SP Native Musket Era [WB] Calradia Imperial Age: Napoleonic Era Inspired M&B! BETA 3.1 OUT PAGE 31

What Future Features Do You Want Most With CIA?

  • The Introduction Of Freelancer

    Votes: 66 22.4%
  • TWOTSK Style Artillery

    Votes: 61 20.7%
  • Varied, Obsolete And Foreign Mercenaries

    Votes: 10 3.4%
  • New Era Friendly Fortresses and Naval Battle Scenes

    Votes: 38 12.9%
  • Era Friendly Tournies,Hunting And Gambling Features And Other Ways To Make Money

    Votes: 20 6.8%
  • Older Gun Powder Era Weapons And Clothing For Sale

    Votes: 13 4.4%
  • More Unique NPC and Bandit Factions To Fight And Recruit From

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • A Modified or Updated UI, Menu Art and Updated Lore Friendy Notes and new Officer Banners

    Votes: 11 3.7%
  • Modernised Main Settlement Scenes

    Votes: 22 7.5%
  • The Additions of Mid 19th Century Early Victorian Content

    Votes: 15 5.1%
  • NPC Musicians That Provide Bonuses With The Standards

    Votes: 17 5.8%

  • Total voters

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ACunningLinguist said:
So this means you did make marksman work for fire arms? Or is it a useless skill to just avoid?

The Marksman skill *should* work for firearms, though I hear the buff provided by it are hardly noticeable.


other musket mod are running fine , but why did the smoke effect and the explosion effect of this mod is realllly decreasing my fps?


When i kill the first ennemy (the begin), the game crashes, i want help :sad:


Hello guys.
Idk if this mod is still active, but I have some poblems. Apart from graphics(arrow insead of bullet), the majr problems are:
1. when I enter Suno hall, the game crashes. Other cities (at least Swadians) seem to be OK.
2. grenades and alcohol bombs appear to have no area damage. Idk if it's true, but the stats show piercing damage. So i suppose it needs to hit the target directly, but it will harm only that unit...

The game is simply GREAT and has a lot of potential, I think it worths the time and energy. Keep up the good work. :smile:



Hi :smile: I don't know if it's the place for it, i didn't find anywhere to post it.

But i have 2 annoying issueq with the game.

I'm playing with the Great Soveregnity of Ancian. And the villages there are totally screwed up.

Example, with the village of Poleus:


Everything is flying in the air.

And now, even worse, Mortazous:


That's right, the village is UNDER the hill.

And the second issue, i don't know if it's made on purpose or not, but my troops don't use their guns until they're pretty close to the enemy, while the enemy shoot me almost from the other side of the map.


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We are well aware of the issues with certain scenes in the last release, sadly we lost the original module for Imperial Age and for the time being cannot do anything about it.

Once we are done with Blood & Steel 1870, we'll rebuild this mod using the module for that mod instead.



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We are still looking for eager or dedicated sceners to help push this module towards a beta release. None of the asian factions have any scene work attributed to them which is a shame as we have permissions to use stuff from the 16th century module now.

If anyone is interested now hit us up, me on here with a PM or onewildexan. Or hell, via Mod DB.



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Hello to those who still sort of care out there now, this is sort of a retrospective post and ending of this thread as I can sadly say this mod in the current form will no longer be developed. It's pretty much dead in the water now.

Due to behind the scenes complications with the current project the source code went missing and issues with multiple OSP scene content finally put a halt on the development train. Our main mod developer and scener became way more interested in starting a new project themed around a more original fictional universe with a more Victorian setting too. Said project is deep in development now and I wish them both luck but since they took that route we've sort of drifted apart when it comes to developing mods.

Apologies to the people who've played this and gotten frustrated or put off by the bugs and issues of the final release now. That one was rushed out the door and it might have been our biggest mistake in retrospect. Unless you feel like tinkering around I would sadly suggest people to try another mod unless you are patient as we cannot really fix this stuff now.

So yeah, It is the end of the line for this mod. Which is a shame really, as I still want a developed unique Calradia mod with 18th and 19th century themes something that still sadly seems to be missing still from Warband modding now as mods seem to all be going original or real world inspired these days. If any modder or modding team feels like this is something they can pursue and attempt take the ball and roll with it. Hell, feel free to use the OSP and resources of this very module as long as you credit the creators of the code, textures and models all used.

Hell, I've still got the improved dialogue and NPC strings backed up if you want and I am happy to send them your way just send me a PM on this forum. Reason why I am posting this and closing the thread as well closure is needed. I do hope some modder does continue this work and adopt and improve the progress and the lore put down in the future but for the time being thank you all for the support over the years and farewell. Do keep an eye on the mod Frenzied or whatever he's called now is working on though. Looks great.
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