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Hi there!

First of all, thanks for the compliments, are really inspiring.


Your help would be very appreciated, and certainly that will improve the development time, since I have zero modding skills. Also I like your thoughts, are really close to my ideas -ie, more rpg oriented and less noobish-siege, here I like that a player can be able to make a mid-size army at least at level 40+, not at starting levels. Also mercs and other troops would be expensive (say 7 to 10 denars [silver coins actually] for the mercenaries per troop and day. And also became a king would be a very hard way.

I love to see Conan-esque NPCs, and some good old dungeon quests. If you need my MS I can send you but is a bit messy, because now is just for testing pourposes.

Now, some news.

New mercenary troops: Kothian spearmen, Kothian Spahis and Nemedian Adventurers added (some models still to be needed, most are native ones).

No more piramydal troop trees. Currently working on 'bush type' troop try (to say something :p). That means no incredible amount of top tier troops for the player and lords. Top tier are elite, and elites are a very rare and expensive troops. Most of the troops would be tier 2 to 4 at the most, can't give more details on this one.

On the bad news, one of the pictish skins is completely screwed without any (noticeable) reason and will be reworked soon, I hope.

Take care.
Picts are looking excellent, but I would try to make the copper/bronze texture look a little more dark and faded - it's very shiny at the moment. Nice to see Kolba getting involved - he's a great scripter, and new quests and a more adventurous style would really make this mod stand out.
Hi Einskaldir,

Another supporter of your idea here! (wish I knew anything about modding to offer some real help).
I came across the '82 movie swords designs - and even though I'm a fan of the Conan books not the movies - those swords are cool. Maybe they will be of some inspiration to you (unless you have seen all of that already).




The source link:
And the swords production company (lots of goodies there):


@Spongly, thanks! I'm the same opinion about copper, too shinny but I've not been able to get a proper copper texture and forced to use a phototexture, which is why is that have a high contrast with the WB ones, but I hope to fix it. I'm also very glad about Kolba joining the project -at last, a real scripter!

@Nosferatt, truly thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. Although actually have those images is always nice recieve warm support.


Hi there,

Pictish axe and spear are tweaked, shaded and de-shinnied (whatever word goes here). Gothic Knight's aquilonian axe finally textured, and a little advance...

Tha armor needs major work yet, but I hope finish it soon. Also is due to give credit to RR_Raptor65 for his Roma Invicta OSP, which I taked some bits to make that armor.

Thank you both!

I've have hard times finding some good edging/carving/motive for the breastplate, any ideas? Must keep simple as is in the helmet or go with something more elaborate?
Einskaldir said:
Thank you both!

I've have hard times finding some good edging/carving/motive for the breastplate, any ideas? Must keep simple as is in the helmet or go with something more elaborate?

You can use birds/lions/something like that face or wings on your breastplate. It really depends on what best displays the Argosian faction.
Hmm, lions... I like it, the Mithra's one comes to my mind. Btw the argoseans wouldn't be a faction, just mercenaries to hire in taverns and maybe some random border patrols.

I know that this is not so much canon but due the restricted -and to do, yet- map that would be a little sad if the only factions are the aquilonian ones, and my intention is to show/add all of the hyborian era flavour as I can without being very unfluffy.

For all of those that don't read the first post updates, here is a brief.

Mercenaries in tavern (most to come):

-Argosean myrmidons: full helm, scale armor, great shield, short sword, javelins
-Nemedian adventurers: mounted infantry, coat of mail, bastard sword, helmet/morion
-Free companions: byrnie, shield, spear, ancillary sword. Not guarantee horse, bow
-Kothian spearmen: great lamellar armor, spear, broadsowrd
-Kothian spahis: (not sure f it is REH canon, but founded in a Conan RPG book, being kothians of shemitic origin, which fit good with the romano-byzantine image of the kothians) light horse, light lance, sword, light armor (leather or sarrnid  type mail)
-Assuri: (mercenaries of Shem) desert horse, light lance, light armor, nomad bow, scimitar.

Mercenaries have no longer troop tree, as they are intended to be professional soldiers. Their level would be between 10-20 at the most. And would be very effective, but a hell to maintain.

This are more or less ready in the MS, most of the items not. For some of them (aka spahi & assuri) I think using some of the native sarranids item a bit tweaked  would be just fine.

Feedback welcome and wanted!

I had a look trough Argos and Zingara source book for Conan rpg. Not many illustrations there, but there was one armour with two wolf heads on the breast plate (profiles, facing each other) that looked interesting. Might be good motive if not for this then for something else. Some covers for the rpg books have good illustrations also.     
Maybe just bronze chest plate, or a lythorax.
Or lorica segmenta. My advice would be : talk to Lynores of Peloponnesian War mod for some of his models. You can tweak them/retexture them. Maybe.

That is a great book, I have to dig in to search that pic. Thank you for the tip! Although, the wolf heads are also a nice idea, but maybe more for NPCs that for troops I guess. I'm going to keep it simple, though.


Hi! Long time since we speaked last time. Since what you suggest can be a great source, not sure if I can go and just ask to other people give me his stuff. Lorica segmentata would be a nice addition, specially a leather one, instead of iron/steel, for cheapest troops. Plain bronze & lythorax maybe for regular argoseans, like frontier patrols, but mercenaries are proffesional-elite soldiers and need something more elaborated I think.

In other order of things, bad news here. Yesterday I suffered 2 BSOD resulting in the helmet texture damaged and unable to open it. Fortunately I was able to recover an older version, but the helmet carving is lost now, and I need to me a new one from scratch... Again.

I will take it as a signal from Crom, and will "pause" the Argosean stuff for a moment, and still developing the Pict factions.

Picts sub-factions (clans):


To stay fidel to canon, I want to make one skin for each clan with ethnic paints, and light variation for each troop. Also depending on te clan specialization, troops would differ slightly (sp?).

Expect news soon!
Hi Joe,

Neither one thing nor the other. There are different factions, and each one would have some kind of 'unique-ness' but with a common culture-base.

Corinthians/Argoseans are supposed to be inspired in ancient/myth greek. Aquilonians in general will be more influenced by the official Conan sources: comics and artwork and some historical influences, but I even started to think deeply about that. There are also (a part from AoC, which is a source that I really don't care about) figures from Mc Farlane what have some kind of hellenistic touch.


That's a very awesome stuff, and I've not decided about, and don't want to decide yet, just let's see how the Aquilonians grow :smile:
:grin: Aaaah Conan! Brilliant as ever. Never liked the films though, they warped my image of Conan till I read the books. :razz: this is interesting to see though. Your gonna want lots of armour and weapon variation though in each faction, remember how many of the factions relied on Mercenaries. If your including Nemedia, your gonna want their Aesir mercs showing. One thing that does puzzle me though. Why not build fresh armour meshes? Alter whats there and build your own in detail? Cause retextures never really work. :/ They always look like half arsed attempts in the end if you try to make it look like something else. Come on, go the whole hog, and make the in game appearance look real, not shoddy. We're capable of that with M and B and PC processing power easily these days, this isn't .808. In fact from what I remember playing older mods from back then, they actually did all the meshes fresh, not many retextures really, even if they were low quality. Go for it.

Nemedia wouldn't be a major faction, and will be present via border patrols and mercenaries. Aesir mercs are very unlikely to be in this mod, but who knows.

About build fresh armor meshes, that would be ideal, I agree. But are so many factors against that, like lack of skill, time consuming, and a plethora of needless extra work. That besides I'm mostly alone in the modelling part. But don't worry, you're more than welcome if you want to team-up and do the whole armor stuff.



@Nosferatt, thanks for the picts! Very interesting :smile:
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