[WB] Polished Buildings - Rhodok Pack (screens pg.3)

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Hi all, again me.
Rhodok pack was  - sort of - almost - ready for some time, and I need to finish it finally.

Rhodoks will be something like italian/spanish/portugese/turkish mix.
Red roofs, lots of stone, a bit ornamental, possibly I will add some wine growing on the walls.
Spaces will be more closed/tigt than in other factions towns, more "claustrofobic":smile:.
I want those towns to have lots of steps, slopes, height differences.
Those buildings will work nicely with one of castle sets (something like Vaegir biuldings set).

To do this, I'm currently doing some kind of modular street system.
Basically, instead having one big street piece, this pack will have smaller ones, that will allow modders to be more creative.
I want to release maxfiles for this, so modders outside M&B community will have possibility to play with those buildings:smile:

Some screens from 3dsmax (I was testing street modules with really simple/small scene).
This shows overall style/mood.
No ambient occlusion - just simple light with shadow map.
No vine/plants yet.
And lot of textures will be tweaked





All buildings:

Oh man, didn't know you were still around. Good to see you again and splendid work as usual.
Haven't seen you in a while and hoped you were hired for M&B2  :razz:

I agree with the Rhodok style. Looks amazing. The streets are very straight though.
I expected something more like a maze with small alleys (but it's just a small preview I know).
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