B Native Musket Era [WB] Renaissance Mod - Beta Released

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Bayard-X said:
It is indeed a nice retexturing of Narf's OSP with some additional pieces. :smile:

But unfortunately, I also fail to get the content of the message.

@Cow7488: Can you ask a friend with better English to help you?
Yes. I am sorry.
It is the person who makes the mode in Korea, I must have your model and textures.
I would like to use your resources.

ah.. my english is bad. sorry. :sad:

By the way, do you know Laon maybe?


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A 1506 print of the Battle of Fornovo 1495 & a large image

A 1506 print of the Battle of Fornovo 1495 & a large image

16th Century Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers


When you will release the full version, will it have an ability to make your own troops?


Hello everyone, first sorry for my bad english. I think what you guys make in this mod is amazing.

I think you could, add the swiss Guard as Mercenary Guard or something, because these soldiers wear a uniform from the renissance and were founded in these time.



Does anyone know how to replace the sounds of firearms? I want to use a different sound since, well, the current sound doesn't seem satisfactory to me. From what I have experienced I cannot do it through Mod System. Is there something in the triggers that shows the sound on attack/fire or something?

Evil Cereal

You know, not everyone is skilled. Plus you could have said that tons more friendlier to a mod developer with full hands of work.


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well i dont now if this is what you mean but here i found the pistol sound in module_sounds.py
("pistol_shot", sf_priority_12|sf_vol_10, ["fl_pistol.wav"]),

Change this:
To the new sound for the pistol.

you must put the .wav in the sound folder.

hope i helped if not sorry :/


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Thanks, Arthur_Pendragon, for the clue.  :smile:

Thanks, Cerealis, nice cover.  :smile:

In fact, I guessed that there may be plenty of options to do it. Asking stupid questions is in fact the principal way learning new approaches. You have to question what you take for granted to understand it better.

Sometimes I feel the fatalist faction is prevailing these forums. Don't be a part of it, Comrade Temuzu.

But no need to get hot headed, chaps.

And I completely forgot to thank Druzhina who is prolific as always. :smile:
Now, if this mod only had formations, especially for the ai, it might become my favourite one quickly.  :eek:

Any idea if I could simply copy an existing formations mod into the folder? And, uhm, would it work for the AI too? 


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We'll miss you, chap.  :sad:


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Goodness, why haven't I seen this before? Looks terribly interesting Bayard, keep up the good work.
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