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According to Vahadar, we should have some news about the new map next week.

Still we can't show you anything and i haven't made anything really new lately thanks to the "Samsung affair" who blocked my work at home...
Hey, im the new Guy in the team, so here are my models for the mod:
Hammer (Hammer):
Großer Holzschild (Great Wooden Shield)
Sax (Sax)
Gladius (Gladius)[Bit to big blade, i think]

A fiew other weapons here:
I might be able to scene edit or research for you. This looks like a really interesting mod.
I solved the problem buying a new one :wink:

Big deal is that i'm having a harsh time at work now and an exam next week, so september has been a hell of a month...

However i would like to assure those who might think we lost the way, that work has continued. Fraoliva hasn't shown any material but he finished the heavy armours branch for the Romans and a week ago work on Germanic equipment has started. Counterpoint gave us a hand for the #2 Spangenhelm variants' group as you can see. Only real bad news is that there are no news about the map Vahadar was working on; i haven't seen him in a while but this week he was supposed to let us know something about it.

About myself i turned on side stuff that equally needs attentions and i defined some new ideas like the river ports. I came in possession of a map of such ports and that gave me some ideas to insert this feature as well, but i'm still working on it. In the meantime the shields for the Romans has been finished and polished about 90%; that includes the characters' versions and special units' uniques.
caprera said:
but this week he was supposed to let us know something about it

i got some cold illness recently so was quite tired when going back home after work, did not spent any time this week on the map, but i got your pm, i'll just put some random bridges for now on the map and post it like that for testing purpose (not this week-end thou, gonna rest a bit, but i'm taking some short vacation next week). i just finished something quickly for another mod for which i made promises too :wink: , yours is priority now.
Lovely [3]!  I've been a little busy here, and my work has stopped for some time. But now we are on holiday now, and I'm ready to start some new things. I'll check my box o'images!
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