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MP Modern [WB] Gallipoli 1915-WWI Mod

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Year 1915, it has been a year passed since the First World War started. The "sick man of the Europe", Ottoman Empire, has joined the Central Forces on the German Reich's side. The empire, weakened by the Balkan and Tripoli wars, also suffered a great disaster on eastern front by Russians in 1914, is about to face a new threat on its western borders by 1915. The Great Britain and France plans a naval operation to capture Constantinople, rule the Ottoman Empire out of war and secure a sea route to Russian Tsardom. On 18 March, the naval attack is launched, however due to heavy fire from Turkish artillery and mine fields, the navy suffers great losses and is forced to retreat. After the failure of the naval attacks, it is decided that ground forces are necessary for a secure passage through the straits. On the day of 25 April ,the Allied navy begins landing troops, which are mainly gathered from colonies, at several positions of the Gallipoli peninsula. The invasion would last nearly for a year, resulting in casualties of several hundred thousands from both sides. This mod will take you to 1915-1916 Gallipoli trenches, in which you will witness the brutal nature of the war...

The mod will be multiplayer only, with the features we are planning to add which are listed below :
-Weapons like rifles, heavy machine guns, mortar guns and grenades
-New mp game mode
-Uniforms of the soldiers, new scene props, items
-New mp scenes
-New animations
-New Factions: Ottoman Empire, British Expeditionary Force(including ANZACs)-later versions may add France and Germany
-and other new features...

















Backstay said:

Q: Is this mod dead?
A: No. This mod is still alive. Things have been a tad dusty lately, but we're trying to get the hang of it.

Q: Will I be able to play as the United States?
A: This mod is based in the Gallipoli campaign. The Gallipoli campaign was going on the year before the US started getting involved in WW1. A United States faction is currently not planned.

Q: Hey! Can I have the download, please?
A: Currently, there's no downloadable version of the mod.

Q: When will the mod be released?
A: The release date of the mod has currently not been decided. We'll see about it, when we've added some more features.

Q: "Will theaters of war be added? Say the Arab Revolt?" - Der Einzige
A: "Maybe in further versions, but currently we are focusing on the Gallipoli battlefield." - Artizan

Q: Hey! Can I have your outfits and guns?
A: No.

Q: Will there be released a beta version anytime soon?
A: We don't know yet.

Q: Why don't you merge your mod with another WWI mod, like Iron Europe or something like it?
A: Because we don't need to. This mod is the only WWI mod set and based around the Gallipoli campaign. We don't need anything from the other mods, apart from workpower, but that's our department.

Q: Do you use WSE?
A: No. We don't use WSE for Gallipoli. WSE (Warband Script Enhancer) is currently not being developed any further. It is stuck in the Warband 1.543 version.

Q: Will there be bayonets?
A: Probably. We've been thinking about making an attachable bayonet. But that's to be looked into later on.

Q: Will you be taking maps made by people from outside the dev team?
A: Maybe. That depends on the quality of the map and the historical and geographical accuracy. Short said, it has to fit.

Q: Will there be autofire for the guns?
A: Yes. Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-wudlWPxkw&feature=youtu.be

I hope this will be useful for whoever's going to ask a question that has already been answered further back into the depths of this thread. More will be added to this post, as long as someone asks good questions.




Woah! That looks really good! I would love if the Australians have stong accents in Battlecrys  :lol:

If you are going to put in Australians ofcourse


this will be useful for you



Sergeant Knight
Artizan, nothing to say here except for "this looks awesome" and "keep up the good work."

I really love every mod you put out for us. ZOMBIEEES, 1453, you name 'em. Hope this goes far!
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