[WB][M] Herrâfell Roleplay - Coming December 2014 - Crafting, GUI, Wolves!

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"Winter isn't the only thing coming this year"

"The Land of Slain Lords", known merely as Herrâfell in common tongue, has for a long time been known as a place of great mystery. The name comes with a story, and the story is both upsetting and fascinating. It is no secret that the land of Herrâfell has seen - or perhaps, caused - the death of many great Lords, but what is more interesting is how this came to be, and what lead to these events. The Graveyard of the Valley is considered a place of misfortune, haunted by ghasts; but perhaps this is where the secret of Herrâfell is to be found."

Herrâfell Roleplay is a roleplay project developed by The SQM Group, with the goal to provide a new horizon, and reality for Warband players seeking for roleplay. We've striven our utmost to provide an immersive, enjoyable and believable universe for HRP - taking into account all manner of aspects when it came to the production of our lore, coding and layout - all of which has been under careful development for months, and carefully tested by our professional crew, as well as outside parties.

In this thread you'll find a feature list, screenshots, and basic information regarding the mod. If you have any questions, then either ask here, use our Q&A board, or approach one of the staff members on Steam or TeamSpeak. However, without further ado, we, the HRP developers and staff team, after all those years of trial and error, are proud to announce our creation to the world.

We would also like to take this opportunity and present to you the list of features available on our server.

Screenshots available in the post below. Even more screenshots available on our forums!


- Persistence
- Different types of foods and ingredients, such as wheat, bread, cheese, honey, olives, oil, apple trees, apples, butter, multiple types of dishes
- A diverse and interesting skill system
- A GUI inventory system - no more text-based inventories
- New riding animals, such as donkeys and mules
- New chat systems, making it easier to keep track of IC and OOC messages, whispers, and shouts
- New animations, such as praying, crouching, surrendering, waving, and sitting
- Immersive property system, with keys and other features
- Farming plants available for harvesting, such as corn, cabbage, and grapes
- New body armors, clothing and weapons
- A brand new, revolutionary crafting system, using many different materials
- Hoards of new materials, such as wool, linen, hides, iron, steel and many more
- Wagons that you can connect to your horse (or yourself!)
- A GUI buy menu
- Extensive hunger & thirst system, the ability to drown
- Storage zones such as chests and wagons
- The ability to mine ores, chop trees, shear wool from sheep (and getting actual items in return)
- New animals, such as wolves, chickens, deer, goats and sheep, all of which interact with the characters in realistic ways; wolves attack you, sheep are docile, while deer run away from you
- Teleporting doors
- A multitude of RP events with highly organized and interesting plots
- An interesting, immersive new map

The Team & Credits:

Project manager: Stracci AKA Sinistar (Coding)
Project developer: Quantic Dream (Mapping, lore)
Project developer: Big Baer (Crafting recipes, profession concepts, lore)

Credits: (thanks to all!)
The main scripts and resources of TWW: Shredzorz
15th Century OSP: Shredzorz
OSP Japan Animations: Shcherbyna
Wolves: TLD Team
Tavern Animations Pack: Slawomir of Aaargh
Rock and Mountain Pack: Goosemaner
Plate Armor Pack: Narf


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Farming & harvesting:

Interactions (sheep, wolves, other stuff!):

Interactions 2 (sleeping, sitting, animations!):

Usable carts & horse carriages (HELL YEAH!):


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Happy to see you're happy, guys ;D

I'll be posting lots and lots of screenshots soon. If there's any feature in particular you'd like to see a screenshot of - let me know and I'll supply you.  :mrgreen:


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Damn you, another fantastic looking mod that will take away time from my non-existent social life.  I think this will give PW a run for it's money.


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:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Looks fantastic, I love Roleplay mods and games.  I agree with Froi, this will give PW a run for its money. (Not that you actually have to pay for it but anyway)


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Well this came out of nowhere.... It looks great guys, goodluck on your mod!!
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Looks like this mod will have possibilities which will be new rather than the other persistent mod. I wish you goodluck on this project as it seems to be challenging.


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Updated main post with our release plan.
Froi said:
Damn you, another fantastic looking mod that will take away time from my non-existent social life.  I think this will give PW a run for it's money.
It's quite different from PW, as some of you pointed out. We're focusing on both gameplay mechanics and the actual roleplay dynamics of the game's world (politics, player-ran fluid economy, etc), and PW for the most part has done mostly the first part of those - at least back in the day when I played - which means that our mod is turning out to become a small MMO of sorts, albeit not ran on huge few hundred player servers :p

Your items and stats save after you quit, so there could be some peculiar situations brewing in the server after a while. Imagine how the economy would be affected by an iron shortage or a drought.  :smile:

And in case anyone is wondering: you can do drive-bys using the horse carriage/cart. Hop in the back and go ghetto on some deer, if you can actually aim a bow while riding a wagon with three other people and not accidentally shoot one another xD


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This Dev Diary was taken from our forums, providing screenshots of our chat concepts:

Hey all!

Lately, I've figured that doing a dev diary and letting you see the progress we've made is not such a bad idea after all, so allow me to bring forth a concept I wish to show:

Communication. It was vital in past roleplay servers on Warband and will always be. The standard form that most of our players are used to entails the following: a roll option (for determining chance), a /me command for describing actions committed by a character, the local chat, and the shout and whisper chats. All of this I will show you:

The first is the roll option, in this we have a little box that shows up when you press P, and you can choose any value from 0 to 100, and it will show you a result, as can be observed:

As you can see, in this instance we picked 56 as our value, though I am sure the players will use 100 most of the time, it was standard on  a few other RP servers.

There you are!

This brings us to our next option, which is the /me button, and that would be the M key. Once you press, a chat box will pop up, and all you'll need to do is type in the action, there's no need to even add /me to it.

So, all I typed in was "sits back in his sofa, exhaling deeply", and the module did the work for me, displaying my name and sending it as a string to the server.

Now we face the three interesting chats that will move roleplay, and they each have different ranges. I should also add that the /me and rolls function with "sound ranges" as well, they can only be seen if you are within 15-20 meters of the person rolling or using the /me chat. The whisper chat requires you to stand 1-2m away from someone to actually see their message. The key for this is K.

The shout chat projects itself within 35 meters, so be ready to use it if you're attempting to make sales on our server or really wish to be heard! The shout key would be J.

The standard local chat projects itself in a radius of 15-20 meters, and will be used more often than the other chats, it's pretty much the bread and butter of our server. The key picked for the local chat is U.

And as a bonus, I shall show you the admin chat that we have, only admins can access it, obviously, and it projects all across the server.

And that is it for today folks! Thanks for the attention!


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Looks pretty darn interesting; will defo try it out when it gets released, may even be enough to get me back into Warband. When you mentioned this to me a year or two ago, I wasn't expecting something quite so awesome looking...  :wink:

Quantic Dream

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Not only this, but our trailer is currently in the making. Even I can't wait to see the finished trailer, let alone the server... Stay put, guys! Our forum's waiting for you!  :mrgreen: