time.

Winner = No, real medieval armies were composed of many colored uniforms.
    17 (51.5%)

Should "knights" be removed from the troop tree in favor of making low tier lords into the knights themselves?

Winner = Yes, it goes with the scale of this mod. Give minor lords the title "sir" and make "man at arms" the high tier cavalry unit.
    19 (76%)

Besides faction related bandits along the borders, which bandit party would you like to see MOST? (names subject to change)

Winner = Mercenary Bands (small powerful bands of well equipped warriors)
    24 (34.3%)

What is the most important addition for you:

Winner = Diplomacy
    33 (62.3%)


This has been a personal project of mine for awhile, stemming from the Diplomacy & OSP mod. It was originally intended for my own personal enjoyment but I am now fine tuning it and will release it to the community.
Want to help? PM me  :smile:

Signatures to show your support:






OSP Credits:
Narf - Base metal Texture and Armor packs
Shredzorz - 15th c. Weapons
CD Projekt RED - Chaperon
Pino - Pino's Armor Packs
Dejawolf - Helmet Pack
Lucas - Lucas' OSP Weapons

Mod Team:

Thick1988 - Everything so far

Thanks go to these people for volunteer work:

Epicrules and friend - help on banners
Jezze - help with module system
Justiciar - help with banners
Bpopa27 - banners
Seal_1 - banners and historical info
Warrior.X - Signature
Can you add OSP roman standard bearer armor, i know it would be out of place but maybe you could make  an assassin character out of him or something, by changing it's name.
Last time I was here I was seeing this fine mod, and thoughing about to get and try.
It's ready or miss something? I'm very interested, as I said previously.
By god's grace I pray for this mod not to be dead.

If I am to late for the prayer then I pray that this mod be resurrected like the Messiah and Son. Jesus Christ.

This mod is the Jesus Christ of Mods.
Hello, I downloaded this from moddb from the link on the first page. Problem is, the option for this mod doesn't show up in the game launcher even after I put it on the module folder like usually. Also, when I download, I always end up getting two exactly same files after clicking download (the only difference being the other file has the number (1) behind the file name, I only click download once though). Has anyone ever run through the same problem? Please advise me what to do. Thank you very much in advance
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