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We have several times announced the expected time frame, and after that things were not as we expected. Therefore, we do not want to do it - we do not know how long we will take this or that task. At the moment, we have focused our efforts on multiplayer, and after the release, we will know whether we were time and energy on singleplayer.


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Given that the last thing we've seen by Taleworlds so far is a CIV/TW styled bartering system almost two months ago, and since they likely have tons of work left to do with new scenes and all the appropriate pathing and bug fixing that goes with some, I'd say that's feasible.

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I would like to give some battle cries but our language changed too many times. Actually I don't think that someone in war can scream to giving fear to his enemies. What a waste of time. Will you scream like "Deus Vult !" while rushing to your enemies ?

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Cynfar said:
Yep, both are correct.

Hoch die Schilde! ( Raise your shields! )
Dreckige Bogenschützen! ( Damn Archers! )
Brennt ihre Häuser nieder! ( Burn their houses! )
Nehmt nicht mal die Kinder gefangen ( Do not even take the children hostage)
Reitet vor! ( Ride forth! )
Fürchtet sie nicht! ( Do not fear them! )
Rennt um euer Leben! ( Run for your lifes! )
I assume those are all in proper Middle High German of the period.  :lol:

Just kidding, that would be a pain.


I'm actually expecting Bannerlord to come out before this, at this point.

Most people forgot about this mod already, so I'm hoping it'll be completed before it loses it's chance to be relevant.
With the advent of Bannerlord, I doubt this mod will be made irrelevant; I, myself, am not likely to toss Warband aside in the event that Bannerlord predates this mod's release.


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It's more so a thing of universal relevancy and not personal. The people who have been waiting years for this will play it, some a lot. But with Bannerlord being a massive upgrade to the engine, it would turn a lot of people off of this.


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crodio said:
Who knows, maybe if BL is released they'll just port it over (and add another 2 years of development yay!)

They barely have enough people to finish a Multiplayer release, let alone port the whole thing to Bannerlord. I seriously wouldn't expect this, hell they promised a release back in December 2011 and that never happened, so don't expect much.

Don't get me wrong, if this ever gets a Singleplayer release i'd play the crap out of it, but i kinda lost all hope.


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Takeda Shingen giving up hope?

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