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MP Modern [WB] Gallipoli 1915-WWI Mod

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Bertanx said:
@Bloc, there weren't only Australians in the "Anzac" groups as far as I know, there were also New Zealanders and some others.
In addition, even if he reads a book, it will probably be a biased one.
ANZAC means Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and therefore was made up of Australians and New Zealanders.
Just thought i should clear that one up.

Bloc said:
Imiron said:
Lol what?
Imiron said:
Ah I get it , you mean civillian armenian gangs who armed by Soviet Russia against Turkish civillians.
The Soviet Union did not even exist in 1915.
"when in doubt, blame the communists" seems to be a common tactic of bigots.


Imiron said:
The Soviet Union did not even exist in 1915.
Oh sorry  my bad , I mean Russian Empire
Imiron said:
"when in doubt, blame the communists" seems to be a common tactic of bigots.
No I dont have any problems with communists actually in my opinion communisim not bad at all but thats not the point right now.

Anyways Artizan what are you working on in these days , can you tell us?  :smile:


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I'll give you my life for the autofire and place-able turret code? No way am I going to sift through mercenaries source code to look for the place-able turret code.
Best of luck, I wish I had space in my signature for this and the Great War.

It may have been better if both teams got together and created a bigger, better mod, but I wish them both good luck.
Der Einzige said:
DarthTaco said:
Crighton said:
DarthTaco said:
I was just here for the Sabaton :razz:.

I salute you for that comment Sir! Amazing band!
And you sir are amazing as well :grin:. Not many people I talk to know of em.

... You're kidding me. There are millions of kids on the internet furiously masturbating over Sabaton.
Oh dear. At least they havn't heard of Falconer or anyone yet D: . INTERNET WHY DO YOU CREATE SUCH MONSTERS!
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