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sorry my fould

this looking more great keep whit this work

good lucke

sorry for my bad english Iam from argentina
Oh, I forget something. To avoid some questions about free companies.
Militia = Free company. Free company = Militia. It's a same things in our mod.
will this include multi player

this looks awsome i just hope it will be multiplayer with a decnt system that can be used for clan battles :grin:

it would so rock to play as high elves in a clan battle :grin: :mrgreen:
I really like the way all their future upgrade paths are reflected in these low lvl troops. For example: The townsman have both pistols and melee weapons. And the freecompany has all sorts of melee weapons of which they can choose one to specialize in.
Seeing the concept art made one question pop up in my mind.
In Warhammer the miniature game the Empire has both "civilized" archers with typical Empire uniforms and groups of hunters with more fur clothing etc.
If I'm just looking at the names of the units they seem to be the hunter type with fur clothing. I just wonder if you plan on making uniforms melee, and city ranged troops exclusive or you will make some archers with uniforms as well.
So, my question is: What kind of clothing will the archers/hunters wear?
Those sketches are awesome. And as a sworn soldier of Sigmar, I can say that this looks promising. Does this mean that we'll be seeing more on Empire now?
I guess I will make myself an army of crushers. Those 2h-weapons are just too cool to ignore  :razz:
Keep on wondering.
Those models and textures ARE created from scratch, from where else would you see such quality, Mr Sherlock?
What are you talking about? What mean created from scratch?
If I understand right, you talking about many scratches on surface?
If yes - every scratch painted individually by myself.
Made from scratch is an English expression which means: Made with nothing to start with.
So if you just open a 3d program and make something without importing anything it is made from scratch, but if you import a model and modify it, it is not made from scratch.
You can also look at it this way: If you make a cake with raw ingredients (eggs, flour etc.) you make it from scratch, but if you make it using a cake mix you don't make it from scratch because you use something someone else made to make you cake.
I'm not a native English speaker either so my explanation might be very unclear, but I hope it helps a bit.
Furok said:
So, answer is yes - ALL weapons created from scratch, from zero, from nothing.

Then I commend you and Ravenor, good sirs! What you have now is already an epic feat, so I can only imagine what is yet to come!
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