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B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

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Apart from the Lizardmen who are South American, Tomb Kings who are Egyptian and Vampire Counts who are East European. Not to mention all the other minor factions that don't usually get mentioned. :razz:
Lowpoly version with normal map & diffuse.

Short turntable video (watch in HD) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bkPAx_hyDc
Bretonnians are French, England = Albion, Spain is represented too, forget the name and too lazy to look it up.
Spain = Estalia

But let's stop talking about Warhammer FB world here.
Go and learn essentials about Warhammer FB here - http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Categories
I've tried to find any suggestions, but I just wasn't able to :razz:. The model is just too perfect.
But you will have to entirely remake the hair because the current hair is extremely ugly compared to this model.
I think i just cummed, is this mod still under construction or has it been abandoned?

P.s i'm sure i saw the word 'Bretonnia' somewhere, yes please.

if this is still a on-going mod then keep up the good work, this is a mod i would love to play.
QuailLover said:
Well ****, considering that the dev only posted yesterday I think it might be abandoned.  :roll:

If it was only 2 days ago, it's not going to be abandoned then is it you fool.
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