SP Medieval Musket Era [WB] In Flames [WIP]

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Ovelord Magnus

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Everything here is WIP and is mostly likely subject to change.

As I am a novice modder, this thread will also serve as a diary of sorts, so I will keep posting here the progress!

I have started an overhaul that will use a new map and, for now, eight factions.

It's on early development and planning stage, but I'm aiming for a playable test version next week or so.
The mod is mainly inspired by Native Paradigm and Full Invasion, a showdown of civilizations.
Do note that they aren't meant to be completely historical, as they are going to be based on such civilizations.

The main decision to be made is the availability of firearms. "France" and "HRE" will have the most developed ones, and so forth.

One thing that I have decided is not to implement many combat-sided scripts, as I want the combat to be as big as possible for everyone.

Planned Features -

New map
Eight factions
Persistent Troop Identity

Planned Factions
The names aren't decided yet, only the HRE-based, the Arch-Dukedom of Wielandt, is.


The aimed version is the alpha release - version Fabius 0.1


Feel free to make suggestions and criticisms. I will post here some of the progress as I make them, as I feel that is the most sane thing to do - nothing worse than spending many hours at something only to find a giant flaw that you couldn't see before!



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Cool concept. Nice to see you implementing Persistent Troop Identities as well.

Good luck m8
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