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TBD Header Working Title "Native Coop"

The Team


What is this mod about

This mod will transform the Native Campaign as it is into a Multiplayercampaign. You will be able to run around the map, beeing able to do almost everything you do in Singleplayer aswell, but with Friends. There wont be a limit of players in a game, but it probably wont be desireable to play with more than 2-3 players, except if you have a lot of patience and time.

The groundwork of the mod is done and will soon go into a closed alpha. The most difficult part is established, a communication between players and host set up and the most heavy load of synchronizing Partys works fine.

Until release, the mod has still a long way to go, and a lot of work, but probably no hurdles anymore.
Why already announcing it? We are reaching out for support, feedback and maybe new teammembers.

The Road so Far

- Players can connect to Host (no Limit (Performance will be the limit))
- Players and Host can easy exchange variables, or scriptcalls
- Playernames/Stats/Face are transmitted
- Size and Movement of Players- and AI-Partys are synchronized
- Town/Castle Garrisons are synchronized


We are actually looking for new teammembers:
- Someone with a lot of experience with the module system!
- Someone for graphics, threads and stuff


For all we know, a mod-able Bannerlord could
be years away (The early Access wont have Modtools).
If possible and after our Team has gained
experience in Bannerlord-Modding, we will
use our experience from this mod to
work on a Bannerlord-Multiplayer-Campaign aswell.




Each block will be done individual from each other and not in chronogical order
Workload of each point varies a lot

TBD before a closed Alpha:
- Battleprocessing between Clients and Host
- Better Autobattles (in Coop you want more often to autocalc than normal)
- Move all actions in Castles/Towns/Villages to the menu, for faster interaction (for example talking to village elder)
- Synchronizing inventory, money, equipment
- Hiring Troops
- Include players in notes/factions

- Battles will be playable
- Play a soldier of the player, or the enemy

Player-Player Interaction:
- Fight each other
- Trade with each other (money, items, troops)

Player-Faction Interactions:
- Join Faction
- Getting fiefs
- claim fief
- Marshal votes
- Marshal campaign

Independant Kingdoms:
- Create own Kingdoms
- Interact with each other Kingdoms

Synchronizing Block:
- Ladys (factions, positions)
- Relations between factions
- Relations between Players and Lords/fiefs/factions
- Quests
- Marrying
- Feasts
- Followers
- Tournaments
- Enterprises
- Position

List is WIP

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