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"The mod, at its current state, is filled with bugs and incompleted features. I have done my best throughout the past 7 months or so, working on this alone, well...to finish the project. And - as usual - ideas just fly all over me and my energy drains. So I decided I will release the project in its current form as the groundwork is done. Since I got other commitments, I thought I would release something than not releasing anything at all! So, the idea is: start small, make it grow. And no - I didn't quit the project and will be working to improve it.

I will need your help in the form of bug reports, ideas and to play Hope you enjoy my work."


(You will need WSE to experience the mod in its fullest.)​

Sevenheart is a combat enchancement, content expansion and a story mod for Warband that adds lots of exciting features to the world of calradia. Project aims to revolutionize the combat mechanic and make sure action never stops both in battle and world map. ~

Experience the story of Sevenheart in this epic journey.


Player was born in 1237 in a regular family under the lordship of King Robert of Swadia. Player’s father was a simple miner and mother was a tavernmaiden. Player worked in stables, blacksmiths, taverns until the year of 1253 where he met with Refr and Silent Russell in the Uxhal tavern. Together, they joined the Golden Cauldron in hopes of better fortune and glory. Sevenheart was founded on 1261 after 8 years of service in the order’s headquarters, Ashikara. Meanwhile, your family was living a decent life as farmers in the village of Elberl.

Order put up a shadow act in action in 24 oct, 1263. Act clearly declared everyone that was affiliated with the order in a way; shall act in no way to arose suspicious that would jeopardize its secrecy, which is sacred and cannot be judged. After that point, all order activities went to a halt. As if everyone was put on a awaken sleep…

It is 12 Nov, 1266 now. Order finally dismissed the act after 3 years of sleep, let the order be forgotten once more, ready to act with a clean page. All company leaders are called to the first gathering of the years.

Sevenheart stands ready.



Main Storyline
Engage into a hand-crafted storyline of betrayal, blood & brotherhood with tons of dialogs, quests and battles! Make choices that will shape your adventure and the world of Calradia!

Rich Lore & Dynamic World
Travel through a land of history, events and legends! Everything you do now truly affects the world around you, even killing soldiers!

Orders & Companies
Meet a whole new Calradia where Orders & Companies exist! Create alliances, unite and stand against common foes! Shape the world of calradia from a whole new secret battlefield!

Battle System Mastered
Forget the Native! Fight against a competent AI, create ambushes, send saboteurs/assassins! In battlefield, equip yourself with unique order arsenal or master the art of war with many abilities!

New Quests & Adventures
Immerse yourself with new adventures and quests!

No Stone Unturned
Everything has been improved in this mod. Even drunks!

      • Main Storyline
      • New Favor System - There is a new currency in land - that is sometimes more valuable than denars!
      • New Quests
      • New Events - Rebellions, historical events, royal events, natural events...
      • Rolling Forward
      • New Battle AI - AI can block, avoid, counter-strike, chamber, feint...
      • Ambushing - Create ambushes on world map and strike on your enemies from high ground!
      • Hundreds of new dialogs - Listen the tales of legends!
      • New Items - Robes, horses!
      • Order System - Meet the Golden Cauldron - also faction orders!
      • Banking - Go to Calradian Monarch!
      • Build camps - Build camps, upgrade them to outposts and enjoy your camping mode!
      • Outlaw Mode! - Turn into an outlaw and meet whole new interactions as you travel through towns and castles! Be wary of your bounty!
      • Queens - Kings are no longer lonely, meet with queens...even work for them!
      • Family system improved - Take care of your family, get married and make children!
      • Retirement improved - Retire and play as your son!
      • New Musics - New musics to improve your experience! Many of them are hand-crafted exclusively for this project.
      • New Animations - Standing spearmen, musicians playing music, rolling forward...etc
      • Bounty Hunting - Take bounties from tavernkeepers and hunt people!
      • Faction Parties remastered - Raiders will spawn in castles to raid enemy territories!
      • Class System - Choose a class that will give you a whole new advantage in the game!
      • Manhunters improved - Enlist as a manhunter!
      • New locations - Dhorak's keep, four ways inn and ports!
      • Seafaring and fleets - Buy a ship or steal one - take the fight to seas!
      • Extended reports - Learn everything!
      • New Books - First learn to read!
      • World Map Abilities - Hide from enemies, Pinning a party...
      • Villages improved - Pour water from villages to heal!
      • Minor Tweaks - Cattles follow..etc
      • New Minor Factions - Neutral Lords, commoners, Outlaws...etc
      • Rule your home! - Live as the lord of your home, Heart! A castle for a mighty lord!
      • Autosave anytime - Press Enter.
      • Change your banner / Customize
      • Fast Forward - 10x faster than usual.
      • Towns Improved - Visit the prison or alleys where dark stuff happens!
      • New Artworks - Loading screen, main menu..etc
      • Companion system remastered - Companions will no longer join your party - but will follow you with their own party! Command them!
    • and...many other things I cannot remember at the moment!

Alex Vorm for musics
Fantasy name generators
Oliveran for AI
Caba’Drin for Bodyguards
Zephilinox for deathcam
Silent partner for music
Weren for hood
Dxaero for scenes
OSP Alive horses AndyYa
Sahran for spear two attack direction
Troycall for traits
Duel kit for MartinF
S&D for camp scenes
Rejenorst soundtracks
Hoboistice head flipping
Nordous for ambush scenes
NefilimPL for ranger armor
Rubik for troop ratio bar
LA grandmaster for tribal props
Somebody for custom troops, Diplomacy
Waihti for Diplomacy
Music note world for music
Khamukkamu for custom camera
Somebody for extra unarmed damage
Fire and blood for seafaring
Mandible for port icons and tunnels
Fredelios for OSP armors
Gokiller for dhoraks keep scene
Ruthven for sea battles
Gökmen erciş for sound editing
Caperson for voice acting
Slawomir for map icons
Njunja eastern pack
Mordachai, Specialist and Leprechaun for extended prisoner chat
Garnier for losing profeciency
Chel for whistling horse
Cwr for map icons script
Pimp is male now.
Pimp dialog will be closed after quest succeeded.
Rubik for custom commander
Kevin Mcload for music
Twin Musicum for music
Lazsers for recruit in casles/towns
Lav for Fish and chip OSP
Dunde for custom banner, aristocracy, flying daggers
Malik Faris for orphanage
Rubik for faction restoration
Lumos for outposts, world map speed codes
Cdvader for regeneration
AndyYa and oolonglx for three cards
Nordous’ sceners guild for several OSP maps
Goldenjoseph for music
World Music Official soundtracks
Chulainn for nords theme
Yamabusi for highlander armor
Sacredstonehead for nordic set
Medieval soundscape
Rubik for world map
Kerem Oktay Bilgic for music
Xenoargh for simpleloot
Torn for scenes
Addonay for classical weaponry
Olcay Saral for music
Duh for coding assistance
Hessuu for recruiter kit
Kojjam for korean armors
Maw for armor
Leonion for advanced soldier prsnt
DreadShadow for models

We have a discord channel where we discuss, get the bug reports and just general chit-chat. Come, hop in: https://discord.gg/nMZXT4U :smile:


Master Knight
That's what I need from the mod! A storyline RPG!

Great work man, I'm definitely gonna play this today. Too bad I need WSE to play this...
Does this mod work with current Steam version or some older one supported by WSE?
minh4792 said:
Wow, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Hope you keeping develop this mod.

Glad you liked. I most certainly am and we already have a discord channel where we discuss, get the bug reports and general chit-chat if you want to stop by: https://discord.gg/nMZXT4U

Masterancza said:
That's what I need from the mod! A storyline RPG!

Great work man, I'm definitely gonna play this today. Too bad I need WSE to play this...
Does this mod work with current Steam version or some older one supported by WSE?

Great to hear. You can play it with 1.173, which is about the latest version. Just follow the link in OP, below the download.


Sergeant at Arms
minh4792 said:
But there is some problem with AI in tournament :shifty:

What about it?
My english is not good, so I can not describe it clearly. When the AI rides horse toward you, they just stand there and wait for you hit them to die, they don't ride around.
minh4792 said:
minh4792 said:
minh4792 said:
But there is some problem with AI in tournament :shifty:

What about it?
My english is not good, so I can describe clearly. When the AI ride horse toward you, they just stand there and wait for you hit them to die, they don't ride around.

Thanks for the report. I looked into it and it is fixed now. I will launch a new patch today or tomorrow.

No more delays!

So - It has been a few days of constant bug-hunting, feature improvement and community management. We actually have a sweet community already in discord channel if you want to stop by, where we are in constant chit-chat.

So ahm, I know there was many frustration for the HUGE delay issue upon switching back to world map from party menus. So solution is to play the game without "realistic saving". Saving the game at the moment takes times, so that is why we integrated an autosaving feature by pressing "ENTER" on world map.

Choose the "Allow me to quit without saving" to remove the world map lag then use autosaving we implemented. (Key "ENTER)

So - ahm, that is about it. Thanks a lot for the support, feedback and bug-reporting. Specially - the people on discord. We have a cool community there already and I try to engage with everyone. So - hop in if you want to chit chat and all!

Peace. Out.
Easter Cow said:
Efe Karacar said:
Nop, custom mesh
Ah alright, they look sick. :smile:

Glad you liked :smile:

I am working on the new patch where I fixed like 100+ bugs, added some badass new features, a new subfaction system where you get to meet with the rangers with their own scene, NPCs and quests and things I don't remember at the moment.

One more step to a stable version, men!
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