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@feragorn.... atah yehudi? and if so....hag pesach :wink:

and I like the name Ish Milchama... man of war

Feragorn said:
Arrakhis said:
ok thx for the info, btw the David we talking is 'Daud' in hebrew/arab perhaps, the one that slain Goliath, right?

Are you gonna use his hebrew name or english name, I would reccomend use herbew name for education purpose  :grin:

Hebrew for David is David.

Your argument is invalid. Arabic is Dawud.
Sahran said:
Yeah it's the King David who slew Goliath. I don't know enough of Biblical history to set a specific period of his reign but it'd be after he's subdued the Aramaeans and Philistines and entered into an alliance with Phoenicia.

Feragorn did the Israelite & Vassal names, so he can clarify if they are Hebrew or English. Right now I'm too busy with everyone else's names to really worry about making it authentic Hebrew, but if someone wants to after 1.0 and make them accurate to the language of the time they can go ahead with it.

On the topic, Feragorn - Jews are referred to as Israelites (both North and South) at this point? So the Jewish tier 2 spearmen would be "Israelite Ish Milchamah", or did they have another way of referring to themselves?

David and Solomon are pre-schism, so it'd either be Israelite Ish Milchama (for one troop) or you might want to assign tribal designations. (Benjaminite archers, Judahite Spearmen, something like that.)

PM me for more discussion.


Yep, Arabic's on my list of languages to learn, since I know fluent English and Hebrew, and can read and write Latin.


They're both official languages, so yeah, it's good to know both. And people can also generally get by in English as well.


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This mod look really good indeed!! Just stopping by to thank you guys for the efforts and hard works in making this mod..  :grin:


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Kuauik Update!

Trojan Armors


Scythian Armor

Walls of Babylon?



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Anyone have any recommendations for mercenaries? Starting to compile the list off hand, I've got the usual suspects:

Sea People/Shardana Warriors with round shield, sword, javelins
Mykenai/Mykene/Akhaioi Hoplites and probably a pseudo-Peltast
Elamite Archers
Aramaean Tribesmen - probably sling and javelin for variety's sake
Kaldu (Chaldean) archers
Nubian Archers
Shasu (Bedouin) skirmishers - not sure if javelin, bow, or sling
Skoloti (Scythian) Horse Archers
Shasu Camel Archers if we add the camel OSP
Uratu Marya (noble) Horsemen with shield, spear, armor and helmet
Neo-Hittite Horsemen with spear, shield, no armor, helmet.
Probably Thracian tribesmen as bonafied peltasts

The oft remarked but debated-to-origin Hapiru, who are attested to by pretty much everyone in the Middle East but debate ranges as to if they were the Hebrews, another specific people, mercenaries, general term for nomads, a social category of the lowest class, or a catch all term for bandits/thugs/mercenaries/nomads/poor people/vagabonds/ect. I'm going with the last definition, so Hapiru are the generic banditry and the cheap, dime a dozen infantry and archer mercenaries.

If it's easy to script regionality of mercenaries I'll add in the script, but if it's difficult I'll need someone else to do it.  :mrgreen:

Sayd Ûthman

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The blue in the "walls of babylons" looks a bit bright. and i'm also waiting to see the armors in-game, because the bump map doesn't show there  :razz:

About mercenaries, i don't see anything to add ^^
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