MP Modern [WB]Battlefield Europe: 1916

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Psst, wolfy.
Rigadoon said:
Oh wait, I put spoilers into the update so it screws up the other spoilers in the OP. Just take the spoilers out I guess, next time I'll use smaller pictures.

Actually, maybe instead of quoting the update in the first post, you could just post a link to the updates in the OP?
wolfstar97 said:

Anyway I'm back for a little while so i can calm down all my impossible ideas for FPW, I'll be coding most of tonight to add in all the new content and sort out the module system.

@TVFoE Upload: I have thought about reuploading but the amount of bugs in it you might as well wait for a little while, after all it won't be long now...


Let's wait for the first release then! But remember 150th  and especially me are still available as testers!
Just a small anal historical critique...the Germans typically kept their leather equipment (boots included) brown during World War I.  This includes belts, ammo pouches, straps, etc.
wolfstar97 said:
After reading what he just got muted for I've made up my Mind. He's no longer on the team. HE may have had belief's but he should have kept them to himself and not caused this bother, The reason I'm kicking him is that I will not support someone on the dev team who makes those sort of statements. It will only cause trouble further down the line.

PS. John if your Reading this then refrain from returning to the thread after your un-muted, though personally I reckon for those comments it should be a ban.


Great choice Wolfstar !
alexispao said:
No update since 17/1, what happened to the weekly updates?

Is something big coming up or the mod is just dead?
... Dead? It doesn't automaticly mean it's dead if no news hasn't been given in 14 days. I'm quite sure they have been busy with IRL stuff and possibly with the mod, so give them time.
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