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That comment sent me down quite a rabbit hole.
  • I always knew that you could make an enhanced jump via animations, but I wanted to figure out a scripting solution. In addition to an enhanced jump, I now also have a double jump function. It's still really rough, but I think it looks fine.
  • I then did a quick block out for the scene of the Emiya mansion to test the jump mechanics in.
  • That then made me want to add a settings submenu to get rid of those those three unlabeled, oft-mixed up, check boxes I've been using since day one, to help me test the scene more quickly.
  • Then after adding a proper settings menu, I just had to make settings! So now I have setting options for god-mode, infinite-mana, no-masters, no-servants, all of which are working 100%, and started to expand to more experimental and finicky features such as visible enemy health bars.
  • Seeing as I now had infinite mana, I might as well take that prototyped hud element that said "Mana Cur / Max" and make a proper mana gauge underneath the Player health bar.
  • And now I'm writing this all here for you to read.
I've also been working on a new female basemesh and ported all of the features made for the demo back into the original version.

Disclaimer: I recorded that at 1am, have not personally watched it myself, and cannot vouch for what that man will say.

Update 7/21
I expanded the double jump code. Now a master can cast an enhancement on their legs to make them have just the base enhanced jump, just the double jump, or both. Servants always have access to both the enhanced and double jump.
I also am working on differentiating the masters using equipment, skills and spells. I will have to finish the spell trees for the magecraft systems before they all have spells that reflect their abilities, but I'll rough some in for the moment.
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Hey guys, here's something in a different style than my usual.
Fate/ Personality System
In Warband there are seven personalities, that effectively behave as three personality archetypes. My initial plan was to stick to much the same system, but bump the count to 20 or 30 distinct personalities in seven or eight archetypes so that they interact with each other in predictable ways but each in their own unique ways to encourage the player to try different player character personalities to see how the game changes from an honorable bloke to a sadistic chap. You might have noticed in the videos when I tested the Character Creator.


As you can see, it was quite limited. Note: The repeating text is/isn't a bug.

But, like the Warband Lord Personality system, this was too limited. Only having such concrete character personalities felt restrictive to both the player and dynamism of a playthrough. Personality is planned to be a huge factor in both Servant summoning and Diplomacy, and no matter how many personalities I added, it would still lack the nuance that I find to make systems in games worth revisiting.

So, I started work on another new system! A new personality system. As I do. Basically instead of having a hard and fast definition by way of a single personality trait, it's 7 traits ranked 0 - 10.


Just for illustrative purposes
Hopefully by combining these traits we can describe a more wide variety of personality types, without pigeonholing players into my idea of character personalities, and without having too many extraneous personality traits that don't contribute to gameplay or just serve to muddy the waters like Conscientiousness and Adventurousness.

Take into account Shirou, who will be based on his Fate (Saber) Route self. Originally he was just defined "Selfless", but that loses a lot of intricacies. Like maybe an enemy is tagged "Zealot", so as someone who is also removed from themselves, I might tag them as more likely to ally with each other, but that doesn't take into account that maybe the Zealot is not honorable and thus a natural enemy to someone like Shirou.

So, I have him defined as with: Aggression 3, Honor 7, Logic 4, Drive 10, Empathy 8, Pragmatism 2, Selflessness 8.

So he should not attack often, be quite honorable in a fight, a fairly emotional decision maker, impossible to sway away from his goals, caring, very much an idealist, and driven to help others.

Personalities are defined by ranges of lots of traits opposed to fixed responses based on a

So, what do y'all think? Is 7 traits too many? Are there other traits that would have made more sense? Are any of these too similar? What would you add? I'd love to hear your opinions!
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The past month has been very, very interesting for me.

After losing the entire module_scripts file of the main mod trying to make a ModSys IDE, I had to port the Arena scripts to the main branch and hope that my modifications of Native scripts was limited, but this brought the two in line for a short while and let me test the new features from the Arena build in a larger scope. This, as always, led to me tinkering and playing and faffing about for far too long. But, I am pleased to say, I've moved the code to BitBucket so that I can work on the code remotely, and also permanent off-site backups!

This also helps me track what changes I've actually done. Based on my commit notes, I can tell you that I made a new, flexible Magecraft system to differentiate masters more and allow more player choice in the main game, learned a whole lot about info_pages and started creation of an encyclopedia, Started work on the way a master will tell their servant to use their noble phantasm / when playing as the servant fire off your noble phantasm, and a few other smaller changes.

But, more importantly, I started yet-another-art-pass™, but this time, we went big.

A whole new global shader package that should make for a more visually striking, distinct looking mod. It's still in early stages, (something like two to fours hours a night for two weeks learning hlsl, adapting code and styles, and working around and playing with Warband limitations) but it's looking pretty interesting at the moment. Especially at night.

I still need to write a system to allow me to more carefully tailor the normal lighting situation to fall more in line with anime aesthetics, but I think this is a huge first step.
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Wow! Great job with the new shader package! The armour seems quite shining. Is it because of the sun or it's the same for night battles? The idea of using 7 traits is very good and are not too similar, in my opinion. You are not simply creating a mod. You are creating a masterpiece!
It's strange, the scenes in Native seem to have a lot more brightness than the scenes in the Arena build. I think I sussed out the cause, it's just a matter of testing at this point.

This Month's Progress Report:
  • Combat Gameplay
    • Magecraft rework: To expand the magecraft offerings and help provide differing playstyles for the premade masters, I've reworked the original magecraft system.
      • Elemental Magecraft: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Spell Trees.
        • All trees have a bolt spell and then two spells that are either: trap, aoe or buff.
        • Each tree also then having spells unique to their element.
      • Specialized Magecraft:
        • Alchemy
        • Astromancy
        • Church Sacraments
        • Counter Magic
        • Curses
        • Energy Transfer
          • Healing, Jewel/Minerology, Reincarnation, Consciousness Transfer, Shared Perception
        • Necromancy
        • Kabbalah
          • Golemancy, Numerology
        • Projection
          • Alteration, Reinforcement
        • Command
        • Runes
        • Spatial / Time
        • Spiritual Invocation/Evocation
        • Puppet
        • Formalcraft (Rituals)
      • Spell Modifiers: Double, Triple, Square, Half, Quarter, Flip, Self, Other
        • Change a spells effects or effectiveness by modifying them on the fly. If you think about it, Flip Other Healing is just a damage curse. . .
    • New injury tracking model: Individual Limbs are now tracked which will allow for players to target individual parts for unique debuffs.
      • Upon hitting a limb you inflict an injury, injuries heal at a fixed rate so long as they are under a certain threshold or the person is cursed. Each limb has different effects with head injuries lowering accuracy, arms restricting weapon usage and legs slowing a target.
        • Thresholds are (as of right now):
        • 10 - 40%, effects appear, small percentage of loss of function.
        • 41 - 61%, Major Injury, Requires Surgery or Magic to heal lower than 40%
        • 61%+ Critical Injury, Will never Heal past their current levels naturally and require magical intervention.
      • Certain styles of attack, such as blunt on the head, will inflict an instant stun so long as they break a threshold, which leads us to. . .
    • Status/Debuff Infliction System: Groundwork. These are the statuses and debuffs being experimented with:
      • Petrification: For Earth Magecraft and Medusa, freeze an enemy in place and inflict Silence
      • Freeze: Similar to Petrification, for Water Magecraft. Protects the frozen from non-blunt melee damage. Doubles blunt damage.
      • Stun: Cause an enemy to stumble. Can build up for a longer effect and Confusion.
      • Confusion: Enemy has a chance to forget their actions, will stand unprotected for a time, inflicts Silence
      • Silence: For Wind Magecraft. Enemy cannot use spoken spells, skills or any Noble Phantasm. Telepathy still allows communication with Servant and Master pairs though.
      • Enraged: Enemy cannot take or give orders, no usage of skills, spells or Noble Phantasms. Boost damage.
      • Ensnared: Similar to Freeze and Petrification, with the exception that it is cheaper to cast, but every second has a chance to fail. Also used by Gilgamesh's Chains of Heaven.
    • Noble Phantasms: Groundwork. Finally!
      • Pressing `N` will bring up a menu with all of your (or your servant's) Noble Phantasm, firing them immediately.
      • Experiments with Reality Marbles have been rewarding so far, with Domus Aurea being a fun experiment.
      • So far, these are in and working (I.E. have their effects, but are in no way complete)
        • Saber, Artoria: Excalibur and Invisible Wind
        • Saber, Nero: Domus Aurea
        • Saber, Siegfried: Balmung
        • Saber, Fergus: Caladbolg
        • Saber, Richard Lionheart: Excalibur
        • Lancer, Diarmund: Gae Dearg and Gae Buidhe
        • Lancer, Fionn: Mac au Lain and Uisce Beatha
        • Archer, Gilgamesh: EA and Potion of Youth
        • Archer, Robin Hood: No Face May King and Yew Bow
        • Archer, Atalanta: Phoebus Catastrophe
        • Archer, Arash: Stella
        • Berserker, Frankenstein: Blasted Tree
  • Main Game Changes
    • Infopage (Encyclopedia) Expansion: More pages, links to related subjects, etc. Basically a Clock Tower education all within the main map.

Quick demo recorded for the modding discord

We're now also on Moddb!​
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I promised, and here it is, moments before the end of November.

A rough gameplay demo for everyone to try! Read the Readme for more information

I'm working on a way to choose where to deploy certain NPs. Specifically Atalanta's Phoebes Catastrophe and Fergus' Caladbolg. The idea is go into a bird's eye view upon NP selection, and when you click you're meant to hold down the left mouse button, expanding the area of effect, and upon release, firing the Noble Phantasm. This will (in most cases) keep the same power level, but spread it over a wider area, making it less effective per individual, but doing damage over a wider area.

Anyway, here's Wonderwall where the system stands.

And, as I often do, I was inspired to knock out yet another feature after getting one almost working. Here's, from what I can gather, the first radial menu in Warband. Turns out I've never played Deluge.

Short video of different Servants targeting their NPs with the RTS Camera as a proof of concept.​

The targetting system now works for Beam NPs too, so expect to see our Saber friends striking a menacing pose before unleashing devastating beams.
Radial menus can link to one another, allowing us to use a nested menu button 'Q' to open the other menus, allowing you to fight without ever removing your hand from your mouse and movement keys.

The new magecraft system is now implemented on all Masters, and I am working to ensure all spells assigned to active Masters have their intended effects.

Caster Servants are going through a lot of loving right now, here's a video of Medea's new powers!
The idea will be that, as she is flying, her mana can no longer regenerate naturally, and there will be a slight maintenance cost. Both can be negated inside her Workshop, but that will be only be available inside the full game In addition, her flying will make her a more immediate target for her enemies, with any damage capable of inflicting knockback sending her tumbling to the ground. This will also facilitate a change to Archers, with arrow items gaining a variation on the charge multishot to fire a narrow AOE beam alongside their arrow.

Outside of this, I realized that it was only a matter of copying the materials.brf to get the toon shader on every armor and weapon in the game, so equipment has become much more diversified.

I uploaded a sneaky new preview to Google drive ahead of the new Demo version, visit the #updates channel inside the Mod's Discord for the link.
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Thanks! Messages like this is honestly what keeps this slow development progress chugging along. Today I took the framework I laid for the firearms system and flesh it out a bit more, leading to this.

It's actually already out of date after tweaking the way the spread is made, to make it circular opposed to the weird squared recoil pattern it has in that video.

I still need to do the shotgun spreads for their buckshot shells, as well as explosive ammo, but it should quick. I also need to make it where wrong ammo cannot be loaded into wrong weapons (i.e Rocket Shells not being able to be used in anything other than rocket launchers)

Shotguns are now in, and pretty pleasant to use. I wish there was a way to scale up damage based on distance, or a way to increase air resistance for a single item.

Fate/ Throne of Heroes
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Development and Discussion of Fate/ Throne of Heroes, a mod for Warband
We now have a forum group!
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Looks like a heavy weapon. I hope the bots get something similar ^^
That specific weapon is actually meant for an AI Servant, but with its fire rate, it is far-and-away the easiest weapon to show the new changes on. Right now my autofire weapons triggers should work easily for bots, I just need to script the AI for it. But it should be fine.
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This mod is an embodiment of value to the entire scene of Warband modding. Instead of constantly getting boring modifications aiming to reskin the game for another time over and over again, modders should focus on scripting and implementing new mechanics into the core. The former is what makes a modification great and renders it successful.

That being said, Fate/ Throne of Heroes stands out from the rest due to its uniqueness in the field of scripting, as I put forth above. Moreover, it is packed with many interesting features that make it so appealing to me. Shaders, particle effects, animations... There is so much to experience. I wish you good luck in your endeavors; may you get to release the mod in full some day. If I had more time to spare, I would aid you in scening...
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