SP Modern [WB] Civil War in Russia 1917-1922 start porting to Warband and recruiting!

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Preety much the current Warband version has everything like the Mount & Blade 1 version, except the things that Warband has instead of MnB native; and it has Freelancer

And ye, even though I'm a total noob, I managed to somehow make my own uniform ( retexturing one uniform :grin: )


The medals is the thing I love and the thing I added :
Big one : Order of Danilo I of Montenegro 1st class;
Small ones from left to right : " 200 years of Petrović Njegoš dynasty of Montenegro "; Order of Danilo I 4th class;  Cross of Takovo of Serbia 4th class
Once you have finished singelplayer ,are you gonna move onto multiplayer ,or are you gonna leave it at single player?
Well, in a lot of cases I've had the encounter when you start the game, you see White Movement ( witch are for the empire ) in a war with the Soviets and the KaiserReich ( KaiserReich is a mix of Austrian Cavalry and German Infantry, led by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany ), and you can always recruit White Army troops in White Movement's villages and attack the Germans if you want WWI action :smile:
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