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Hey there,

I thought, it would be a nice idea, if the troop trees of each faction would be a little bit more expanded. But not in a general way, mor than a specific way. So every faction will Keep it´s own Special strength. So I went along and put some work in it. Here is the result of it:

Kingdom of Vaegir: They are now more cavalry oriented. They have a light and heavy Cavalry equiped with Lances and heavy armor for close battles and fights. Their Infantry Tree is also heavy equiped. Their ranged fighters are bowmen and crossbowmen but their strenght is average.

Khanat Khergit: The Khergits are staying with their only Cavalry troops. They have fast riding mounted bowmen and a heavy cavalry for fighting. Than they have another heavy cavalry with Lances to crush enemies and a light lanced cavalry to attack and get back to attack again. But they´re strength is in comboing their units. Alone they will not be as powerful as a "Knight of winter" from the new Vaegirs.

Kingdom Nord: Their Focus on Infantry has been improved. Now they have some light and heavy infantry. The light infantry is not very well equiped but has an enourmus strength. The heavy infantry is well equiped, eventhough stronger than the infantry of some other kingdoms. They have some cavalry now, but just an average one. Eventhough it shouldn´t be underestimated. Their bow- and crossbowmen are quiet good and do their work and fight in meele battles as well.

Kingdom Rhodok: The Rhodoks haven´t get any cavalry, because their Advantage is to be speedy in the mountains and that is hard with horses. So they have stayed with their infantry and crossbowmen. Heavy and light crossbowmen who are the best in Calradia and can use the height of the mountains perfectly to shoot their enemies and even can protect themselves. Even against cavalry. Their strength is to fight cavalry very well. Their infantry is well equiped with spears of every kind and their three infantry trees allow to set up a hard protecting spear wall with strong fighters and well armored men to fight any cavalry and enemy troop.

Kingdom Sarranid: The Sarranids are now masters of sword and shield. They´re riders as long as their infantry are equiped with shields and are masters of defending and attacking in a Close range. Their bowmen are not that good, but they can fight. So they are well balanced, have a well trained infantry and so is their cavalry, too.

Kingdom Swadian: The Swadians have been completely reworked. Their former Focus on a great cavalry is "gone" and now belongs to the vaegirs. Now the kingdom swadian can present the best archers there are! Their Infantry is a fast one with fast strikes and a well worked armor. Each troop is able to shoot quiet perfectly and nearly eversy soldier is equiped with a bow. Their Bowmen are even able to function as a second infantry tree, so that you can have a really good mix of fighting and shooting troops. Their Cavalry is fast and light armored to rush into the enemies and splitt them up, as well as to Keep them away from the archers. They will pick them up from afar.

Mercenaries: The Mercenaries are now a little bit more ... well, if you walk into a tavern to hire some people for your troop,  you could expect some guys who are a little bit more "exotic" than just horsemen and crossbowmen ore swordsmen. So now they are alittle bit more out of the ordinary. Younger and older noble men, female noble ladies, Troubadours and thiefs. Ore a sell sword? Maybe thats a little bit more of what to expect in a tavern. They are balanced to function as a solo elite troop, so that you don´t have to upgrade them to get a "better" troop, but it cant be bad at all.

I hope you like These troops and it would be Kind of you, to leave a comment, if there is something you would like to say about this little troop mod. Of Course, there are some "mistakes" ore Things that could be balanced more, but I hope you can enjoy it all along.

This is the download link:


PS: At the moment the troops only have German names. They will get english ones in time.


Let me her what you think of it if you did =) Would be glad to get some Feedback to improve the Units a little.
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