SP Modern [WB] Civil War in Russia 1917-1922 start porting to Warband and recruiting!

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Loving the new update Rockwell. The mod's polish is really showing now with the fully completed scenes, no more medieval gun fights! The new Ukrainian faction is great, and I think it makes more sense to turn the German troops into mercenaries; from my understanding the Germans only fought under their own banner for about a year in the Baltics under Allied watch, the remaining Freikorps then merged into the White Army to avoid Allied reprisal. The new items, and the Ostern heroes are welcome additions too.

Looking at the items, would you also consider bumping up the armor values for the helmets? It's a small touch, but they are steel after all. I've already messed around in Morgh's editor, and I've set them in a previous version around 35-45 depending on the style (the Adrians were of the lightest make if I recall). These values generally allow one to survive a pistol round to the head, which makes sense.

Talking about this has gotten me to thinking as well, would there be any room for body armor in this mod? I know that this isn't exactly the period of knights in shining armor, but were there any traditional bits of gear in use like the cuirass, such as among the Bukharans? Maybe more reasonably there could be the presence of trench armor? I can't find any information as to whether or not the Allies or Germans equipped their troops with their designs in Russia, but they could at the least perhaps make for a very expensive player item, think like the Louis gun. I had thought for the longest time that Russia did not employ any body armor during the first World War, but this image really does make me question that:

This really blows my mind, because the breastplate bears a striking resemblance to that of the WW2 era SN models, or "steel bibs", perhaps it's a precursor? Here's the web page, but information is rather scant:

Just found this page too which goes a bit more in depth, interesting stuff:


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The Great Dictator, thanks for such flattering words concerning this mod-clone)
And I fully agree with you when you indicate the necessity to correct armor indicators for helmets - this is what I'm doing now, to make combats more balanced. Moreover, the weapon indicators should be revised drastically as well, because there is some annoying deviations, for example, in damage ratio pistols/rifles etc. Unfortunately, having only two hands and a lot of work in my real life, I cannot make everything so quickly as I would like to do.
Thanks for you idea about armor "shells" - yes, I thought about them recently, and your links to proper sources will be helpful.
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It's the least I could say, your work is appreciated! The amount of effort you have put into this mod alone is no small feat.

I was also going to mention how some of the other items could benefit from tweaking as well, but you beat me to the punch. Specifically, the fact that certain pistols like the Mauser do more damage than rifles is probably the most notable, as you mentioned. Balancing is a whole different beast in and of itself, and just thinking about it makes my head spin.

Another recommendation would be to diversify the music. There are numerous White and Red marches and ballads, and I don't think it would hurt to have a dozen or even more of them, and this is to say nothing of pre-revolutionary music. It'd also be cool to have a few songs for the other powers, like a couple of Ukrainian or Black Army songs, maybe even have a song or two for each of the main Entente powers. I can recall the Chinese Civil war mod (another great mod, civil war mods simply seem to be quality) actually had a few period recordings of popular Chinese music from the 30s and 40s which would play in taverns. Russian song recordings from the Civil War period seem almost impossible to find, but I'm sure something old sounding from the 30s or 40s could be passed off. Don't get me wrong, the Pirates of the Caribbean music is pretty action packed, but it sort of makes me want to start swinging from ropes, or drink rum.

It's a small detail, but it certainly adds some "oomph!" to battles, and enriches the travels across the map.

At any rate, my current play through with the Entente has been great! The only bug I've encountered is that Joseph Joffre is missing a mesh, so his character is a white X during discussions with him. Aside from that, the new scenes are fantastic. I've occasionally encountered a few red grid lines, but this has only been present in the kidnapper hideout, and a few patches of it here and there in a village scene or two.


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I realize that the last post done here was back in october, but i do hope that Rockwell is still working on this mod. I love the setting, espcially since were talking guns hehe.

A suggestion or two i would make is to put in the "cattle follow the player" and the "meet the elder/mayor" button in towns/villages tweaks.

And probably also reported, but for meone of the briges cannot be used and the characters (and my own) go around. The bridge west of Uzghorod.

The double ammo bags are way cheaper then the single ammo bags, giving you more ammo and same damage.