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If only they could give up their jobs and release a paying mod newt year! (just as VC an Brytenwalda team)
ficus said:
This year's mod will be released. done much  :wink:
Year more - less...or few years more - less.
I just hope that it will be released before bannerlord,cause a lot of players wont even touch warband after release of bannerlord.
Most of screenshots are from 2011. And now we are on 2015. I am nearly sure that it's pretty much playable right now. If i were you , i would make the last checks and publish it before bannerlord comes. Otherwise all your works,labours and your 4 year will be wasted. If you publish right now, this mod will be the best warband mod ever. If you keep waiting and if bannerlord comes first, this mod will be dead like it or not.
They are not able to work hard on the mod nowadays due to some political reasons as far as I know and I don't think that it is reasonable to force the dev. team to release the mod with lots of imperfections and bugs. We all know that Bannerlord won't come until next year at least. So, just give that guys some time, I'm pretty sure they're doing their best and the mod will be worth to wait.
Caballeros de las Cruzadas - R. Hernández Cabos, R. de la Torre and A. Casquero

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