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Sclavinia is now confirmed partial* OSP
On Sep 28, 2019 Sclavinia team lead (Rybopiotr) made Bitbucket repositiories open for everyone. Since then both last updated mod version together with source code can be downloaded. Despite the mod being available to download by everyone, there hasn't been any usage guideline when it comes to it's assets (until now, that is).

Asset usage guideline
If you want to use OSP-considered Sclavinia resources, you have to:
  1. Credit Sclavinia team and it's contributors (or Sclavinia team as a whole):
    Pagan/Leinnan/Rybopiotr/Lev Myshkin - lead dev, 2D & 3D art, scripting, level design
    Masterancza/Garedyr - scripting, some 3D art (textures only)
    Lew/lllew/Illew (not Llew2 or llew) - scripting
    Lotnik - 2D & 3D art
    Kraggrim - 2D & 3D art
    Irgen - level design
    Hubtus - level design
  2. Be aware of this thank-you/credit list:
    Rubik - faction troop trees & some other stuff
    Gutekfiutek - Polished Landscapes OSP
    Daedalus/Slawomir of Aaarrghh - Tavern animation pack OSP
    Brytenwalda Team - Brytenwalda OSP (only a few things)
    xenoargh - Shield Bash OSP
    La Grandmaster - La Grandmaster Shaders OSP
    Iboltax - Improved Male Faces
    Broken_one - New Female face model and textures
    Caba`drin - a few scripts
    Papa Lazarou - Papa's community animations
    Othr, Dunde, Treebeard
    Brytenwalda betatesters
    Cem Çimenbiçer at Taleworlds
    Viking Conquest players
  3. Be aware of what part of the mod isn't considered OSP:

    All the pictures listed below have been made by a professional artist for use in Sclavinia. Unfortunately, we can't contact that person anymore so we can't say for sure if you can use them. It would be the best if you didn't but if you do then only for WB mods (non-commercial use) + you do it at your own risk.

    - pic_camp
    - pic_defeat
    - pic_looters
    - pic_payment
    - pic_prisoner_fem
    - pic_prisoner_man
    - pic_prisoner_wilderness
    - pic_recruits
    - pic_town1
    - pic_village_p
    - pic_village_s
    - pic_village_w
    - pic_wounded
    - pic_wounded_fem


    In case there's anything left of them in the files: 'The Witcher I' video game tracks (wiedzmin_soundtrack_xxx) must remain unchanged. I'm not sure about other usage terms as tracks were already present in the mod when I joined the team, it's certain you need CD PROJEKT RED permission.
If you've made anything we used in the mod or noticed other people's work that is not not listed above then feel free to contact me and I'll update the list.

You can find the repository here.
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