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Glad you like what you see.  Lots of work still to be done, but at least I've gotten the major issues solved. 

I'm working on finalizing this tomorrow, in terms of the major things (largely, some work on the geometry, cleanups and making sure the shader's 100% ready to rock); after that, maybe a brief side-track to work on the map icons for trees and stuff; they need a revamp.  I think folks will be pleased at how the final map looks; it won't be quite as gorgeous as Bannerlord's, to be sure, but it's not bad.
You should really share your workflow creating these shaders, xenoargh. You would fill a great gap in modding, aka lack of proper tutorial. (We only have scion's tutorial which is outdated as it is.)

Easter Cow said:
Efe Karacar said:
Damn! That looks gorgeous!

Yes indeed Belendor. Not as good as Sevenheart though. :grin:

We all do what we like best. : )
You should really share your workflow creating these shaders
There's really no "workflow", per se; each shader's developed to solve its own particular problem.  Writing HLSL is completely different than writing Module System code, and to be frank, if you don't know what you're doing, it's best to leave it alone or be prepared to spend months understanding the concepts behind the code before you'll write anything that actually works.
Behold, smooth pointlights.  You have no idea how much work this was, and it's still not quite where it should be  :roll:


Oh, and btw... dot3 is, apparently, another hard-coded trap.  Anything with it is subject to pre-lighting, which is one of the reasons pointlights in this engine are little... wonky.  Got around that, sort've, eventually.  No, there's no way around the 10-pointlights-per-Scene limit, either.

There's still some tuning to be done here.  I swear I can write the darn thing to pick the closest point-light, so that big scenes are lit completely nicely with just a few lights.  Haven't quite sorted that out yet.
K, got it  :grin:


...that was a total pain in the rear, lol

What you're seeing:  smooth point light interpolation across vertexes without barriers or clunky vertex lighting; there's still a "one pointlight may own this vertex" rule, so there is a quick transition between lights when moving from one zone to another, but it's smooth and feels natural, with lights blending across objects when two or more point lights can affect the object.  For the tech-heads: think of this as calculate_point_lights_diffuse and calculate_point_lights_specular, but it requires fewer total operations and it plays nicely with normalmapped / specular. 

So, basically, I can finally get around to building something I'm calling the Cantina and get this show a little closer to on the road.
Well, it'd be hard to do a true apples-to-apples, as most of the Scenes are out, but...


...that is some flat lighting, lol.

It's a lot easier to see the difference in motion, but I really don't have time to do a video atm, I have a ton of stuff to get done before Thanksgiving  :facepalm:
While I agree yours is objectively better, I kinda prefer native's light.  :lol:
(I just like seeing things clearly and it's more of an ambient-like look)
If I want an ambient light that's stronger, that's totally possible.  The test-scene is deliberately lit as darkly as possible, so that I can see the point lights do their thing, make sure that materials are responding appropriately, see how the SSAO integrates etc.  The final scene won't be quite that dimly lit, although I'm going for a darker, grimmer aesthetic overall.
Mission templates is now cleared up.  I need to write some very specific stuff dealing with assaulting locations for it to be feature-complete, but the main battle scenarios are now fully built, and module_mission_templates is now down to 2507 lines of code to maintain (which will grow a bit with new features added, but hey, it's waaaaaaaay more modular, documented and less redundant than it used to be).

So, yeah.  Still testing things out, and there are probably things I need to optimize further, but it's basically good.

Oh, and horses are being replaced with... stuff.  Because the setting's changing.  But more on that when it's Done.
So ... Where's the download link  :mad: I want to play it NOW !!

Blood & Steel 2013 is already an amazing mod... I'm waiting for this one more than bannerlord, seriously!

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