[WB][M] Full Invasion 2: Osiris 1.03 {Co-op Survival}

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About Full Invasion 2
Full Invasion 2 is one of the only cooperative modules available for the tremendously successful Mount & Blade: Warband by TaleWorlds Entertainment. It allows players to play together with the goal of defeating ever-growing waves of enemies and bosses. The module boasts an incredible number of factions and maps ranging from fantasy to sci-fi which pushes Warband’s engine to its limits.

Full Invasion 2: Amber has been voted as the most popular multiplayer module for Warband a number of times, with over 500,000 total downloads across its lifetime.

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Full Invasion Osiris version 1.1 (ModDB)

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[size=12pt]Mod Factions

Factions are playable defender factions, Invasions are non-playable invader factions as enemies.
Playable Defender Factions

The Calradian Realms
The Crusader States
The Empire of Sigmar
The Lord of the Rings
The Saracen Sultanates
The Arcane Empire
The Greco-Persian States

Non-playable Invader Factions

The Invasion of Calradia
The Storm of Chaos
The Forces of Christendom
The Armies of Isengard
The Hordes of Mordor
The Defence of the Free Peoples
The Invasion of Saracens
The Tide of the Blackmarch
The Greco-Persian Invasions

Mod Maps
Amon Hen
Blackstone Coves
Echo Dock
Fairking Farm
Gates of Argonath
Jakamet Castle
Ku Moku
Paths of the Dead
Port Defence
Siege of Hornburg
Snowy Valley
Stanley Fortress
Tomb of Horrors
Urogash Morat

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Dedicated Server Config
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Full Invasion: Osiris Server Files
Server Set-up information

Full Invasion 2: Amber Server Config (Updated for Amber 2.0)

[size=10pt]Module Version & Batch File

mb_warband_dedicated.exe -r Sample_Invasion_mode.txt -m Full_Invasion_Osiris

Credits List
Taleworlds for Mount & Blade Warband
Arch3r for the original Full Invasion Mod
The Full Invasion 2 Dev Team / Wave 53 Studios, everyone's position is important.
All contributors, supporters, team members.

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Best mod I've played in a long time.
Looking forwards to the next patch.
I hope more people will join the official server, it's an awesome mod but better with more players, so join people!

TY for the support Blade its very appreciated!
Spawn bug is fixed now people huzzah!
I will update the page once we have new info plans confirmed.
Can you create a single download file for the mod? Having to download 4/5 files to play a mod seems troublesome.
Mirco2011 said:
I have a big question:
Are we allowed to use some things from the mod in other mods?
Cause the Crusader things, especially the Knight got a really strange equip which I would like to see in an other mod :smile:

Yes but you need to find out whether the content such as most of the helms are OSP (Open Source Pack free to use for any modder basically if OSP)
OR you MUST get permissions from the original creators of the content i believe the Crusader armors are made by the FuIn2 Dev Team and "made by our 16th Century War Team/ EI lead artist 血与钢 and our chinese artists"
This may seem a daft question, but there appears to be a lot more factions available than can actually be selected using the Host Battle interface. Is there a way to page/switch through them (like you can the maps), rather than choosing with the drop-down list? Mine is off the bottom of the screen so I can't select any past Super Heroes. My resolution is 1920x1200, so I don't think it's that.

Anyway, from what I've played so far, it's good fun!
usnavy30 said:
No not right now our goal is for many factions and invasions hence it works with a simple change map and factions poll.

Ah, ok, a change poll makes sense!

I also just realised (shortly after writing that post) that if the button is higher on the screen when you open it, more options fit. Which I think gets all of them.

Little minor annoyances like that are saved for last on the spectrum lol.

Quote from: Windbusche on Today at 05:24:41 AM

So far, my issues are these...

-Terrorist and Spec-Ops too similar, merge into Modern Faction.

-Bring back the old Riflemen, that have ****tons of different eras. They are really necessary for the enjoyment of this mod.

-All the factions feel very linear, as odd as that may be. Many of them nearly untouched, Superheroes need a damn weapon!

-Assassin's should do a **** ton of damage with punches due to the hidden blade and new content.

-Executioners need new content.

-Slightly buff Repeating Crossbow accuracy, rename 'Cho Ku Nu'

-Chinese Medieval Rifle is absolute trash in every scenario.

-Give the colonists more gear to diversify them from the Empire.

-Perhaps another WoW faction?

-Buff all bows by a couple of damage points minus Elven bows.

1. Indeed a remerge to The Modern Soldiers would be nice for the Surviviors/Modern Troop/Terrorist Troop Classes

2. We will bring back the ol' Colonial/NW era troops and their awesome uniforms when we are a 100% sure on availability to use

3. Indeed they are linear for the time being, I agree Super Heores need some kind of suitable weapon to fit their look lol

4. Hmm I like the Fist damage increase for Assassins idea we give them that would work we would just need a custom attack animation for it then...

5. Indeed they do, we will find something that fits soon enough perhaps a ranged class of a Gothic/Dark horror look or something.

6. I find the Repeating Crossbow to have good accuracy as is but not a bad idea at all, And yeah we will rename it to 'Chu Ku Nu'

7. I think the Medieval Rifle (Fireworks gun?) Was a experiment so we will see how we can imrpove it, its a nice idea.

8. The Colonists items are a fiscal business while we look for permissions and resources elsewhere. Same for Civil War era, anything Colonial atm.

9. WoW Faction is undecided right now as we need to reexamine our resource availabilty and such.

10. I also find bows could use a +13 damage boost to +15 or something better but not one hit killing against a boss wave.
Message from the dev
Version 0.08 is very buggy. That's the reason why all the download links got removed. Download V0.07 and play on a server for V0.07 (FI2_Offical_v0_70_Server is updated for 0.07)


EDIT : The official server works fine now, come and enjoy!
Desura works fine i downgraded when it said update on Desura. If you say dont use Desura then your not using it right it works fine any updates including the temporary downgrade patch will require the mod to be ready for a update before you play it. Thus it auto updates when the newest change is approved via Desura administration.

Update: Desura is outdated for Full Invasion 2 v11 now.
Ingame we thought it might be good to have a Good and Evil LOTR faction. For example the evil faction first sends in goblins, then uruks then orcs with trolls with eventually sauron. Something like that could be fun.
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