SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

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Lt. of the tower

More already Ficus?  :eek: You are brilliant good sir. There first picture shows animation from the Additional Animation pack or whatever it is called. Are you using that for the mod?


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Max_marksman said:
butscrew said:
Da it does.

How would I say that in Russian? Cryllic is ok I am learning Cryllic.
Да, они есть.


Хотите потанцевать (my latest phrase :smile:)

If only I could texture. I'd have my ono done as well as my sick naginata and a few hundred other things. I would very much like to try this mod its very pretty.

Я тебя люблю


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Good for you guys. However, it's kind of spammy to say it over and over again, especially in such a... annoying, manner.
isn't timedanze like the official pioneer's spammer.

anyways, this looks great, i've never seen such beautiful textures in a mod. what percentage complete would you the mod is?
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