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SP Native [WB] SnD's Polished Native

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SnD's Polished Native is a small compilation of scripts, small mods and graphical improvements for Warband​

This mod is still in early stages of development but a stable download is available: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2841

Released a fix for the current bugs in the freelancer mod: Here!

Changelog 0.6:
Changed some textures ( armors, made the night skybox dark instead of blue, etc)
Added Ethik Mantis Better banners V2
Added the Freelancer mod by Taragoth, ithilienranger, Caba'Drin, Sunhawken, RevaShan, Swyter , Duh, Cernunos, monnikje , Idibil, Somebody
Currently this mod allows the player to enlist in a lord's army with the opportunity to gain experience and money. Follow your Lord where ever they go, fighting many enemies and gaining ranks as you continue as a single member of your Lords army. Each time you gain a rank you will be supplied with new equipment and gain a higher pay. Once you get bored with this career you can either desert or mutiny. While in your Lords service you gain the respect of your fellow soldiers and there's always a chance that some of your acquaintances will become followers and join you in your revolution or desertion! As will prisoners, but will they work with you or against you?....


• Opportunity to gain ranks
• New equipment & higher pay for each rank
• Ability to desert the army and take followers with
• Ability to revolt against the lord and release prisoners
• Ability to go on personal leave and remain part of commanders army.
• Interact with commander in a meeting scene
• Ask commander personally to retire from service
• No need to hold space bar while commander travels
• Take prisoners and hold some of them for ransom (Lords)
• Quartermaster hands you food when you are low.



Graphical Improvements:

Mb Movie mod by Chur

Polished Landscapes by Gutekfiutek

World Map HD by Painbringer

Havocs sky textures Version 2 by Havoc

Havocafied Bows by Havoc

Texture Fiddling by Lucky Lancer

Realistic Colors mod by Lucke189

Expanded Horizons by Openshaw

Flying Missile Pack by James

Improved Buildings by SendMeSmile

Improved Male Faces by Iboltax

Yiyang Chen's Faces 1.2 by Yiyang

Flora mod by killkhergit

Quivers whith real Arrows by Spak

Blood tweak by Neil_v

New loading screens by Seek n Destroy (SnD)

Gameplay Changes:

New Scripts like Manage Garrison in villages, a banking sistem, auto-loot and diplomacy.

Custom Player faction troops wich you can change the equipment by talking to them
Native Mod Compilation - Full 0.9 by Bismarck (it combines Custom Commander by rubik, PBOD by Caba`Drin,
Diplomacy by whaiti, Warband Entrenched by Tempered , Battlefield Tactic Kits by motomataru,
Deployable Pavise by Cartread , Garnier's Bank of Calradia by Garnier, Duel Kit v0.5 by MartinF

El Arte de la Guerre Siege Scenes by Leandrojas

Custom banner (still early, needs some changes.)

Arena Overhaul Mod by Adorno

Combat Animation Enhancement 5.0 by Papa Lazarou

new training fields by Lucky Lancer

Arena Revamp Deluxe by lucky lancer



Sound Improvements:

More Metal Sound Mod by Checkmaty

Sounds of suffer by _Khanate_


Thanks Janus for Warband Mod Installer Script v2.3
The taleworlds forum and comunity for the usefull inspiration and tutorials for noobs  :wink:
People that plays the mod and helps to improve it.
And of course: The creators of Mount and Blade

Please give your opinion and features that you wish to be implemented
All help and feedback can be usefull

Some new Screens


May I ask which version of diplomacy you're using for your mod? Specifically, are the features from zParsifals Diplomacy Extension part of it ? I'm talking about this one: www mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2687
thefreakish said:
May I ask which version of diplomacy you're using for your mod? Specifically, are the features from zParsifals Diplomacy Extension part of it ? I'm talking about this one: www mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2687

Whaiti's version is the one used in the mod


Thanks for great mod compilation. I have a lot of fun with this and it work well on my old rusty PC.
The last release look weird on my PC. Swords look great but chainmails look funny. Also I prefer old load screens and crossfire. Can you do a light version of your compilation without additional textures?
I try to mod this by myself but my modding skills are relatively low.
Things that I plan to do:
A)Remodeling troops and troops tree:
-all recruits soldiers get boost(Caldria is at war almost always - people get used to war and bandits),
-ranged units get worse armors and limited melee capabilities - some will lack shields,
-trying to keep armors and weapons by nation theme(changing equipments most of troops to fit nation theme),
-Swadian ranged get bow instead of crossbow(Royal Archers),
-Mercenaries get additional better crossbow unit,
-remodeling women soldier tree,
-Rhodoks melee unit get splinted into two branch - Shieldmans(with Sergeants) and Pikemen(with Armored Pikemen),
-Nords get additional branch of melee units(branched from basic melee units only T3 and T4),
-adding bandits tree(mostly for mountains bandit's  now Mountian Clansmen and tundra bandits- now Northern Barbarians) and changing their equipments,
-changing upgrade costs for units.
This things I can easily do. I have problems with changing upkeep for units - don't know how to do it or what make upkeep higher. Need help.

B)Modifying parties and make new.
-caravans better armed but soldiers mostly on foot,
-modifying bandits parties - they are more numerous and have some new troops,
-most bandit parties carry women as prisoners - good source for women soldiers recruits,
That is no problem.
-adding some looter and bandit camp for attack,
-making new parties and lairs(some thieves and smuggling camps with possibility to attack or interact - sell prisoners and loot or recruit some of bandits),
This is a problem but I see tutorial somewhere.
I plan adding at last two types parties for one type of bandits - small scout parties, medium size raiding parties and big war parties(for clans and barbarians).
-possibility for big parties to loot villages,
Dunno if it is possible.

C)Sorting items by faction.
I have problem with this. I used editor to make turbans and other saranid head gear available by city culture  but instead to be available to buy in saranid base cities they disappear completely from the shops.
Strange. Need help with it. Also it looks like very time consuming.

D) Adding more quests:
-transfer trader quests(escort caravan, move cows, transport goods) to Inn keeper,
-adding more quests for villages,
-adding npc for castles(Sheriffs) with quests(bringing more recruits, supplies, fighting bandits&marauders etc),
-change guild elders for royal sheriffs and give them similar quests like sheriffs in castles(they care mostly about military matters and laws).
This look like trouble. Need help.

E)Adding more companions:
-planned 4(2 done) - 2 will like each other when dislike other 2,
Need info how to make companion a noble or commoner.

F)Adding mini factions,
-mountain clans in mountain beetwen Rhodoks and Swadian(modeling on Scots or Swiss) - few castles no towns,
-barbarian clans in north on Veagir border - few castles,
-they will have low tier trees but with good and cheap basic troops(mostly melee footsoldiers),
-maybe adding desert tribes on Saranid rear,
Looks like a much of work.

Problem is that I spend most of my time plying. Must resist and do a modding work.
Good things that I learn some python and my modding skills increase- great thanks for all modding tutorials I find here.

BTW Seek&Destroy do you have some tools to use in mods merging?
Ehh it means more sense if caravan ppl were on horses. And the vaigier barbarians should be based off of Russia or Slav rebels


The problem with caravans is that they should have carts. And then having foot armed servants(who move on carts) with few mounted scouts will make perfect sense.
Dunno if this can be done but if this can be done then making two types of caravans - one horse transport with mounted guards and one cart transport with mostly foot guards - should resolve this.

About Veagir Barbarians. I think that I make them Scott's alike. Cant really find any Rus or Slave barbarians that fit the theme.

Then mountains clans will be done Swiss alike. Swiss was main source of good mercenaries and they serious kick ass. Also If we take that Rhodoks are modeled on Italy and Swadia on France then Swiss will be in good choice.



Sergeant at Arms
Very nice,  I can't wait to see more.  Some new items and an expanded troop tree would be welcome.

Also: Maybe you should get this moved to the Caravanserai, perhaps it would get the attention it deserves over there.


Yeah Seek and Destroy do a good thing.
Doing more items isn't a problem but I lack any modeling skills then if I do this I will propably borrow graphics from other mods.

Things done:
-barbarian units(Barbarian-basic unit, Barbarian Raider-light cavalry, Barbarian Noble-better armed cavalry) and 3 types of parties(Scout, Raiding and big War Parties),
-clans units(Clansmen, Clan Warrior, Clan Weteran Warriors, Clan Noble) basic unit sometimes with bow better units with javelins(Noble  Mounted) and 3 types of parties(Cattle Stealers, Raiding, War Parties),
-women tree changed, basic units ranged(keep women from fight) when after 3T tree branch in two branches(huh) one into deadly archers(Sharpshooters&Bow Maidens) second into light cavalry(Scouts&Sword Sisters),
-mercenaries trees get Armed Guards(2nd tier foot unit sometimes with xbow) and Mounted Guard(3th unit mounted unit identical to Caravan Guard-can keep this name), old Caravan Guard changed to Veteran Mercenary(foot melee unit), added Professional Crossbowmen as 4th Tier ranged unit(good in melee too),
-Swadian tree remodeled:Royal Archers insteed crossbowmen(rather low quality units, weak in melee and average at ranged), modified equipment of the rest,
-Saranid tree remodeled: no jarrids, all archers with lighter armors, main weapon is sword and scimitars(less spears), faster and more skilled soldiers but not that durable,
-Rhodok tree remodeled: branched from 2nd tier melee unit into Shieldman&Vet.Shieldman&Sergeant and into Pikeman&Vet.Pikeman&Armored Pikeman(Shieldmans have big shields and close combat weapons when pikemen heavier armors and two handed polearms), Crossbowmen lighter armored and some lost shields,
-Veagir and Nords get minor equipment change for now,
-most 5tier units are more costly to upgrade(and upkeep) now,
-all basic units better armed,
-changing some names and equipment for most units(minor changes),
-two NPC added: Arycelle(great with bow), Scarlet(good with sword and bow).
-two types of merchant caravan:large with large amounts of Armed Guards and few Mounted Guards and Mercenary Crossbowmen and with more goods and normal with only Mounted Guards and less goods, !!!didn't work!!! It reversed to basic caravan with basic units(modified Caravan Guard called now Veteran Mercenary).
Back to testing.
I think about adding a sling(with stones as ammunition) it will give a blunt damage and changing some Manhunters units into foot soldiers.

Overall cavalry look like less visible on battlefields when infantry fight in big masses.
New update is available!
For now i will be waiting that the tread is moved to the caravanserai.

Thanks all for your support and kind comments  :wink:
Maybe, I don't use the newest version (heard bad rumors about) but if it gets fixed i'll do my best.
Although it should be compatible with the newest version.


THANK YOU ALL Mode's for the contributions That SnD's Polished Native uses read all your Names wish to thank you.
My contribution is this . all game play must have balance .Long troop trees are OK but it takes six years to turn out a good Soldier.One or two weeks of basic training can give them basic skills .Most soldiers are not really very healthy if they come from cities.A large portion of military training is physical to build up the body and instill discipline in that they fight with one  mind directing them.Good food hard training and time can change a person into a soldier. The time scale in the game is condensed for the Basic fighting men with the NPC taking the time and effort necessary to build up the skills. If all fighting men were to have the same time requirements as the NPC and your avatar I believe it would make for a lot more balance but would make it far harder for players that do not use cheats. I myself use some of the cheats when I want to recruit and equip my units. But I use them in the following way Go to a village and see if their are any recruits that want to join if their is non I go somewere else. when I find some I buy ten peasants from the cheat menu.This is only because I can not customise my troops.I use the equipment cheat to equip them but I also do not equip them if I do not have the Iron for Swords Helmets Shields and Leather for boots.when I equip them that is bumped.For Cavalry I have to purchase the Horses from the cities and bump them as well. In order to carry all this stuff around I needed a pack train. For each hit point on a horse it can carry one weight unit. If my equipment exceeds the carry capacity of my pack units I dump the less valuable items that I can not carry. The Cloth and leather for tents and uniforms the heavy items that Take up little space and give me more weight carrying and so forth.Food and grain is the last thing to go as are the horses which give horse meat from the cheat menu. When traveling in the snow or desert grain is dumped one bag for every five horses in the army per day. If some one could make a mode that would save me a lot of time. If someone could mod and make carts which would carry more supplies that would make a lot more balance to the game. Equipment dose not matter that much its weight is important as is its purpose as long as it is within the area of human endeavour and skills base it can be Incorporated in the game.
As for the Muskets  yes they could be Incorporated but the price and time frames need to be expanded  as should misfires explosions that kill the user and so forth.The firearms of this period were really only pipes on a piece of wood with hand made powder and a stone the closest thing in the game system is the home made musket in Fire and sword so that should be the best at the top end.It is important that it stayes within the native area of moding as to go to another  plateform isolates your modes as unusable by others that are not using your platform.
Hope this is of help and can help a moder in their endeavors.
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