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John Hawkeye

Hello everyone! I would like to inform you about Project Valeria,
a module for warband that I plan to start working on.

Valeria is a fictional land between Calradia, Geroia, Balion and Jumne.

My main goal with Project Valeria is to create a module with a much larger map than native, lots of custom factions, each one with custom lords, custom cultures and most importantly custom troop trees! Futhermore, I will strive to include custom armors/weapons etc (most of them from me, and hopefully some from other people if I manage to get their permission). Finally, I plan to add custom banners and lots of interesting new companions. Oh did I mention that the towns/castles/villages will be unique and built from scratch as well?

Here's what you can expect from this mod:
- The setting will be realistic. No magic, no guns, no orcs/elves etc. However I might include some non historical armor pieces as long as they remain realistic enough.
- The quality of the armor/weapons etc will be very high but I will try to make sure they are also well optimized.
- Complicated, but balanced troop trees.
- Good Looking Castles/Towns/Villages.
- Naval Combat just like in Viking Conquest.
- Couched Pikes for effective shieldwalls.  :shifty:

Mods I will try to include in Valeria (I will have to get permission by their creators first):
- Custom Troop trees
- Diplomacy
- Better Faces
- Freelancer
- Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment

As you can see, its quite an ambitious project, and I'm a perfectionist. Plus I'm absolutely new to modding and I will have to dedicate lots of time trying to learn everything from scratch, so I wont lie to you people, this mod might take a few years to finish, and most of you might migrate to Bannerlord till then (it was just a joke, bannerlord will not be released in this century). But anyway, I will be here, slowly working to complete this.

If you want to support me, the best way to do so is by joining our discord. Having active people hanging around and giving me feedback and suggestions really motivates me to keep working harder. Discord: https://discord.gg/4A52tJp

Currently Working on: Conceptualizing faction 2 of 12

John Hawkeye

I dont plan to release a historically accurate mod, but I want this to be as close to reality as possible, without restricting my creativity  :roll:

Eärendil Ardamírë

Subforum Moderator
I wish you good luck at your project! Only I wonder a bit that you haven't even a lore at hand yet, so you are starting absolutely at zero :shock:

If you want to pick up ideas, you can read through the mod idea collection: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,10276.0.html

John Hawkeye

Thank you very much! Yup, I dont even have the lore ready yet, but im making good progress on it, and I will post it here when its ready :grin: Thanks for the link, I will make sure to give it a read.


I was here...  :mrgreen:
Encourage with the project, you are seen with a lot of desire, although personally I find it too ambitious for someone who has never modded MBW. Anyway, good luck, I'm sure you'll learn a lot about how to modding warband with your project.  :wink:

John Hawkeye

Thank you very much! Im fully aware how hard this is going to be, and this is why i said it might even take years. I will try to do my best  :wink:
My god man this project is from far too ambitous for someone new to modding except if you can make good use of many OSP and are a kind of genius teen coder with many time to work on this, for exemple making scenes in Warband has his own arcanes, good luck anyway.

John Hawkeye

Well I am by no means a genious, but i have a vision, and determination to create this. And yeah its going to take quite a while. In fact im going to spend the first few months of development coming up with the lore/characters/dialogues and artwork. I might even create a brief comic for the lore  :roll:

John Hawkeye

Update v.001: I created a discord server, where I will be posting the progress im making and listening to your suggestions! Feel free to join me if you want to suggest ideas or stay updated. :grin:

I will be working on sketching a logo, and coming up with characters and lore ideas, so if you want to contribute, be my guest!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/3X5CXAq

John Hawkeye

Thank you!
The story part of the Lore is almost ready. I will upload it on weekend.

John Hawkeye

Update v.002: I know I said that I would post the lore over the weekend, but, although its ready, I feel like I could keep working on it and polish it furthermore. So I decided to upload the Map I have been working on, instead:

Map of Valeria

Map 2 (could be used as political map later on, when I will figure out the factions

So yeah, heres what I have been working on, I obviously havent named the towns/castles and I didnt bother placing villages as it would clutter the map. So I kept things simple. The map is subject to change, but so far, I kinda like it. I am waiting to read your feedback.
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