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ALFAJI said:
so no arabians too ? even as rebels ?

people always like to think that to add a faction is nothing
(in code line that just few lines but in modeling it is not the same)
well i am 100% sure that they will add this faction if you could provide all the models and textures they need for this faction
Pardon me if there is an answer to my question in the threads, but are there going to be authethic beards and hair cuts in character creation? I'm namely interested in Assyrian, Babylonian beard styles :smile:
We haven't modeled new hair per se in the character creation, but Kuauik has done a fantastic curly beard & hair & fillet (headband) for the Immortal/Apple-bearers dress, so it might be possible to do in the future. We would be interested if anyone is able to do editing with hair or beards, though.

And thank you rgcotl. As you note, doing a faction really is exhaustive work and it's not something we approach frivolously. One has to design a roster, chart out settlements, create scenes for them (very exhaustive work), provide for lords and ladies of the faction, create models and textures for them, equip them, stat them,  balance their party replenishment/reinforcement rates. The fact that we are still doing this for our current factions shows how far from our mind doing even more factions are. I am sure post release we'll consider them.

You can recruit Ahlamu mercenaries and fight Ahlamu banditry (Among the dizzying array of either), the term being one of the generalized Akkadian words for nomads/bedouin/desert folk, used in our case to describe Aramaeans, Amorites, Qedarite Arabs and any other group of people inhabiting the desert regions of the fertile crescent. But aside of using the camel you cannot expect for them to be the iconic pre-islamic kaftan wearing bedouin. These are Bronze Age bedouin of a different flavor - light, unarmored skirmishers with slings, javelins, bows, spears, some swords or axes, and some camelry.
The Arabians were really a group of nomadic tribes back then and I don't think they would be very fun to play as. They didn't have much of a distinct or unified culture until Islam came around and that was in 610ad, way past the time frame of this mod, so if you did make them, there would have to be multiple tribes because they were not yet a coherent nation. A lot of work.
Roach XI the Magnificent said:
ALFAJI said:
so no arabians too ? even as rebels ?

They're not worth a faction. Not documented well enough. What, an entire faction of men in white rags on camels?

theres no such thing is not a worth for  Civilaztion and spacial for an important faction as seba or delmun in modern bahrian
FYI - the work on Arabia from the team of the best (in my opinion) TW mod. I know that the time period is off (Europa Barbarorum is set to start 3rd century BC), but they have more than extensive research on the major Arabian factions.

Yeah, EB's work is remarkable and would help to illustrate how Sabaeans of this era 'could' look with some adjustments. One can extrapolate some of the later information for assumptions of earlier eras, given continuity found elsewhere heightened by the relative isolation. I'm especially glad they found the information to justify the dress of their Sabas, as everyone always just imitates the single picture we have of Arab Camelry for early pre-islamic dress (being a kilt/loincloth and drape).

I appreciate the link. :smile: It's something we'll worry about well after our own first release, since there is a litany of work to be done.
Head of a Semite chief with Egyptian influence, from Amman

:idea: - http://www.lookandlearn.com/history-images/XB223667/Head-of-a-Semite-chief-with-Egyptian-influence


:grin: - http://www.kendallredburn.com/costumesofallnations.html







thanks docm..btw we are alive,but Sahran is busy with school and i am busy with 1257ad.when 1257 is released,we will move on to SITD.lots of cool features are done,we will have new beatiful map from mr.Docm and we got chariots! :mrgreen:
Docm30 said:
Red River said:
so much for summer 2011 release plan :roll:
Here's some news for you. The people working on this (and every other) mod actually have lives and can't work full time on something they're aren't getting paid for. You ought to be thankful that the mod even exists at all.

Well that depends.  I am looking forward to this mod.  Very much so.  And I have vowed to not play Warband until this mod or the elder scrolls one I am following is released.

  However, If the team said there was a summer release, then there isn't, people have a right to be unhappy whether this was free or not.    Granted people who work on this have lives, but they should of thought of that if they gave people a false release date. 

Just saying.  I am quietly still following this and will be until it is released, I am a patient man and don't care how long it takes to be finished, I would rather have quality over a quick release.

Regardless, your remark was uncalled for. 

EsoptrosOer said:
  However, If the team said there was a summer release, then there isn't, people have a right to be unhappy whether this was free or not.    Granted people who work on this have lives, but they should of thought of that if they gave people a false release date. 
That's what we where aiming for. Dead lines are hard to keep even in professional software development (and not necessarily game related products). It's even harder to do so in a hobby environment, when we do this in our free time for our own entertainment. And because this is a form of entertainment, many other aspects can come into the developing hours - like mood or beer. :eek:

So people personal emotions are there business, but as long as we don't receive any payment from them and do the mod in our free time people have no right to complain about the release date, nor do we(well at-least I personally) really care about there such complains. :smile:
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