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Warriors will have slow shields and slow weapons, with which they will be able to block. I was talking about berserkers, may be about crushers.


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Just letting you know, that we're almost there. Almost all items are already in-game.

We have also done some scripts, that will help us balance the mod, like

- different races in multiplayer, with different sizes of skeletons for skins;
- speed limit script, based on what armor a player is wearing. This script will affect both Empire and Chaos troops;
- warcries. Just warcries for both factions. Nothing fancy yet, but hopefully we will make some stats buff or something in future.

Custom voices for both factions are added.

Balance for the first release will be adjusted mostly to Furok's singleplayer schemes, but I'm not really sure if it will be apropriate for PvP. So some kind of public test will be conducted more or less soon.


It's sad that you wont make an singleplayer mode out of this, but I fully understand the waste there will be when Bannerlord comes out. Good luck with the revival.
I have seen this mod too, well, the other one on Medieval 2 total war forums. I downloaded the Call of Warhammer mod and I must say it was pretty excellent. I would very much like to see a warhammer mod, I tried the other one although it didn't have the same feel. Idk, but I hope this will turn out to be excellent!


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Here it's - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8jBKcJ7uo5rUzF1aGxiZG5VZkU/view?usp=sharing

In order to play the mod, you need to put all the files from the WSE folder which is located in MOD folder to the root folder of the GAME and launch WSELoader.exe

Server is up.



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Well, this is great.
I have dl the mod and made some MP testing with ai boots.
Very nice and you actually get a bit frighten when, you as a swordsman of the empire, sees a chaos Champion heading towards you,.... cause it means DEATH,.... to the swordsman hehe.
I played a little against bots, some five minutes or so, and decided to stop.


The quality of models and warcries shocked me. They were just so good and has surpassed my expectations. I stopped playing it because I did not want to spoil their novelty in this package hastily put together just so that we could play. (Mad props for that btw, thank you. :smile: )

I respect immensely the feat to undertake this mod and all responsible for making it come alive, but that said it needs a lot of work. Even the muskets behave and sound like crossbows, and fire crossbow bolts. The music and the maps are vanilla etc.

You're on the right track though, I hope you can get it to it's full glory soon. Keep up the good work. :smile:


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Something strange is happening with muskets then. They absolutely should sound and shoot like firearms. Will check it out.
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