SP Fantasy [WB] Realms of Canfor


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This is a mod idea I have been putting together for a total conversion single player experience. I am currently looking for people who wish to help me with this project. I could use scene creators, 3d modellers, and scripters. I am experienced at scripting myself, and am knowledgeable of how to do everything we need done. I would like help so I can get more done in less amount of time.

This mod is only on the drawing board at the moment, but I have ideas for many different regions of the world with different cultures. Religion and holy wars will play a key part in the mod. I will share more once I have more of the groundwork written out.


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Can you give more information? You basicly just gave a name and then said you have ideas, I would advise you if you really want to convince people to help you, that you lay out a plan at least a little bit of it.


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True, still this kind of post is very common here. The thing is, most people have fantastic ideas, but just minority of them starts to accomplish those.
So, if you really want someone to join to help the realization of your own idea, you should start with presenting something convincing.