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"Soul" With undead invasion

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Cez Ser Ykoe


"May those damned gods know that I, the mighty BloodethAxe hath struck and shall fight back. You petty fools gave gifts in hopes to calm our endless war but you did so to no avail! Ha! I laugh at your pitiful existence as I gain more blood by my axe of death." 
            -BloodethAxe Trosko Ragnar

"Ye gods have given us the gifts of power and intelligence so we shall use them wisely in this land of blood. Ragnar kills and ignores as you can tell from his land of holes. HAH! Just look at those arenas of his! Hmmm went off topic there... but i stand proud and i am one with the gods!"
                                                  -High Baron Graveth


I've just hit a major milestone. I was able to get dual wielding to work and hits to actually register. After several months of annoying ass work I've done it. Its currently still in progress because its not perfect as of now and I'm still trying to hammer out the bugs of course but it has been accomplished. I'm going to release it as a separate OSP mod later. Grats to me! I also hope the Taleworlds forumites will enjoy knowing this! 


The great god, Poer, stared down at the lands of Retrospect. The northern lands steemed with the power of hatred. Aye, thats where The unholy Axes of Dread were born. They defied the gifts of the gods and anihalated those who even look at them. Right now there on a conquest into the Lands of the Snowsprits. Poer grimaced at the thought of these beasts and then looked southward. Where the Barons of the Bears lie. They were the most holy of all the kingdoms in Retrospect. They accepted the gifts of the gods immediately and praised them nonestop. Poer just wished theyd stop defending and instead attack those unholy Axes. Poer searched the lands continously for that so called prophecy he heard of. Where a single light will shine. This light will be the savior of the lands of Retrospect. He will unify it through Treachery or honor. Then he saw the light... He looked closer and then noticed it as a long lost friend. You...

Lore Of The Lands

Retrospect, A land of hatred and love. A land of death and life. A land of war.

The Establishment Of War

Axes Of Dread

It all began in 278, Year of the Triades, when when the explorers from the northern lands of Vrgsail traveled down the forbidden penninsula. These were brave men that beleived in human control and so decided to brave the beasts in these forbidden lands. Weeks later all men that came were stock raving mad and quite on the bloodthirsty side, but they were not returning to their homeland, for they've already been walled off when scouts reported what happened. So these madmen established a kingdom and were later known as the Axes of Dread, Ruled by 453 Year old Bloodeth Axe Trosko Ragnar, The king of Death and Black Magic.

The Barons Of The Bears

Created from wheat and water, essentials to their lifesytle, these men are Holy and Strong. Honored by the god Poer and the goddess Malya, These men are not only the first people to inhabit the lands of Retrospect but are also the most liked. The only problem with them is that they sit around defending there estates and feasting in multiple castles at a time, and because of this there men can be defeated with good tactics. They are commonly given gifts by the gods and are constantly in an abundance of supplies. They are civilized and sane, quite the counterpart to the Axes of Dread. Rule by High Baron Graveth, They are kings of the gun, crossbow, and the spear.

Mkil Trespe De Swadia

Wild and fierce, these men arrived in the land of Retrospect after a long expedition form the Swadian ruled Calradia. They landed on the island of De'quertes and established there capital known as Kilvern. Known as the barbarian riders of the middle islands they quickly conquered the tribes of men that roamed the neighboring islands. With large prisons and many slaves they are settled in and defend their lands with a heart of steel. They specialize in lancers and Drashunters. They are ruled by Gover' Trespe Culverion.

Khergitio Raiders

Born and bred on the hard steppes bordering the Baron lands, these men are masters of the horse and bow. Utilizing guerrilla tactics they are able to conquer many lands with their small amount of troops. They also manage the assassin guilds in the land of Retrospect. They issue many trade agreements and many assassins contracts. They are a very unusual and different faction. They are ruled by Sargher Raderio Lefretro.

Snowsprits of old Vaegris

In the snowy Kraden mountains, these warriors lie. They are nomads of the snow and warriors of the scimitar. Many of there people live in poverty while the lords live in magnificent palaces. These men utilize defensive tactics and have brilliant generals. They do not control much land but they control the trading passage of Dantr. They lie close to the pirate island of Bladetooth. They manage the mercenaries guild and control the troll hordes. There most powerful troop is the Dragon rider, or Skel' Veiun. They are ruled by Lter Kolvinsk.

Desert Snakes

Thieves and murderers, these men lie in the deserts of Gondwe. They are evil, vile and hated. They are the only allies to the Axes of Dread and serve as a flanking force in their wars. They control the thieves guild. They hold the only Belv's or Snake Gods. These men are wild and their lands are full of bandits and slaves. When crossing here, be ready to fight deadly battles. They are ruled by Zktreo Snakel. They specialize in the art of the scimitar and bow.

Wervain Orken Tribes

Fearless and brutal, these Orcs lie in the barren lands of Gunteria. They live in villages surrounded by stakes. Many of these stakes have, there archenemey, Elven Heads on them. With powerful crossbows and the occasional early musket, there ranged forces are quite a foe in the battlefield. There axes and large swords, along with there amazing blocking abilities make these Orcs worthy oponets. They control the only goblins in the land of Retrospect and are ruled by Devianatarim the Warhawk. They specialize in two handed weapons and the crossbow.

Wyndrfell Le Elvo

The kingdom of the Elves, A beautiful and magnificent place. Where nature grows wild and magic is common and loved. Where wild animals graze without fear of death and strong and beautiful people play games of utmost beauty. Warriors practice with the elfin baldes forged from Irobion steel. Magnificent bows larger than the average human and more beautiful than Antionette of Feraton are practiced with, by the large and powerful elfs. This is a place that few humans have stepped in. It lies in the far corner of Retrospect, On the magic islands of Buthopia, surrounded by the innevitable ring of fire. They are ruled by Cravios Le Wervosk. They specialize in Elven weaponry.

Raterisk Marveliousik

The land of the rats. Evil, filthy, vile creatures these are. They lie in the bogs of De' reviro. They are bloody and evil, and control the Horrid Grangous rats. They use there wooden spears and filthy bows with makeshift arrows to kill those who come near them. They have horrid ships that can kill people from miles away with there smell only. They are the worst and most hated non-human in the land of Retrospect. The are ruled by Bloodyspear the Headlystabber. They specialize in Makeshift spears.

Dwarven Carvens

Hammers ring, Picks crack, lava falls, bellows are heard from the small man at the stall. These are the dwarven lands. Centered in underground cities with the occasional aboveground fortress, these hearty and tough fellows control the merchants guild. They control all trade in the land of Retrospect and have heavy taxes on foreign caravans. They are a rich nation lieing in the War-back mountains. They are also the kings of mead and are masters of all involving metalwork, mining, and crafting. They can also be quite a formidable foe on the battlefield. They are ruled by the current Godgonlik, Devirus Wolfs-Bane. They specialize in heavy armor and two-handed axes.

The Empire Of Retrospect

Towering walls rise over the magnificently green hills. Gold drops from the peasents bag and he just laughs and walks off. Guards sit around in the taverns getting drunk, day and night. Even the thieves are to happy to worry about cutting ones purse. Merry men stumble out of taverns, laughing and singing the ballads of the early days. This is the great and prosperous Empire of Retrospect. Ruled by the generous and amazingly friendly, Emperor Retroverian XXIV. They specialize in heavy armor and heavy guns, oh and the quite common Tankard of ale!

Creation of the lands
More to come


currently only a few...
  • Create a user friendly mod
  • Happy atmosphere
  • reach up to a top mods list
  • Loyal players
  • Great MP and SP enviroment!

Key: Completed
        In Progress
        Not Started
Guild System
Slave System
Economic Overhaul
MANY New Items

Extras To Prisoner Management
Undead Invasion
New Scenes
Tavern Systems  (Info will be shown after Slave System)
Multiplayer Dungeon quests
Multiplayer Race Wars
New Races
Multiplayer Total War
Multiplayer Battle Chest (events only)
Multiplayer Village Defense

Sea Battles
Bridge Battles
Sea Trade
Ability to control ships
Multiplayer Sea Battles
Wagon System
Bank System
Gore and Dismemberment (Optional)
Mini factions
Orders (Joinable)
Multiplayer Orders (Clans)
Faction Specific Items

Dual Wield
Ability to Build Forts
Ability to Build Villages
Massive Building Trees
Massive Troop Trees
Random Events (Based on Luck)
A Single menu with tabs for Inventory, Character, ETC. (This might not be possible but were looking into it quite heavily)
Multiplayer Survival
Faction Champions
Elite Faction Troops
Enhanced sieges
New Mounts
Kingdom Control (More Info To Come)
Castle Management -ENHANCED- (More Info To Come)
Many New Banners
Mount Races
Enhanced Tournaments
Noble Duels
Blacksmith Skill
Better Soundtracks/Music tracks
Ability to Build and Manage a House (More Info to Come)
Family Specific Weapons
Bonuses to your Skills depending on Family's Attributes That You're Married into
Armor/Weapons With Bonuses
Armor/Weapons that break (Optional)
Bonuses Depending on Honor
New Character Creation
Removed Party Size Penalty
Higher Troop Amounts
Enhanced War Systems
Terrain Penalty's
Gods (More Info To Come)
Ability to Create a Religion (More Info To Come)
Tracking Overhaul
Many More Books and More Reasons to Read Them
TONS of New Quests
Tournament Teams (More Info To Come)
Family Wars
Events (Normal Events happen Randomly, Special events at Set times)
New Dimensions (Looking to see if it is possible)

~more to come~

( Image is Proof that dragons are to come, Screenshot obtained from here:  http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,57963.msg1582831.html#msg1582831)


[size=24pt]SLAVE SYSTEM!!![/size]

Ive recently devised a new slave system to be implemented in Retrospect, its currently in progress.
Slaves are going to be a large economic standard in this mod considering all that can come from it! for full info look at the spoiler below.

Slave management skill- There is going to be a new skill called slave management. It increases amount of slaves your party can hold by 10 each level and the max skill level is 15. Along with slave management will come the ability to force your slaves to fight for your army in battles, make slaves of your prisoners, Use slaves as training (your soldiers attack them while they try to run away), Use slaves as a denar production force (each mining camp, lumber camp, salt mine, etc. can hold up to 200 of your slaves), give slaves to your kingdom for denar production for your factions treasury, and the ability to rent out slaves.

Slave renting- Slaves will be able to be rented out to lords and factions for a price set by you. you can also rent slaves for your self for a price randomized between 20-100 denars a week. Renting slaves will lower your honor by 1 each week. Slave renting can also be used to repair armors and weapons broken in battle and as morale booster for your men (female slaves only :p)

Faction/Kingdom Slaves- When a new game is started all the factions will have between 500-1000 slaves except for the Axes Of Dread (they start with 5000). These are slaves you put to work for your faction in "Slave Camps" near allied castles,towns. They generate denars for you considering how many slaves you have at work and these denars automatically go to your treasury. They also help protect your castles/towns but beware! they may lead a revolt and with lots of slaves come lots of enemies!

Slaves As Training- You can call out up to 100 slaves for your men to chase fight as trainig, this doesnt give as much experience as you traveling to a training field but this will be faster. You can also join this small battle and attack your slaves. Training your soldiers/you with slaves will decrease your honor by 5 considering this is a gruesome and evil task...

Slaves as Denar Production- You can assign slaves to work camps which are spread out on the map. (There are multiple kinds of camps) When assigned to a work camp Slaves will need some of your soldiers to guard them. (1 for every 5, this also applies for slaves you currently hold, and slaves in your kingdom) The slaves will produce denars on an equation of 10-25s a week. ("s" is number of slaves) Every week a caravan will be sent out from the slave camp to find you. The caravan may get attacked and never arrive deeming this as an ineffecient but easy denar productions.

Slave Morale Boost- 1f is the equation for slave morale boosting. ("f" is female slaves) this counts for however many female slaves your carrying. This is a good option for morale boost (automatic) but can be inefficient considering the low woman populations. This can also be used in you castles/towns if you put assign slaves in the prisons.



Undead Invasion and Dual wield----(32%)
Zombie invasion------------------------(14%)
Skeleton Invasion----------------------(08%)
Zombie invasion and Dual wield-----(10%)
Skeleton invasion + dual wield------(22%)


Add a "Soul Race" with the undead invasion------(69.3%)
Do Not!----------------------------------------------------(30.7%)







Cez Ser Ykoe

Uhtred Ragnarson said:
Sooo basically another OSP/mod compilation... right?

sort of a compilation but if i can get a team and my module system to work ill try to implement new features and a new map, factions, troops stuff like that.but also definetely better gameplay I.E. most mods focus on new items and little bit of features, what ill do is many more quests, better AI, extra skills, orders (you can join one!), mini factions and guilds + much more!

Cez Ser Ykoe

Ikaguia said:
can't you just use this?
hence because im going to add some stuff myself and thats all mods everyone uses nonstop! so im implementing new features for a compilation + conversion instead of floris plus because its fun to try new stuff...

Cez Ser Ykoe





Cez Ser Ykoe

Contests info


The Retrospect team is offering you, the community a chance to make a scene for the Axes of Dread's Capital. (Meaning the Evil guys Capital!) All youve gotta do is make an evil looking town and hope you get picked as a winner! Only rules are, It must be a evil and scary looking town! It must even intimidate you! The winner gets the town put in-game, an in-game character and recongition in the credits!!  To submit a Town follow these steps![list type=decimal]
[*]Create the town
[*]Send a Pm to me with many screenshots portraying the town
[*]Wait for contest to end
[*]hope to win!

                    -Thank you,
                            Team Retrospect


Grandmaster Knight

Hi guys, I'm Ikaguia, I'm doing the coding for Retrospect, I hope you enjoy the mod once it is released and want to inform you that it is already using Warband version 1.143

What are you doing now?

Now I'm testing the merchants guild and the thieves guild, after this I'll start with the Mercenaries Guild.

If there is nobody online there when you enter, just send a PM to any of us.
I'm currently ON

Guild System
  • 100% - Thieves Guild
  • 100% - Merchants Guild
  • 100% - Assassins Guild
  • 100% - Mercenaries Guild

Guild Master
You can talk with the guild master(the one from native) and ask him for any guild members in the town, if there is one, he'll now.
Guild Members
There are 45 guild members, between male and females. They are randomized each 15 days.
Thieves Guild
The members of the thieves guild are mostly looters and robers, you will never find one of them, unless they are locked, then you can get into the prison and require some... services.
The services they do are:
  • Poison the Water:
    • Of a town.
      This will decrease the prosperity, wound some soldiers and kill others.
    • Of a castle.
      This will decrease the prosperity, wound some soldiers and kill others.
    • Of a village
      This will only decrease the prosperity.
    • Of an army.
      This will wound some soldiers and kill others.
    • Of a caravan.
      This will wound some soldiers and kill others.
  • Burn Village.
    Decrease the village prosperity and drive off the herds. The village will get "looted"
  • Loot Village.
    Decrease the village prosperity and give some items to the player. The village will get "looted"
  • Join Army.
    A random bandit will join main party.
Mercenaries Guild:
You can find them in taverns, and they'll offer some extra mercs.
I need more suggestions for this.
Assassins Guild:
You can find them in taverns, talk with them and request them to kill some enemy lord or king.
I need more suggestions for this.
Merchants Guild:
You can find them in taverns, talk with them and request them to join your party, they'll ask for some money and if they join your party, they'll act just like any companion(with a custom dialog) and you'll be able to ask him to sell your spoils of war. You won't get as much money as if you went to a town,but you won't have to travel there, the merchant will separate from your party, travel to the closest town, sell them there and then come back.


fraoliva made these axes... the sword is native. the texture is only a placeholder.

Bandits guild guy... no, they won't be naked, it's a quite old picture.

Faction Particularities
Mkil Trespi De Swadia:
None yet.
Snowsprits of Old Vaegris:
None yet.
Khergitio Raiders:
None yet.
Axes Of Dread:
The Axes of Dread, It's a particularly aggressive faction, all Lords are more focused in mele combat then everything else, also, they are always "bad guys" (opposite to goodnatured)
Barons Of The Bears:
None yet.
Desert Snakes:
None yet.

Features & Credits:
  • Guild System - by Ikaguia
  • Custom Commander - by rubik
    fisheye      Autoloot-source & Customizable troops
    Mordachai  Save-game compatibility for global variable changes
    • Add a new menu before encounter that can choose NPC(unwounded) to be the leader instead of player.
    • Auto loot
    • Auto-selling system
    • The skill 'Path-finding' increases Party map speed by 6% per skill level.
    • If you enounter stronger enemies and leaving some soldiers behind to cover your retreat or after escaping, the movement speed will be twice the normal speed for half an hour (game time), then it will return to normal .
    • A few changes to Native models, made a flying arrow model of my own, now flying arrows are more... immersive.
    • Heroes will get extra weapon points when he kill/stun a enemy troop. The amount of points depends on the xp gaind and the hero's skill level of Weapon master.
    • Add a mystic merchant to the taverns of towns. You can gamble with him like the Diablo II. You will see many items, but you can't see the prefix and the true price of the items. You will cost the money of the same item without a prefix, then you may get an item with a good prefix or maybe an item with a bad prefix.
    • Troops in lords' parties or their towns or castles and also kingdom caravans will be sorted by the level of troops every 24 hours.
    • The horse' HP will influence its speed, if the horse' HP is lower, its speed will be lower
    • Custom camera for battles
    • You can view the upgrade trees of troops and all items in game.
    • You can check out the effects of the prefix of an item with the prefix.
    • Many mod options in camp menu.
    • You can recruit troops for your own towns or castles.
    • You can redefine the 4 keys for Custom Camera in camp menu.
    • You can change the faction color of any factions in Camp menu.
    • New quests about solving bandit heroes, you can take these quests from mayors in towns.
    • Show shot distance on sceen when you hit anything with ranged weapons.
    • Show next pay day (accurate to to an hour) in the reports menu, only take effect after you had payed once
    • New skill: Comprehension. It's base on intelligence. This skill increases the amount of experience obtained in battles by 8%% per skill level. (Personal skill)  Max level: 15
    • New character creation system, all questions and answers about your background are in one interface. You can a new character easily.
    • Cavalry will choose the right weapons from weapons which they equipped(not from their hole inventory).When they are on horses, they will prefer to use lances and switch to other weapons when they are on foot.
    • Horse archers won't switch weapons to melee weapons before they run out of their ammo.
    • Rhodok sergeants will switch weapons to the glaive when they are close to the enemies if they had equipped it on back, and switch to a shield with an one-handed weapon when the enemies are far away to defense the enemies' arrows or bolts.
    • Customizable troops can be renamed in the upgrade tree of them in reports menu.
  • SoundRound-ing by Aeon
    SoundRound-ing will replace vanilla Mount & Blade Warband musics, by high quality ambient soundtracks in order to improve game immersivness.
  • Calradia In Darkness by CHUR
    Gloomy sky hangs over the dark walls of castles. Cracked black board of houses creak in the cold wind. Moss-covered towers rise above the dull expanse as the tomb of ancient kings. Gray old men talk about the bright southern sun over Calradia, but no one believes them. Darkness reigned here forever ...

















  • Minesweeper - WIP - by Ikaguia
  • Center Populations - WIP - by Ikaguia
  • Some awesome Models by fraoliva
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