SP Medieval [WB] Crusade against Jihad [Poll Added]

[EDIT] Unit names should

  • Special (like Byzantine Castrophylakae , Seljuk Visakbaşı , Ayyubid Jamdariyah , Mongol Khishigten )

    Votes: 13 52.0%
  • Like Native ( Byzantine Infantry , Seljuk Horseman , Ayyubid Horse Archer , Mongol Sergeant )

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • Mixed (Byzantine Infantry , Varangian Guards , Turkish Horseman , Seljukid Ghulam)

    Votes: 7 28.0%

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The problem is the items are  mostly 13 th century and for exemple red armors of Hospitaliers is second period of 13th, after 1259 if i'm not wrong.

Maybe this  time period "Kingdom of Acre" can be interesting, crusaders states counter by unifying rest of the Kingdom  of Jerusalem Tripoli Antioch and Chypre, and sons of Saladin fight for the empire.

The Kingdom of Acre

For the next hundred years, the Kingdom of Jerusalem clung to life as a tiny kingdom hugging the Syrian coastline. Its capital was moved to Acre and controlled most of the coastline of present day Israel and southern and central Lebanon, including the strongholds and towns of Jaffa, Arsuf, Caesarea, Tyre, Sidon, and Beirut. At best, it included only a few other significant cities, such as Ascalon and some interior fortresses, as well as suzerainty over Tripoli and Antioch. The new king, Henry of Champagne, died accidentally in 1197, and Isabella married for a fourth time, to Aimery of Lusignan, Guy's brother. Aimery had already inherited Cyprus from Guy, and had been crowned king by Frederick Barbarossa's son, Emperor Henry VI. Henry led a crusade in 1197 but died along the way. Nevertheless, his troops recaptured Beirut and Sidon for the kingdom before returning home in 1198.[61][62] A five-year truce was then concluded with the Ayyubids in Syria in 1198.[63]

The Ayyubid empire had fallen into civil war after the death of Saladin in 1193. His sons claimed various parts of his empire: az-Zahir took control of Aleppo, al-Aziz Uthman held Cairo, while his eldest son, al-Afdal, retained Damascus. Saladin's brother Al-Adil Sayf ad-Din (often called "Saphadin" by the crusaders) acquired al-Jazira (northern Mesopotamia), and al-Adil's son al-Mu'azzam took possession of Karak and Transjordan. In 1196, al-Afdal was driven out of Damascus by Uthman. He returned when Uthman died in 1198, but was opposed by al-Adil, who occupied the Citadel of Damascus. Al-Adil also conquered Cairo in 1200 and banished al-Afdal from Damascus in 1201. He proclaimed himself Sultan of Egypt and Syria, entrusting Damascus to al-Mu'azzam and al-Jazira to his other son al-Kamil.[64]

Meanwhile, schemes were hatched to reconquer Jerusalem through Egypt. A Fourth Crusade was planned after the failure of the Third, but it resulted in the sack of Constantinople in 1204, and most of the crusaders involved never arrived in the kingdom. Aimery, however, not knowing of the diversion to Constantinople, raided Egypt in advance of the expected invasion.[65] Both Isabella and Aimery died in 1205 and again an underage girl, Isabella and Conrad's daughter Maria of Montferrat, became queen of Jerusalem. Isabella's half-brother John of Ibelin, the Old Lord of Beirut governed as regent until 1210 when Maria married an experienced French knight, John of Brienne.[66] Maria died in childbirth in 1212, and John of Brienne continued to rule as regent for their daughter Isabella II.[67]

Or if you choose 1250-1300 can try to make an alliance between crusaders with mongols to balance the game, its almost historical even if it not really happen.


how about during the time of Saladin's descendants for example...

if the leader of the Mongols will be Genghis Khan,
then it is set during the time of the Ayyubid Sultan Al-Ashraf, and Sultan Alâeddin Kayqubad I of Rum.

if it was during the time of Hulagu Khan, then the Sultan of Egypt would be An-Nasir Yusuf,
while Baibars and Qutz will be amoung his nobles, and the Sultan of Rum would be  Kaykaus II


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Hun said:
1226 will be okay, after Genghis destroys Khwarezmian Empire in Transsaxonia.

Two years before Jerusalem was regained, good stuff. Seems like a good time to start a campaign to me :smile:


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Jerusalem has finished



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James Grant said:
Hun said:
1226 will be okay, after Genghis destroys Khwarezmian Empire in Transsaxonia.

Two years before Jerusalem was regained, good stuff. Seems like a good time to start a campaign to me :smile:

Or lost, depending on your side.
Not trying to be a prick or anything, but how about using the existing version of CWE and working with it from there?

Is it too much work trying to figure out all the new scripts they've made? I have no knowledge of these kinds of scripts they've made, where you spawn in different town locations, the battle menu and so on.


Is the mod closed?


That's a shame. Oh well, it won't be long before another mod starts up using the CWE OSP pack. And most likely never succeeds.


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It is a good mod ! To be really enjoyable it just needs help on scene :smile:
I was not convinced at firt look ("oh an other unpolished and mod" ...) but the guy is alone and keep is mod alive with lot of patch !
You loose nothing ti try it :wink:
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