OSP 3D Art World Map [WB] FISH&CHIP OSP - Heraldry&Retexturing Unleashed

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Okay, I reproduced the problem and to be frank I have no idea how and why it appeared, especially since downloading the pack and installing it on vanilla Native was the last testing step I did before releasing the pack in the first place.

At the same time, my experimental (and much more complex) version of the same code works without a hitch which is even more confusing.

Frankly with the amount of map icon-related problems I very much want to put the blame on the engine (especially since it does have the tendency to ignore icon textures at the smallest opportunity) but some more thorough testing will have to be done before I'll be able to do so. :???:

Anyway, the answer for now is simple: I have no idea what the problem is and no idea when it's going to be fixed. Sorry for that. Until I solve that issue, it is recommended to try the solution outlined in the previous post: put all regular icons first, put a number of reserved placeholder icon entries for later expansion, and then add regular flags at the end of the list. If you need to add regular icons later on, you can replace some of placeholder icons with new ones, and if you need to add extra flags you can simply slap them to the end of file.


Thank you for your efforts

I also have tried everything  :???: but when trying I learned a lot of things  :grin:

Meanwhile, I have  changed the banners script so that members of the same family have  unique banner : huge economy of map icons :mrgreen:

Thank you again


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An excellent pack.
Perisno got over 300 map icons, so I could really use heraldic flags instead of ~200 rdinary ones.
Can someone give a guide on installing the banner fix I got it to work for everything but I get an error when I select a banner for myself and I don’t think I did it right. But their is no guide to what’s needed in the code and what I need to do?
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