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So because I've been so slack in giving updates recently, here is a small update just as I'm trying to build momentum.
Here is a little video I've made showing off the galleon in sail as well as the cannon firing which I've been working on (getting it to fire in volleys etc). I'm fairly pleased with the results and look forward to getting damage and AI cannon firing and stuff working.


And because people have shown interest I've put together a Pirates development playlist - which always gets me in the mood for making the game!


Feel free to add appropriate songs (If you know any good sessions, jigs, reel etc) though I'd rather people keep away from adding rock or metal. Obviously Alestorm are awesome, but I don't think it's quite the right kind of mood. Anyone who adds any Running Wild needs to be shot.

Anyway, enjoy!


I really cant wait any longer for this mod!!!!  :lol:

Sorry, i checked the first post and was just wondering, which factions will be in SP ?


trueten said:
Is it just a vid or the game really gives you lags? How much fps do have while sayling and shooting?

That's just fraps - it makes it lag a whole lot when you start filming. In-game it's perfectly smooth. Don't know the framerate exactly but I'm fairly sure it spends most of the time over 30.

Revan Shan

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I would preffer music like the one on POTC, but if you are with celtic !* you better add SHipping up to Boston:



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Hey, i was thinking. Would a bundle of 2-3 pistols make sense as a weapon? You'd get 2-3 pistols that you can fire and then throw away, the good thing would be being able to fire them all quickly without having to reload (something that would be pretty useful for boarding?), but you wouldn't be able to reload any of them. Umm yeah i hope this makes sense.  :oops:
AdmiralNelson6262 said:
all other mods are looking a bit simple compared to this...
Not the Warhammer:Grim Age mod that is also in progress. I think it's safe to say that the majority of people around here are looking forward to see how the Warhammer mod and this one turn out.
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