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This is a mod for NW dlc of M&B:Warband. Commanders of Calradia will enable you to fight in Commander Battle MP Gamemode with Native Warband factions. It is simply a small tweaked mod, Native units and items will be used instead of NW units.​

Commanders of Calradia

Development Stage: Early Beta

Faction Progress
Rhodoks: %95
Vaegirs: %95
Nords: %95
Swadia: %95
Khergit: %95
Sarranids: Removed

Other Mod Progress
Animation: %100
Interface: %100
UI: %100
Sounds: 20/100
Test Progress: 20/100

Last Checks Before the Alpha Release

Troops are done, balancing progress keep going






Basic Q&A
Q: Do i have to own NW dlc to be able to play the mod?
A: Yes. I was planning to release as a Standalone mod for Warband, but lots of people complained about the file size of the module during tests. So i re-desinged mod again for to be an add-on for Napoleonic Wars DLC.

Q: What is "Commander Battle Gamemode"?
A: Basicly, you have one AI legion, like every other players in the server. There are 2 teams that fight each other. Team strategy is kindly important. You can check that Gamemode if you own NW dlc.

Q: Will there be original NW scenes?
A: Yes, and no. There will be tweaked NW scenes, but there will also be new scenes. I am planning to add Siege scenes, it would be fun.

Q: Will there be an official server?
A: I will not put any official server by myself. But since Commander Battle mode doesn't require huge amount of real players to be fun, there would always be nice servers.

Q: Will this mod support other NW gamemodes as well?
A: I will probably remove them.

Q: Will this mod be something like "Tiger Knight: Empire War" game?
A: Yea, similar. But there won't be any Chinese faction as of yet. Only M&B based factions.​

Beta version is released in Moddb. To Access Moddb download page, just Click on the picture below.


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Beta version has been released.