SP Native [WB] Blood for Land (December 10th = Alpha release!)

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Demo video (It's a little outdated watch the other videos to see further improvements)

Well here is a video of me getting my butt kicked.

Blood for Land is a First person RTS type game for Warband.  The player starts the game by choosing where their hero is from, this determines their starting equipment and abilities. They then choose an economic area to focus on which will increase their generation of one of the four resources which are used for upgrades and buying soldiers.  There is food, wood, iron and gold. The player then chooses their civilization which will determine which unique units they can train and which unique upgrades they will have.

The player is then allowed to create the face of their character just like the original M&B.  The next game menu gives you the choice of going to one of four lands that you can try to settle and conquer, or going to your home town where you can buy better equipment for your hero or talk to vanquished enemies. 

After selecting a land to settle you enter the scene as your hero.  By pressing H you can see your Build Menu.  This shows you the economic upgrades, trainable soldiers and buildings that can all be purchased. You start with 500 food, 200 wood, 50 iron and 50 gold.  Economic upgrades increase the rate at which different resources are generated.

You start with a tower that is your home base and your enemy starts with a fort.  THE GOAL = of the game is to defend your tower and destroy the tower or fort of your enemy. Your enemy gets increasingly stronger as the game progresses and sends more and more waves of enemies to kill your men and destroy your tower, so it is important to invest heavily in economic upgrades to be able to compete with him in the later stages of the game if your early rushes fail, just like any other RTS game.

If your hero dies don't worry, you will spawn in as the next troop that you train and can continue ordering your troops and fighting.  Also after building a temple you can revive your hero for 150 gold.  This is pricy but if you have leveled up your hero and purchased awesome equipment for him it is worth it.

Careful not to press P as it will make you surrender and return you to the selection menu where you can choose another land to settle or go to your home town.

You cannot pick up any fallen weapons on the battlefield.  This might frustrate some players but it is important for balance.  A thief with a polearm would be way too OP.

There are many common units in the game like clubmen, archers, swordsmen, knights, etc etc.. but there are also unique units that can help you turn the tide of battle especially if you are controlling them.
Petard: like in many games the petard blows himself up killing most units in his proximity.  Careful because he can kill your own units as well.  Send them in alone or make sure you're the one controlling him in order to avoid friendly casualties.
Thief:  The thief steals gold from enemy units that he kills.  The higher the level of the enemy troop the more gold you get. He is extremely fast and has a deadly dagger with a high stab attack.
Monk:  The monk has three conversion stones.  Striking an enemy with the stone will convert them to your side.  Also helpful if your controlling the monk because the AI isn't the best at conserving ammo. When converting horsemen throw at the feet of the horse.  Infantry can be converted by simply hitting them straight on.
Shaman:  The shaman regenerates Hit points after each enemy that she kills.  I'd like to give her another ability but I'm not sure what.  Any ideas would be helpful.
Scatter Archer:  Shoots multiple bolts at a time to inflict maximum damage.

These are the current unique units in the game and they all work fairly well.  I could use a couple more unique units so don't be afraid to give me your input. 

Buildings: After building one they don't show up on the map but will allow you to build different types of units:
Barracks: basic Infantry
Archery: Missile troops
Blacksmith: Armored troops
Temple: mercenaries and unique troops
Military Academy: More unique troops

Also on each map are resources that can be gathered by the player like cabbages, iron mines or trees.  This is a nice boost for the early game and helps you to get those first upgrades and buildings built. You simply hit the resource with any melee weapon and with each hit resources are added to your stockpile until the resource is depleted and destroyed. Like most crafting games.

The enemy has a hero that is revived every so often after you injure him and will continue to harass you along with his army until you destroy his fort.  Your troops will automatically target his fort just like an enemy soldier.

Current state of the game: everything I've listed is already working and implemented.  I'm working on maps at the moment and creating a better end game with the option to execute or extort captured heros.  Then through them you could access more levels.

I'm thinking of sending out an alpha pretty soon for players that are interested in testing this mod.

Credits: Crusaders Way to Expiation Team (A huge thanks to them for their music and models!)
Also credit to Narf for his Plate armor and helmets. They are great!
Looks good, will there also be workers though? Could the Maps also be a but complexer, and maybe some AI ordering for the enemy troops?
Cynfar said:
Looks good, will there also be workers though? Could the Maps also be a but complexer, and maybe some AI ordering for the enemy troops?
I'm working on AI ordering on one of my other maps. There are guard units that hold their ground near their fort in order to protect it.  To be honest I wish I had more time to mod but I'll try and make more detailed maps.  I don't want too many obstacles for the bots to have to navigate though. When I'm finished I want lower end PCs to be able to run it as well.

I feel that the gathering rates of each civilization are important for balance but I have thought about adding workers to the game. Maybe I'll experiment with it.
Thanks for your post and insight.
fladin said:
It will be cool if the player can build defensive structures -walls- (Age of Blades  :lol:)
anyway  I find the concept  very  refreshing
Walls would be nice.  Right now I'm using agents inside the towers to make the enemy target it.  If you know of a way to make the AI target Scene Props without using agents inside of the prop I would be glad to know!!
Thanks for your post.
Cynfar said:
Looks good, will there also be workers though? Could the Maps also be a but complexer, and maybe some AI ordering for the enemy troops?

Here is a video of the AI, also you can see how the Shaman can self heal by taking her enemies life force.
You can now capture cows and sheep to produce milk over time for extra food.  Simply ride them back to your stable and they will begin generating food for you.  They can also be butchered for a temporary boost.

Also here is another battle.
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