[WB][S] Alternative Calradia Mod - Version 2 released!

(4 votes) Which factions are the most interesting?

  • Kingdom of Swadia

    Votes: 128 26.4%
  • Vaegir Tsardom

    Votes: 72 14.9%
  • Khergit Khanate

    Votes: 60 12.4%
  • Nordic Colonies

    Votes: 116 24.0%
  • Rhodok Empire

    Votes: 89 18.4%
  • Sarranid Sultunate

    Votes: 70 14.5%
  • People's Republic

    Votes: 157 32.4%
  • Barbarian Horde

    Votes: 144 29.8%
  • Khergit Shogunate

    Votes: 71 14.7%
  • Necromantic Cult

    Votes: 150 31.0%
  • Elven Confederacy

    Votes: 120 24.8%
  • Teutonic Culture

    Votes: 160 33.1%

  • Total voters

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Best answers
Alternative Calradia Mod

11 faction are fighting a never ending free-for-all and the only path towards peace is complete conquest of Calradia. 

Version 2 Download link: http://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/5870/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fmbwarband%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D5870%26preview%3D&pUp=1

Thanks to Taleworlds of course for creating the best game in history (so far).

Thanks to Something Unusual for his special mercenary recruiting codes.

Thanks to the veterans who have helped me in other threads.

Thanks to the supporters in the mod thread for motivating me.

Below are OSP content and codes (in random order) that are being used in my mod more or less. Many thanks to them and if I have forgotten something then please let me know so I can give proper credits to those who deserve it.

Diplomacy 4.3
Waihti - scripting
zParsifal - scripting

[Item] Elephant
Model: Rigadoon
Texture: Barabas
Rigging: Deras

Visored Helm - MTW2 Inspiredby Thick1988

Wei.Xiadi's Litus Armour Project V1.1 (OSP)

Texture Fiddling - lucky lancer

Eastern items OSP [Updated to v1.5]  - Njunja

How to add troops with skills - Duh, Caba'drin

YesMoreHorses 3.0 - 50 horses
Download - http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=3258
made by me wanderer - compatible with MoreHorses
has some more realistic textures than above (well i think so) didn't combine with the MoreHorse texture pack as some prefer them.

Download - http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1832
textures by Alienslof - i have permission

Some textures made by ZIRA of the oblivion modding world and brought over to the warband by me- Wanderer949 (I have permission)
Some textures are from other armours of warband - credit to Taleworlds
and Njunja for some excellent textures as well
and the rest are ones I have cobbled together.
Download  -  http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1833

Plated Charger 2.0
textures put together by me- Wanderer949
and the mesh and texture sheet is by Njunja
Download  - http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=3050

Long Caparisoned Horses 3.5
ZIRA from the oblivion world for some textures
and some textures are from the 1257 mod
Spak for the horse mesh
Download -  http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2320

Heraldic knight armor (osp)
Narf of Picklestink - some meshes and texture

Narf's Transitional Armour Pack (Updated 07/19/10)
Narf of Picklestink

[Item][Model][Texture] (WB) The Historic Lords Project

"Ethnic Troops" mini-mod

Heraldic armor by von Krieglitz

Heraldic Fur Coat
Original textures by Native & Silver Wolf.

Heraldic Shields

Havocafied Bows.

Retexure - Add Tournament Armour by cow7488

[Item] Teutonic and Lithuanian items - Kovas

[Item] Flintlock Firearms OSP - Llew

[Item] Shredzorz's OSP stuffs - Shredzorz

Narf's Rus Armour Pack - Narf of Picklestink

[Item] Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack - Narf of Picklestink

[Tutorial] How to make troops recruitable from castle/towns. - laszers

[Item] Samurai weapons OSP - bogmir

[Item] SacredStoneHead's samurai armour set - SacredStoneHead

[Item] SacredStoneHead's nord armour pack - SacredStoneHead

[Item] Fred's bunch 'o armours - Fredelios

[Kit] Dead roam the Earth. (OSP)
xenoargh: The skeleton mesh and skins were made by Barf; the armor was made by me; the greaves are rebuilt meshes from LLew's wonderful Mount and Gladius project. The skins are a mixture of skins from all three of our works, reworked by me.

[Item] medieval helmet pack - dejawolf

[Item] Narf's Plate Armour Pack - Narf of Picklestink

[Item] Highlanders models - Yamabusi

OSP Warband Item Variants by Thick1988

OSP Spak Items - by Spak

OSP Itempack by Akosmo

[OSP] Camel Kit! - Makes horses react to camels by Zarthas

[Item] [OSP] Sarranid and Vaegir Helmet Replacement - ShaunRemo + Narf of Picklestink

Single Hussar Wing OSP - Wilk22

topfhelm_itempack - LATEGREEN

- Do not take resources from this mod! However, 99% of this mod's content is available through seperate OSP and if you are looking for a specific resource within my mod, feel free to ask about its original source.
- Look below this post for information about the factions and plenty of images.
- I much appreciate other people's advice, suggestions, questions and ideas .
- Click images to view larger size. They are only a little outdated.
- The undead are unfortunatly killable despite their "unkillable" status and I will have to rethink their role in the future.
- Melee weapons will have their stats changed in the future. Other items have had their stats changed but imperfectly so.
- The teutonic faction is available as the default player kingdom culture and they exist as manhunters on the map. They can also be found as large bandit armies between vaegirs and barbarians but I left them there purely for fun.
- Lords and ladies currently got placeholder names and items.
- Take a look at the optional friendship requirement for special recruitment in castles. Do not use this feature once you have already recruited in that castle.
- Player culture: When you start your own kingdom, teutonic recruits will replace castle and town recruits but not village recruits. If you select teutonic culture, only you and you companion lords will recruit teutonic recruits probably.

- Dimplomacy Mod as base.
- 11 NPC factions.
- Teutonic player culture.
- Recruiting in towns and castles.
- Special elite troops that increases the players skills.
Swadian Squire - Inventory Management
Swadian Paladin - Path-finding - Prisoner Management
Swadian Priest - Leadership - Persuasion - First Aid
Swadian Foot Knight - Tactics - Trainer

Vaegir Weryag - Looting
Vaegir Druzhinnik - Tactics - Trainer
Vaegir Bogatyr - Persuasion - First Aid - Leadership
Vaegir Executioner - Prisoner Management - Surgery

Khergit Mangudai - Prisoner Management - Trainer
Khergit Keshig - Leadership - Tactics
Khergit Centaur - Wound Treatment - Spotting - Looting

Nord Shieldmaiden - First Aid - Wound Treatment
Nord Valkyrie - Persuasion - First Aid - Wound Treatment
Nord Hersir - Leadership - Tactics - Trainer
Nord Jomsviking - Prisoner Management - Looting

Rhodok Mounted Crossbowman - Spotting - Pathfinding
Rhodok Elite Guard - Prisoner Management - Engineer - Trainer
Rhodok Condottiero - Leadership - Tactics

Sarranid Janissary - Tactics - Trainer
Sarranid Dervish - Leadership - Wound Treatment - Pathfinding
Sarranid Slaver - Prisoner Management - Surgery - Persuasion

Revolutionary Officer - Leadership - Tactics - Trainer
Revolutionary Dragoon - Spotting - Pathfinding
Revolutionary Doppelsoldner - Prisoner Management - Engineer

Barbarian Shaman - Leadership - Wound Treatment
Barbarian Pyromancer - Leadership - Wound Treatment - Pathfinding
Barbarian Berserker - First Aid - Trainer
Barbarian Scavenger - Tracking - Looting

Shinobi - Persuasion - Spotting
Master Shinobi - Persuasion - Spotting - Tactics
Onna Bugeisha - First Aid - Wound Treatment - Inventory Management
Ronin - Trainer - Prisoner Management

Black Horseman - Prisoner Management - Tactics
Death Knight - Prisoner Management - Tactics
Necromancer - Leadership - Surgery - Trainer
Lich - Leadership - Surgery - Trainer
Immortal - Inventory Management - Looting

Elven Scout - Spotting - Pathfinding
Elven Ranger - Spotting - Pathfinding - Tracking
Elven Druid - First Aid - Wound Treatment - Trainer
Elven Bard - Trade - Persuasion

Teutonic Priest - Persuasion - First Aid
Teutonic Cleric - Leadership - Persuasion - First Aid
Teutonic Crusader - Prisoner Management - Trainer - Looting

Bandit bosses/Amazon Matriarch - Prisoner Management - Leadership - Looting
Dark Elf Witch - Wound Treatment - First Aid - Persuasion
- Reworked item stats. (very unfinished)
- Undead, firearms and non-horse mounts.
- Bandit armies including teutonic crusaders, amazon tribes, dark elf renegades and roaming undead.
- Mercenary camps.

Possible future features:
- Customizable player culture troops.
- New companions and claimants.
- New ingame banners.
- New character creation options.

Version 2 changelog:
- Neutral mercenaries are available in the mercenary camps and the camps themselves are now visible at all times. Neutral mercenaries do not take any army space but costs a lot in upkeep so only use them when you are either really rich or really need more troops.
- Bug where the player was unable to manually leave scenes was fixed.
- Bug where the messages were flooded with errors and became unusable was fixed.
- 3 new OSP packs containing new vaegir/sarranid helmets, teutonic armors/helmets and a hussar wing for horses.
- Many new items made by combining parts of existing items.
- New uniquelly equipped lords for some factions.
- The People's Republic has a new claimant called "Sualrag the Imperialist".
- A new teutonic manhunting companion named "Anno".
- Necromancy. A simple copy of the native prisoner recruitment script. It lets you trade prisoners for undead soldiers of choice. Only recommended for roleplaying purposes but works for any player.
- Added an extra tier of cultist troops.

- And perhaps other things, more or less important, that I can't remember right now...

Calradia is a piece of land that is isolated from the rest of the world. Trapped between the violent sea, the everlasting winter in the north-east and the endless desert in the south-east. It is believed that the first humans came to calradia long ago down the sharp cliffs in the central-eastern steppelands. The sharpe cliffs however, makes entry into Calradia a much easier task than escaping it. Only questionable rumours and  legends of travelers provide any information of the outside world. Calradia is a small land with no means of escape and soon the steppe got too populated and eventually most of calradia was populated. Constant tribal wars over territory was unavoidable, tribal wars that are still ongoing on a larger scale in modern Calradian times.
Old Empire:
In a time of primitive tribal wars, a clan from the central plains learned to tame and ride horses,  fast and strong creatures native to Calradia. The clan used their new allies as a tactical advantage against other clans and their riders terrified enemy warriors and quickly forced their authority upon defeated and weaker clans in central Calradia. The first major city of Dhirim was build as a center of a newly founded empire. From Dhirim the empire would expand during hundreds of years. The empire was controlled by the Imperial clan but other clans had power and influence within the empire as well. Most clans had their own purposes and duties to the empire and among them, there were those that expanded the empire's borders, colonized and faught the enemies of the empire. These clans were to become very powerfull  due to their succes in strengthening the empire and three of the largest of these clans were Swadia, Vaegir and Rhodok. Eventually the Imperial clan at the center would grow fat and lose control over the powerfull border clans. The weak Imperial clan was quickly overthrown and a series of civil wars were faught over the control of the empire. In the end Swadia won the war and Dhirim was under its control but the two large est clans, Vaegir and Rhodok declared independence and the other territories ignored Swadian law. The empire was practically dead and Calradia divided.

C = Recruitable in castles
T = Recruitable in towns
V = Recruitable in villages

SC = Recruitable in castles (special troop)
ST = Recruitable in towns (special troop)
SM = Recruitable in mercenary camps (special troop)

I made a few banners for those who want to show support. I may make more later but for now I felt I should focus on other stuff. Many thanks to 10thgaming for inspiring me and showing me how to make them. Also thanks to dcoold for telling 10thgaming about me.  :smile:








Best answers
Original factions

Kingdom of Swadia
Leaders: King - Lord
Towns: Praven, Suno

The kingdom of Swadia started out as the Swadia clan in the old empire where it expanded the empire to the westwards using its heavy knights to plow through the forests. When they reached the west coast they built the city Praven as their stronghold where they grew strong and rich from the fruitful countryside. During the power struggle that followed the fall of the old empire, Swadia succesfully took over the central imperial territories  and later won the war against the Vaegirs over the north-western coast with the help of Nord mercenaries. For a short time Swadia was the mightiest nation in Calradia since the old empire but after the Nord occupation and Dhirim revolution, Swadia was only a shadow of its glory days.
The swadian peasantry is often living under the nobilities rules and some escape to the forests to live as free men and become bandits. Times of war these forest bandits are often recruited into the ranks of archers and some cover their faces to make sure they are not indentified as criminals.
The swadian knights are slow but very heavy and strong in close melee combat, even on foot, and resistant to archers. When the knights have trampled the enemy, strong polearmsmen and crossbowmen clean up what is left of the knights assault.

T: Townsman -> Militia -> Footman -> Sergeant: 4
V: Villager -> Watchman -> Crossbowman -> Veteran crossbowman: 4
C: Horseman -> Cavalry -> Heavy Cavalry -> Knight: 4

SC: Swadian Squire -> Swadian Paladin
ST: Swadian Priest
SM: Swadian Foot Knight

Vaegir Tsardom
Leaders: Tsar - Boyar
Towns: Rivacheg, Wercheg

The Vaegir clan was a border clan that expanded the old empire to the north-east area of Calradia and they originally had their roots from the steppes which can still be seen in their culture in modern times. They subjugated the barbarian tribes in the snowlands and built cities and castles which was not easy task. The vaegirs were bitter enemies of the swadians in the imperial days as they were the two strongest contestants for inhereting the old empire. When Swadia won the power struggle over the empire, Vaegir abandoned the empire and took a large territory chunk with it. Later they faught a brutal war over the north-west coast but the war tipped in Swadias favor when the nords joined in on their side. Things got even worse for the vaegirs when the barbarian warlords decided that they wanted to play country and stormed the cities and castles in the snowlands. The vaegirs were pushed towards the sea where they captured the nordic town of Wercheg and they made the north-east coast their last stand against the barbarians and the nords. Cut off from Reyvadin which was not taken over by barbarians, there was nothing the vaegirs could do to stop the Dhirim revolution when it spread to Reyvadin.
The vaegirs stopped using dedicated melee infantry troops after their battles with the nords and barbarians as their melee infantry was vastly superior. To counter the enemy melee infantry they trained all vaegir infantry in archery and refused to engage the enemy infantry with their own. As they were decent archers to begin with and their khergit roots where shown in their horsemanship they increased their cavalry numbers and let the cavalry destroy enemy infantry in field battles.
Vaegir infantry act as both heavy melee infantry and as archers and they are best used in defense. Lancers are meant to mow down infantry while heavy horse archers are good at occupying cavalry or skirmishing in general.

Volunteer -> Scout -> Raider -> Lancer: 4
Volunteer -> Scout -> Horse Archer -> Dvor: 4
Militia -> Footman -> Watchman -> Guard: 4

SC: Vaegir Weryag -> Vaegir Druzhinnik
ST: Vaegir Bogatyr
SM: Vaegir Executioner

Khergit Khanate
Leaders: Khan - Noyan
Towns: Halmar, Narra

The khergits were nomads even before the empire and they were among the quickest to adopt horse taming. They or the steppelands never truly belonged to the old empire but as the khergits were not united there was nothing that stopped the empire from building cities and claiming the land as imperial territory. The khergits did not mind though as no army or law could catch up with the traveling nomads once they were taught to ride horses and the cities provided chances of raiding and trading. But the cities also brought stability to those who desired it. The khergits were eventually split between city and tribal people. The traditionalist nomads formed alliances with each others and became the Khanate while the city khergits became the Shogunate. A wide spread civil war resulted in Khanate control over the open western steppe and Shogunate control over the enclosed eastern steppe.
The Khanate still manages cities as any nation for economical and tactical reasons but they take great care to keep their old nomadic traditions alive. Some tribes refuse to join the Khanate as they believe the Khanate to be just as untraditional as the Shogunate for uniting and not burning the cities to the ground.
The khergits field the most skilled cavalry and their lancers are very good against cavalry and infantry while guarding the horse archers. Horse archers skirmish and are very good against cavalry with their two handed sabres when riding alongside the enemy cavalry.

CTV: Tribesman -> Horseman -> Raider -> Lancer -> Veteran Lancer: 5
CTV: Tribesman -> Horseman -> Raider -> Warrior -> Guard: 5
CTV: Tribesman -> Horseman -> Skirmisher -> Horse Archer -> Veteran Horse Archer: 5

SC: Khergit Mangudai
ST: Khergit Keshig
SM: Khergit Centaur

Nordic Colonies
Leaders: King - Jarl
Towns: Tihr, Sargoth

The nords are not native to Calradia. They came from an island far away by chance in their longships. They first appeared on the north coast and sailed down rivers and caused terror as they plundered villages. As neither Swadia or Vaegir cared much for the northern regions, the nords did not face much resistance. But after the old empire fell and the swadians and vaegirs started fighting over the north-western coast, the nords found chances to plunder rapidly decreasing due to all the large professional armies in the area. But the nords were very quick to adapt and to the locals surprise, even better traders than they were warriors. Their warriors also sold themselves  as mercenaries to the swadian cause and gained their favor. After the war was won nord leaders were given land to live on as reward and insurrance that they would not return to raiding. But the nords invited their kinsmen from their island and the nords grew in numbers and build cities and castles of their own. The swadian lords did not have time to resist and a nord Jarl declared himself King of the nordic colonies. However the longships stopped coming in large numbers and the new nordic king of the colonies cut off ties with the native island.  Rumours say that the island king was enraged by this and planned a large scale invasion. The invasion never came but some still fear that one day the horizon will be covered with longship sails and that the king of the island will come to take the colonies back along with the rest of Calradia.
The nords have maybe the best general purpose infantry. Warriors are skilled with swords, axes and spears while axe throwers can throw axes from their shieldwall making them very strong against approaching infantry while still protected from ranged attacks by their shields. Nord archers are below average but still useful. Cavalry is serious weakness in field battles though as the nords have short melee range.

V: Villager -> Hunter -> Archer -> Marksman: 4
CT: Militia -> Footman -> Warrior -> Veteran Warrior -> Huscarl: 5
CT: Militia -> Footman -> Axe Thrower -> Veteran Axe Thrower: 4

SC: Nord Hersir
ST: Nord Shieldmaiden -> Nord Valkyrie
SM: Nord Jomsviking

Rhodok Empire
Leaders: Emperor - Elector
Towns: Veluca, Uxkhal

The Rhodok clan was the third largest clan during the decline of the Imperial clan. Like Swadia and Vaegir, the Rhodok clan was a border clan that expanded the empire. However they were skilled politicians and diplomats rather than warriors. The Rhodok clan kept their relations good with other clans and especially with Swadia as they were powerful neighbours. This allowed the rhodoks to keep their eyes on their prize which was the south-west mountains and avoid any large conflicts with other clans loyal to the empire. The local elven tribes severely disliked strangers in their forests and took every chance they got to ambush the rhodok settlers. With a lot of time, perseverance and smart military tactics they were eventually able to build wide roads, castles and cities as far as to the south-western coast and the city Yalen was the jewel of their success. The elves were deadly archers but rhodok board shields soaked the arrows up and crossbows were perfect for sniping elven archers down from trees. When the old empire fell, Rhodok decided to support Swadia in return for self-governance of the rhodok territories within the empire. It turned out to be a very smart move as Swadia was unable to keep the empire together and during the swadian-vaegir war over the north-western coast, Rhodok took the chance to declare complete independence without fearing a swadian attack. The Rhodok Empire was born and it increased its defenses against Swadia or any other nation or clan that might attack. Unfortunatly for the rhodoks, their defenses were aimed at foreign enemies, not enemies from within. They thought that the occasional elven raids were all that the savage and split elven tribes were capable of. One night, the newly formed Elven Confederacy performed a well coordinated massacre against the rhodok settlements. The rhodoks were unprepared and forced down from the mountains and forced to retreat to the forest edges.
After the elven uprising, the term "rhodok luck" was used for people who continuously had good fortune only to lose everything in an instant.
Crossbowmen provide the power in a rhodok army and are protected from suppressive arrows by boardshield legionnaires. Rhodok heavy lancers serve to engage cavalry and keep them from breaking the crossbow and boardshield formation.

V: Villager -> Legionnaire -> Trained Legionnaire -> Veteran Legionnaire -> Sergeant: 5
C: Militia -> Crossbowman -> Trained Crossbowman -> Veteran Crossbowman -> Sharpshooter: 5
T: Horseman -> Lancer -> Veteran Lancer -> Cataphract: 4

SC: Rhodok Elite Guard
ST: Rhodok Mounted Crossbowman
SM: Rhodok Condottiero

Sarranid Sultunate
Leaders: Sultan - Emir
Towns: Shariz, Durquba

The sarranid people, much like the khergits have lived a nomadic lifestyle. Before the time of the old empire, sarranid tribes often fought each other and when the imperial horsemen came they were unable to properly fight back and joined the empire. During the imperial days the desert was split between many imperial loyal clans and nomadic tribes that sometimes fought each other just like before the empire. After the Swadia clan took control over the dying empire, the sarranids never formally left the empire. However, swadian law was ignored and Swadia eventually gave up on both the sarranids and keeping the empire together. Some time after this, a powerful and rich man from Shariz declared himself Sultan and managed to unite the desert cities under his sultunate.
The nomadic tribes and desert towns share a symbiotic  relationship. The desert towns are depending on outside trading and support which is usually provided by nomadic tribes while in return, the towns act like oasises, safe havens and marketplaces for travelers.
The sarranids are masters of harassment both on horse and on foot. Lancers and skirmishers on horse attack stragglers and protects the vulnerable infantry from enemies. Warriors and archers skirmish with throwing spears and bows and in melee they are quick but weak with their spears and scimitars.

CT: Militia -> Footman -> Warrior -> Almogavar: 4
CT: Militia -> Watchman -> Archer -> Marksman: 4
V: Nomad -> Camel Rider -> Raider -> Lancer -> Mamluk: 5
V: Nomad -> Camel Rider -> Skirmisher -> Jinete: 4

SC: Sarranid Janissary
ST: Sarranid Dervish
SM: Sarranid Slaver



Best answers
New factions

People's Republic
Leaders: Consul - Tribune
Towns: Dhirim, Reyvadin

The former imperial capitol of Dhirim declined along with the old empire. In the latter days of the empire and under swadian rulership, the plains people were neglected by the nobility and constantly under pressure from barbarian and khergit raiders. There had been a resistance movement for some time in Dhirim that worked towards independance from Swadia. They had experienced little succes but one day a young inventor who sympathized with the cause, joined the movement and provided it with gunpowder weapons. After a long political campaign against the swadian nobility, the movement gained the people's support and soon a full revolutionary war had begun. The powerful muskets proved the key to victory for the revolutionaries as the slow and heavy swadian knights were easily gunned down or impaled on pike walls no matter how much armor they wore. The revolution spread across the plains to villages, castles and eventually even the vaegir capitol of Reyvadin which had been seperated from vaegir lands by the barbarian horde rebelled against the nobility and joined the revolution. The war with Swadia came to an end when the swadians retreated to their forests where pikes and muskets were at a disadvantage. The People's Republic was formed and its leaders were selected by the people to make sure that the people would no longer be neglected. Some believe however that the power vacuum left behind by the nobility will be taken over by the rich merchant class which will become a new upperclass that will once again rule over the commoners with tyranny.
The young inventor disappeared during the revolutionary war before the republic was created. The common belief is that he was assassinated by Swadia but some rumours speculate that he was 'silenced' by revolutionary leaders. Swadians however would say that he was a demon in human shape whos purpose was to spread death and chaos as well as destroy the holy Swadian Kingdom.
Horse taming and riding originated from the imperial clan from Dhirim but now the current people plains are too far behind the other factions of Calradia in horsemanship to return to their past as horse masters.
The revolutionary troops are best used in a formation similar to the rhodoks except that they serve different purposes. A musketeer line posses deadly power but need a pikewall to guard against cavalry charges. A few claymore warriors and pistoleers provide a more solid counter against melee infantry than pikes and muskets. They are very weak however against rapid firing archers as they got no defense against projectiles and all the firepower in the world is useless if you can not even hit your target.

V: Pikeman -> Trained Pikeman -> Veteran Pikeman -> Elite Pikeman: 4
T: Musketeer -> Trained Musketeer -> Veteran Musketeer -> Elite Musketeer: 4
C: Recruit -> Swordsman -> Warrior -> Veteran Warrior: 4
C: Recruit -> Swordsman -> Swashbuckler -> Duelist: 4

SC: Revolutionary Officer
ST: Revolutionary Dragoon
SM: Revolutionary Doppelsoldner

Barbarian Horde
Leaders: Overlord - Warlord
Towns: Curaw, Khudan

Just like most regions in Calradia, the snowlands were populated by tribes that fought each other constantly. The barbarian tribes however, were and are more savage and war loving than any tribes. Raids and brawls are only interupted by dinnertime. But like every other people in Calradia the barbarians fell against the imperial cavalry and the Vaegir clan brought civilization to the snowlands and the north-eastern coast. After the old empire had fallen and the vaegirs lost the war over the north-west coast, the Vaegir clan was at its weakest. At this time the barbarian warlords became convinced that their vaegir masters had grown weak so a gigantic barbarian horde was formed which took the vaegirs by storm. They took vaegir castles and towns and made them their own. The vaegirs were pushed up towards the coast and only there where they able to hold off the barbarian hordes. The barbarians eventually formally created their own nation with the intention of conquering all of Calradia and.
Some barbarian shamans claim that their ancestors warns them in their dreams that one day an undead army of unimaginable size will emerge from the constant snowstorms to the east of the snowlands to destroy all life in Calradia. The shamans use their dreams to urge on the conquest and uniting of Calradia for the sake of facing this threat. The undead horde crossed the desert so why not the tundra?
Sturdy barbarian warriors acts as shields for softer damage dealing troops. Berserkers have a very weak defense and are very vulnerable when standing still. But they make up for this with high speed and brutal damage in melee. Archers attack with either javelins or bows while raiders do heavy damage against melee cavalry or melee infantry with their long axes and throwing axes.

CTV: Tribesman -> Footman -> Warrior -> Veteran Warrior -> Marauder: 5
CTV: Tribesman -> Hunter -> Scout -> Raider: 4
CTV: Tribesman -> Hunter -> Skirmisher -> Marksman: 4

SC: Barbarian Berserker
ST: Barbarian Shaman -> Barbarian Pyromancer
SM: Barbarian Scavenger

Khergit Shogunate
Leaders: Shogun - Daimyo
Towns: Ichamur, Tulga

When many khergits settled in the imperial built cities they started to develope their own way of life that opposed the traditions of the traditional nomadic kherigt tribes. They allied under a shogun and adopted a isolationistic and defensive policy to keep the increasingly more hostile tribes away. The Khergit Khanate was formed by strong nomadic clans to oppose the Khergit Shogunate and after a massive khergit against khergit war, the shogunate and khanate were split. The shogunate got a hold on the eastern steppe which suits their policies perfectly as it is enclosed by mountains and only narrow vallies leads to the eastern steppe. The khanate got hold on the western steppe which suits them as well as it is open and suitable for their nomadic traditions.
The shogunate khergits divide into two classes. The commoners who live typical lowerclass lives and in battle they mainly provide numbers to overwhelm the enemy and support the real warriors. The other class is the samurai class which act as a nobility and rulers of the shogunate. But the samurai are also elite warriors in battle, trained in different combat arts and do critical damage against the enemy when supported by the numerous commoner ashigaru troops.
Cheap asigaru troops use their numbers against the enemy and act as meatshields for the stronger and fewer samurai warriors. Samurai warriors are skilled with both bow and sword but are vulnerable against cavalry and archers. Mounted samurai uses naginatas to counter melee cavalry but their low speed makes them vulnerable to archers both on foot and on horse.

TV: Ashigaru -> Yari Ashigaru -> Trained Yari Ashigaru -> Veteran Yari Ashigaru: 4
TV: Ashigaru -> Yumi Ashigaru -> Trained Yumi Ashigaru -> Veteran Yumi Ashigaru: 4
C: Samurai Retainer -> Trained Samurai -> Foot Samurai -> Nodachi Samurai -> Exalted Nodachi Samurai: 5
C: Samurai Retainer -> Trained Samurai -> Foot Samurai -> Yumi Samurai -> Exalted Yumi Samurai: 5
C: Samurai Retainer -> Trained Samurai -> Mounted Samurai -> Naginata Samurai -> Exalted Naginata Samurai: 5
C: Samurai Retainer -> Trained Samurai -> Mounted Samurai -> Yabusame Samurai -> Exalted Yabusame Samurai: 5

SC: Onna Bugeisha
ST: Ninja
SM: Ronin

Necromantic Cult
Leaders: Death Lord - Necromancer
Towns: Ahmerrad, Bariyye

The desert of south Calradia was believed to be endless by the sarranids. Impossible to cross as there is no end and the only people who have returned from such a journey were those that turned back before they died in the heat. However, all of Calradia was shocked when the undead horde suddenly appeared from the desert and besieged Bariyye. Soon the eastern half of the desert had fallen to the undead. The only things that have stopped the undead horde from advancing any further in Calradia is the quick and skirmishing sarranid warriors and the powerful samurai that guard the pass that leads to the eastern steppe. Behind the undead forces there was a necromantic cult lead by necromancer with the power to raise the dead as obedient slaves. The cult have the intention of forcing its dark beliefs and rituals upon the calradians and anyone who resists is killed without mercy. Those that do not resist the cult are controled by fear or brainwashed and their destiny is to be killed in a necromantic ritual and raised as an undead slave. Once a creature have been turned undead it will be unable to feel any emotion and the only will that matters is that of the necromancer who raised it. Because of the inability to learn after death, cultist soldiers are trained and only when they are deemed worthy of eternal life do they undergo the necromantic ritual to serve their master with their skills forever. But the undead are not truly eternal as they can be destroyed by the defeat or death of their necromancer. To counter this, necromancers who are closing in on their own unavoidable death undergo the necromantic ritual to serve another necromancer along with his slaves as a Lich.
Once the life force has left the body it can never be revived so the subject has to be killed in the dark and secret ritual called necromancy and the souls will remain trapped within the bones. When this is done, the undead body is showered in an acid that purifies and cleans the bones from the flesh. An undead is completely without emotions and are incapable of learning. Only those with a strong sense of purpose in life are able to serve efficiently after his death which is why the cult heavily brainwashes its members and prepares them for their eternal servitude. This also means that raising just anyone is a bad idea. A loyal servant will serve forever but an enemy soldier will try to take your life without rest until the end of time. A necromancer can only trap a certain amount of souls because he needs to constantly fuel the undead with his own life force so the souls he have trapped will become free if he dies or gets too close to death's door. However, if he is turned into a lich, then he and his servants will never pass on until his own master dies.
Some fear that the Death Lord who rulesover the Necromantic Cult is actually only a minor general under a death god who rules over an unimaginably gigantic necromantic empire outside of Calradia. The possibility that Calradia is the last land of free men is denied by nords who tell indirect stories of foreign lands. Barbarian shamans and others of a more superstitious nature will however do their best to make sure that the undead are not taken lightly.

Cultist armies have been know to bury their swords under sand during the cold desert nights before battles. This combined with that cult made swords reflect a lot of light makes the blades chilled and when used in battle, the opponents are horrified by the sudden bone chilling cuts they recieve in the heat of battle.
Cultist troops are generally weak but still able to perform properly unless outnumbered on the  battlefield. The strength lies in the cheap undead troops which can not be killed unless the army is completely defeated and their skeletal bodies gives them a natural armour. This means that the cultist armies take much fewer casualties and can often outnumber the enemy.

VTC: Serf -> Footman -> Warrior -> Hoplite: 4
VTC: Serf -> Footman -> Warrior -> Horseman -> Cavalry: 5
VTC: Serf -> Footman -> Archer -> Veteran Archer: 4

Undead Warrior
Undead Horseman
Undead Archer

SC: Black Horseman -> Death Knight
ST: Necromancer -> Lich
SM: Immortal

Elven Confederacy
Leaders: Elder - War Chief
Towns: Jelkala, Yalen

The elves have lived in the mountainous forests of south-west Calradia long before the old empire was formed. They have a strong bow archery tradition and their longbowmen are unmatched by other calradian bowmen. The elves are a xenophobic people despite fighting between the different elven tribes and strangers are often shot at sight. When the Rhodok clan began its expansion through the forests the elves constantly harassed the rhodok caravans and settlers with arrows from the tree tops. But the rhodoks were smart and began using board shields to block the elven arrows and behind the board shield, crossbowmen hid and only raised their heads to snipe elven archers with great success. The elven ambushes became even more futile when the rhodoks built fortifications and wide roads. But after the Rhodok clan had conquered the mountains it would eventually declare itself as the independant Rhodok Empire. The new empire no longer thought of the elven tribes as threats and their forces were stationed along the borders incase of a war with Swadia or other external nation. Elven tribe leaders gathered and agreed on forming an alliance with the goal of throwing out the invaders once and for all. The Elven Confederacy was formed and they took advantage of the rhodok weakness and in a brutal and swift surprise war against the rhodoks, they pushed out most of the rhodoks towards the forest edges. The elven leaders realize that they do not have the power to hold back foreign armies forever so the elves are on the warpath now that they are more united and stronger than ever. The foreigners must be stopped before being given a chance to invade the forests!
Elven longbowmen are the strongest archers in calradia and are perfect for quickly taking the enemy down from range. However, without melee support or defensive terrain, they are very vulnerable once in melee. To support the archers, warriors wait for the enemy to be soften up by arrows and then use their speed and power to quickly take down the approaching enemy. Warriors are also decent with their spears at taking on slowed down cavalry but elven armies should avoid battles on flat land if possible.

CTV: Tribesman ->  Footman -> Warrior -> Veteran Warrior -> Champion: 5
CTV: Tribesman ->  Hunter -> Archer -> Longbowman -> Veteran Longbowman -> Marksman: 6

SC: Elven Scout -> Elven Ranger
ST: Elven Druid
SM: Elven Bard



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Teutonic Culture
Teutonic crusading bandit armies will roam Calradia and they will be available as a culture for the player faction. The recruit line is made up of the Order's elite religious warriors. The conscript line is made up of slaves and lower class volunteers and their purpose is to support the melee warriors with bolts and glaives.
C: Teutonic Recruit -> Teutonic Footman -> Teutonic Infantry -> Teutonic Foot Knight: 4
C: Teutonic Recruit -> Teutonic Footman -> Teutonic Cavalry -> Teutonic Knight: 4
TV: Teutonic Conscript -> Teutonic Crossbowman -> Teutonic Veteran Crossbowman: 3

SC: Teutonic Crusader
ST: Teutonic Priest -> Teutonic Cleric

Dark Elf Renegades
The dark elves are from an outcast elven tribe. They have a grudge against the Confederacy and have adopted small board shields to use against other elven archers.
Bandit -> Warrior
Archer -> Assassin

Amazon Raiders
Amazons are nomadic warrior tribes which only members are all female. They are highly dangerous raiders and sometimes they capture strong male warriors for breeding. But before you think about getting captured on purpose to get your own harem, you should know that males are always killed as soon as possible in cruel ways. Male children born by amazon mothers are swiftly killed.
Sister -> Huntress -> Matriarch

Mountain Bandits
Bandit Boss
Bandit -> Bandit Warrior
Bandit -> Bandit Archer

Forest Bandits
Bandit Boss
Bandit -> Bandit Warrior
Bandit -> Bandit Crossbowman

Sea Raider
Raider Captain
Raider -> Raider Warrior
Raider -> Raider Skirmisher

Steppe Bandits
Bandit Chief
Bandit -> Bandit Warrior
Bandit -> Bandit Horse Archer

Taiga Bandits
Bandit Chief
Bandit -> Bandit Warrior
Bandit -> Bandit Skirmisher

Desert Bandits
Bandit Chief
Bandit -> Bandit Warrior
Bandit -> Bandit Archer


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dcoold said:
Well then ill just restate my question here  :grin:. Hows the mod coming along?
Ah, you beat me to it.  :lol:
You got to be the first again to post in my mod thread.  :cool::razz:

GunFred said:
dcoold said:
hows it coming my friend? making any serious progress recently?
Good timing. Besides having moved to a new Clean thread I am at the same progression level as after the elven update but I am going to continue to work on this mod.  :smile:

Lord Beach

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GunFred said:
dcoold said:
Well then ill just restate my question here  :grin:. Hows the mod coming along?
Ah, you beat me to it.  :lol:
You got to be the first again to post in my mod thread.  :cool::razz:

GunFred said:
dcoold said:
hows it coming my friend? making any serious progress recently?
Good timing. Besides having moved to a new Clean thread I am at the same progression level as after the elven update but I am going to continue to work on this mod.  :smile:
well alright then ill just keep waiting :grin:, this really seems like the most interesting mod ive seen so far.


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This looks pretty awesome, nice work dude.

Definitely gonna be Rhodoks first, they look bad ass  :grin:

Then the Necromancer cult  :twisted:

FinnishKnight said:
Release date coming soon

Was that a question or a statement?


Sergeant Knight
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Factions look rather interesting, will keep my eye on this one.
Although at first glance the People's Republic seem pretty strong compared to the other factions with their firearms.


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Faction look wickedly cool, amount of new items is more than satisfactory and so goes for the features. The mod looks awesome already. Best of luck to you!


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Amazing, like I said in the original thread. This might be the mod that forces me to play through the campaign for the first time ever.


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Nice to see that so many have commented on the mod after I moved the mod to a new clean thread. The first time I presented my mod only Dcoold had made a short comment after a month. I can understand the differences between now and then though.  :grin:

FinnishKnight said:
Release date coming soon
I really do not dare to set any date but hopefully if I am to be optimistic, sometime during summer I would guess.

Punishment said:
Factions look rather interesting, will keep my eye on this one.
Although at first glance the People's Republic seem pretty strong compared to the other factions with their firearms.
If balance turns out as expected, the Republic will be quite powerful but will require a lot of tactical management considering how unreliable the powerful pikes and guns are.

Comrade Temuzu said:
Amazing, like I said in the original thread. This might be the mod that forces me to play through the campaign for the first time ever.
Glad to hear, I myself have never even come close to conquering Calradia.  :smile:



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Do you need any scenes? I would love to try and give making a Necromancer castle a go.

Lord Beach

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Comrade Temuzu have you done any other seens before? Im just trying to remeber if ive seen your work so I can recommend you  :grin:.


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Is it me or do the elven special units seem rather weak?

Very lightly armored, not exactly good weapons.



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I dont want to sound like a twat, but I always get irked when people dont know of my work. :lol:

Yes. I have done scenes before. You might have seen my work in all the versions of Mount and Musket plus NW, Vikingr, Full Invasion 2, Nord Invasion, the list goes on and I cant remember all the mods I've made maps for.