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Manaras Invasion Mod

Welcome to the post of my first mod for Mount & Blade: Warband.

The Manarii Kingdom has been reunited after their long civil war. There was no time to rest though, as Caneorian raiders have started plundering all lands they can find. In search for new, safer grounds, the Manarii have set sail upon Calradia, where they have now gained a foothold near the nordic lands, as their push and hold tactics were successfull. Upon hearing about the Manarii success, now the Caneorian raiders have started moving towards Calradia as well, where their lightning fast and powerfull tactics will be sure to get them to gain a foothold within the lands of Calradia as well. Who shall triumph? The Kingdoms and tribes that have roamed Calradia for so long already? The Manarii kingdom with their defensive pushing tactics? The Caneorian raider tribes with their powerfull warriors? Only time can tell, or better, you can tell, as you might just be the one who makes the difference.

- Same Calradia, new story
- New factions with their own troops, tactics and items
- Newly established cities, castles and villages
- New Quick battle heroes
- The new factions available in multiplayer
- A lot more to come

Game: Mount & Blade: Warband
Version: 1.113, 1.125, 1.127, 1.134

*notes: Updated for 1.134. Old 1.127, 1.125 and 1.113 are way out of date, might not even have those anymore. If you still have one of those versions, please update the game.

just me for now... Still just me... :razz:

Ah wait, have some, so I will upload them later
Here are some on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157626126605261

Specific images of Losrav Castle: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157626251726078/

Introduction video + bit of gameplay (outdated! ~juli 2010)

Battle video for the Caneorian Kingdom (mar 2011)

/to be replaced with images of troop tree, still to do, as caneorian troop tree is FAR from finished./
ranged/cavalry (combo)
planned to add

Defensive minded warrior tribes from the north.

                  Defender                                        Scout
Trained Defender    Bowman                      Light Cavalry
      Guardian    Trained Bowman      Horse Archer    War Cavalry

United Mercenaries and bandits

        Hunter                                      Squire
Rider                  Arbalist                    Swordsman
Knight          Master Arbalist            Veteran Swordsman


It's here: http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=2127

* None of the things shown or stated in this topic, in the screens or the video's may be final and are subject to change.


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This post will be used for changes

04-july-2010 - added manarii dismounted archer as archer troop slot #1 for manarii custom battles
05-july-2010 - balance tweaks to manarii troops for custom battle, especially overpowered dismounted archer weakened
06-july-2010 - update to v1.125 (rebuilt from native, code changes automatically applied)
07-july-2010 - caneorian faction and basic troop tree added, still basic though
10-july-2010 - minor tweaks to caneorian troops, footman looking okay for now
12-july-2010 - fix to manarii and caneorian multiplayer flags
04-mar-2011 - made a custom castle, both in single player as in multiplayer
06-mar-2011 - officially restarted working on the mod, remade ceneorian troop tree, made caneorian swordsman a real swordsman (rather than a nord axeman copy)
07-mar-2011 - worked on veteran swordsman and multiplayer troops (both caneorian and manarii)
09-mar-2011 - worked on multiplayer and multiplayer ai troops
11-mar-2011 - worked on trying to get ctf fixed, no luck so far
12-mar-2011 - worked on ctf, fixed. worked on getting siege flag fixed. added preview image for custom castle (Losrav Castle)
18-mar-2011 - added the light cavalry and trained defender troop [SP], updated everything on the svn, started working on a new map (Town Riot)
19-mar-2011 - worked on troops and multi map a little bit
23-mar-2011 - ALPHA released (Manaras-1134-r10, datestamp 20110323), will be hosting a small 16 player server (Manaras_Server, located in The Netherlands) whenever I'm online and can have time to host.
24-mar-2011 - worked on new, custom swords for the caneorian kingdom, added bastard sword like sword (sword_caneorian_a).
25-mar-2011 - worked on new, custom swords for the caneorian kingdom, added one handed swords (odd_sword_c, odd_sword_c_small) and stabbing two hander/spear (caneorian_stabbing_weapon) "Caneorian Stabber"
2-apr-2011 - added old_tower multiplayer scene, caneorian multiplayer troops can now use their new items, added snowy version of the "earth" (Nord wooden) castle
6-apr-2011 - modified manarii cavalry axe
18-jun-2011 - equipments for multiplayer troops modified
17-jul-2011 - new manarii axe made
27-aug-2011 - added a new mercenary troop, wielding hammers, with the newly made hammer
17-sep-2011 - Huge commit with new weapons, new territory, new castles, towns, renewed troops and more


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*Just went trough a lot of trouble updating to 1.127  :mad:*

Anyways, added to mbrepository as well. Manarii are about to get their troop tree extended with some mid-class troops, and caneorian will be completely redone, I just don't like them the way they are now.. I might change them into a third (unimportant) faction if I feel like it.

What works:
- Single player has a few castles added (manarii ones) and will work like a normal faction.
- Custom battles will work as well (finally, was a mess with the 1.127 update)
- Multiplayer will work as well, though the troops haven't been balanced, nor do they have much more than their standard equipment.


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Taleworlds forum said:
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 182 days.
Whoah, it's been so long already?

Anyways, it's not dead, it's been... uhh... dormant...
The mod has been ported to v1.134, the caneorian faction has been improved quite a lot and now still get their ass kicked by manarii (and all other factions') troops. Single player now has one custom made castle and some improvements on the manarii have been done. I also tried to make a custom armour, but that didn't really work out as I wanted.


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Well, I moved my files onto a svn, that'll make it a little easier to keep my work (rather than accidentily overwrite them)...

Nvm, not gonna write everything down here.. Did a whole lot of stuff, so I'll edit the main post(s) instead


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It's coming along, slowly...

Added a new multiplayer map (old tower) and caneoria seems to be holding up against several other factions now. On the other hand, both of them are way over equipped in multiplayer (bots most of the time get the best of the items they're allowed to use, which are quite a bit better than the standard gear). Fixed a small problem with riders and crossbowmen having archery skill instead of crossbow skill, so they've improved, especially when standing together. They also have a new weapon, the caneorian stabber weapon.

The manarii also got a new weapon, the manarii waraxe, but as I can't texture, it's  a composited object for now (may look bad according to the view angle).

(current version is 1134-r1:cool: Server seems to be useless unless I update the download every time as well... Next up release should be around r20..


I downloaded the mod ....
created my own faction and destroyed both new faction and created super mega faction XD
great mod !


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michaell said:
I downloaded the mod ....
created my own faction and destroyed both new faction and created super mega faction XD
great mod !
Hehe... Singleplayer is a bit outdated again, The Manarii are at about half the strength they should be, and Caneoria is supposed to be move a bit further away...

Oh, and I may be getting another town ready in the single player, maybe multi as well, built a snowy version of the earth pieces (about all needed textures are available in normal single player, I can't texture :O )

eliasW said:
the mod is extremly bug  :eek:
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