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Overhaul for Mount&Blade; Warband v1.153 - v1.158 single player that moves Calradia to a crusade theme. It features some of the most popular submods such as Diplomacy, Custom Commander, Freelancer, Tournament Play Enhancements and many others.
Become a king and chose the looks of your army or serve in a lord's army and become a holy knight. Fight in tournaments and become famous, fight the vikings in land and sea or become a pirate yourself! Build forts with small villages and send patrols, duel against the most famous knights and prove your skill! Or just go fishing, countless choices in Calradian Crusaders! Troop trees redone, new castles, new equipment, new banners and many other stuff. Performance friendly, check list below for features.
(note: in tournaments if you want to chose your equipment don't use the enhanced options because it's not working properly)


-Diplomacy 4.3 (by Waihti)
-Custom Commander 1.349 (by rubik)
-Freelancer 1.51 (by taragoth)
-Tournament Play Enhancements 1.5 (by Windyplains)
-Seafaring (by Duh, Caba'drin)(for Fishing, when on your ship go to camp menu and you'll have the  option "Try to catch some fish.", this is related to your foraging skill)
-Arena Overhaul (by Adorno)
-Bodyguards/Escorts (by Caba'drin)
-Customizable Sparring Matches (by Jinnai)
-Bridge Battle (by Arch3r)
-Duel Kit (by MartinF)
-Trade Ledger (by Caba'drin)
-Crusader Banners (by Anardion)
-More Horses (by wanderer949)
-More Metal Sound (by Checkmaty)
-Training Fields (by lucky lancer)
-Warband Entrenched (by Tempered)
-Deployable Pavise Shield (by Cartread)(ability not working but shield still there)
-Always Choose Side When Joining Battles (by einhar)
-Calradia In Darkness (by CHUR)
-Blood Mod (by Thick198:cool:
-Blood Enhancement Tweak (by neil_v)
-New Equipment/Items (by Almansur, dejawolf, CounterPoint, Niunja, Yoman, Rathos)
-UI Pack (by Delzaros)
-Outposts (by Lumos)
-Player Faction Troops (fully customizable)
-Troop Tree Preview
-Polished Skyboxes (by Charan)
-Trade Goods Mod (by Lav)
-Foraging Skill (by jrider)
-Dynamic Arrays (by sphere)
-Expanded Nobility Title System (by jrider, lazeras)
-Expanded Dialog System (by jrider, lazeras)
-Towers, walls and ladders (by leandrojas_)
-Historic Castles Project (by Adorno)
-Utrehd's Castle Pack (by Uthred)
-Custom Player Kingdom Vassal Titles (by Caba'drin)
-Landowners/Moneylenders (by Duh)
-Faction Arms Coloured (by Duh)
-New Map Icons (by painbringer)
-Custom Player Party Name (by Caba'drin)
-Sea Battles Scenes (by Ruthven)
-Barracks (by lazeras)
-Several troop tree tweaks
-Cattle always follow player and many other minor tweaks


-Fixed "release from brace" / removed pre-battle orders and tactics kit
-Removed broken companions
-Replaced horses with textures issues
-Several tweaks

(note: in tournaments if you want to chose your equipment don't use the enhanced options because it's not working properly)

You can DOWNLOAD Calradian Crusaders v2.0 either from nexusmods or Mod DB.


-Extract to your Mount&Blade Warband/Modules folder
-Chose Calradian Crusaders v2.0 on the launcher mods list
-Play and have fun

-(OPTIONAL) Expanded Horizons (by Openshaw); to enable it: 
    open module.ini in your Calradian Crusaders v2.0 folder 
    add # before load_resource = terrain_borders   
    add # before load_resource = terrain_borders_b 
    remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders_textures 
    remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders_materials 
    remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders 
    remove # before load_mod_resource = op_terrain_borders_b

Note: Polished Landscapes shall be fully compatible with this mod, so you can download it and follow the instructions from the creator to install, in case you want to use that feature.


Loving this mod, keep it up!

The battle log disappearing is annoying, but bearable ^^

Hope the rest works out, looking forward to any developments. When do you plan on releasing V2.0?
Glad you like it :smile: I'll just start working on the new version so I don't know, players feedback is very important to this version so it also depends on what players want in it.


One glitch I noticed was that my name randomly changed to 'Yes.' Not an issue, I just changed it back, but it was sort of odd...
Also, is there a command to 'forceshow' the battlelog? I didn't realise how much I missed it.
That's odd indeed and first time someone reported it. The log issue is something that needs testing and hopefully it will be fixed in the next version, someone said that pausing the game, it will come back again after a while, try that if you can and let me know if it worked. Also relaunching the game seems to fix it too.


Relaunching definitely works, and the name changing happened again. This time it was extremely odd. There was a bandit leader party on the map, and I got a screen saying 'ERROR!!!ERROR!!!'(The ERROR!!!'s continued for a long string) has staged a comeback. Then my name was changed to this Error, etc. and the Bandit Leader's name was that as well. I changed my name back, and the bandit leader's name changed to what I changed my name to. I encountered him and he acted like a steward...Then I dismissed him and had to fight the sea raiders.

Very odd. Also, this is a mod that never crashes for me, until yesterday. Every time you try to destroy an outpost, it crashes.

The battle-log returns after you relaunch, I didn't understand the pausing concept. Do you mean doing nothing or pressing escape? Because both don't work for me. And after about 40 days ingame, the relaunching wasn't working either...

I made a test save filled with cheats to see if that affected anything, but it's the same as the others.
Hmmm I must say no one else have reported that error, on what version are you playing on? About the log and pause to fix it was someone that said it works, guess is just pressing space and wait. About the outpost first time someone reported it too, but maybe it's because it's not usual trying to destroy an outpost. Anyway I'll try to fix all bugs for the next version.


Have you got Steam? It might be easier to communicate that way.

I'm playing version 1.9 of the mod, 1.154 Warband.


Knight at Arms
Hello, I'm enjoying the mod so far, great work on getting so many different features working together. Some screens showing gear, details on the faction troops changes and other units would probably help out the mod as I bet some people just go away after seeing the wall of text.

Now for the issues I've encountered, the disappearing log, don't know if it helps but Tocan (Tocan's Calradia mod) managed to implement PBOD without WSE and has released his module source, everything works without disappearing log or any other issue.

Sometimes in log messages, instead of showing "Count X was defeated in battle... but managed to escape." it shows "March, 27, 9:30 o'clock was defeated in battle... but managed to escape." (reflects the current game day).

The already mentioned companions dialog bug and quarrels with the player character.


ok hi,
so iv been playing your mod since FEB and i have to say its really good, tho i have made a few tweaks to it (Faction name changes so it suits the era, changed a few npcs names so like King Baldwin and Sultan Saladin, iv also changed Swadians troops to Jerusalem based troops or Crusader Based Troops) so i hope you dont mind that, anyway iv recently came into a problem or error whenever im in a battle or a tourneyment, my chat fills up with some error stating Opcodes and crap HP agent, if it comes up again ill write down the error or type it down and post it in here
Well you can change whatever you want on any mod if just for your own personal use, in this case you can even release a new version since I gave authorization and even released the source code (you can download it from nexusmods). The errors you got seems to be related to have the cheat console enabled.
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