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Mount And Blade Warband Rise Of Swadia

For Rise of Swadia, about the plot, we can tell that some time has passed and some events have occurred. This mod focuses on Swadia’s rule over the land again. This time on our visit to Calradia, we aren’t a foreigner who came to this dangerous land but a person who is involved in those events. The mod doesn’t make us start from the start, instead, we start on the middle of the events. In these 20 years, many new civilizations arose and some of them were on the edge of decline, many people died and many were born, new cities have founded. Our character involves with the plot in a time just like that. Changing everything and starting over is on our character’s hands.


20th of April, 1260. It is the date which the peace and silence which lasted for a few years broke. With every kingdom had their powers stabilized, they were living in peace and harmony. The strongest kingdom of Swadia, was living its golden age thanks to King Harlaus, it has taken the control of most of the realm’s lands and with the peace obtained it has expanded its borders. Despite of these, peace and harmony lasted. But it didn’t last long, and it couldn’t be expected to, in this realm where everyone fights with each other. In this golden age, the civil war which sparkled by Lady Isolla of Suno who claimed right over the Swadian Throne, didn’t only bring Kingdom of Swadia to a decline, it also caused all of the realm to involve into a war. Kingdom of Swadia which is weakened by civil war divided into two nations. One led by Lady Isolla who hasn’t already fully claimed the throne and other one led by King Harlaus. King Harlaus and his supporters were defeated due to their losses in inner and outer clashes. 20 years later, there was none left of weakened Swadia’s Golden Age after the long-lasting civil war and outer threats. Some of the people believe that Queen Isolla made the true decision and took her right. Some of the people think that Isolla is responsible for Swadia’s fall. But I know that one day King Harlaus will return and Swadia will rule to Calradia once again.


*Improved Graphics
-A new environment which was worked over from start again. No object that is old has been used. Everything has been modelled again from start. Objects have been covered by pictures that are taken from nature. Improved graphics includes every object in the game. Trees, plant, horses, armors, scenes, map ....
*New Animations
-Increased amount of animations. The way people die, hit, wait ....
*New Items
-Unlike swords, armors, horses, there will be different rare items in the game. Many items that can’t be used but can be traded will be present in the game. Corn, many animal skins, furs...
*Sounds and Musics
-You will be hearing new musics and sounds in the game.
*New Lords and Ladies
-With the time advances, there will be new people in the game. Some of those people will be new while some of them are old and known to you.
*New NPCs and Characters
-Many NPCs and characters await to meet you in castles, towns and villages. You may take quests from some of them while recruiting some.
*New Town Designs
-Anything isn’t the same...that includes towns. But time didn’t affect it. Countryside of towns replaced according to their locations on the map. All parts of towns have been designed await you to explore them.
-There are animals and of course a hunting mechanic. You can trade or use the goods you got from animals like meat, fur and skin to produce new items.
*Item Production
-You can produce new items with the help of NPCs in towns. Your character doesn’t have an item production skill... for now.
*New Quests
-If you are bored of quests which you take from lords, kings and elders, you can cheer up! There are many new quests that you can take from new characters.


*A Hard Game! A Harder Game Style
-Forget about a castle which changes 3 owners a day, or a lord who survives 7 battles. Game has been designed to progress hard and slow. Before entering a battle, think twice!
*You’re Not Tough!
-This may change at the beginning. But I can tell that, you can’t be the ruler of Calradia in 30 days. It will be hard to gain someone’s trust. This will cause you to struggle or to find a different path to your goals.
*A Living Environment
-A woman carrying water, a man repairing his roof, a blacksmith forges his iron. You will see that characters in the game will be doing their jobs instead of walking around.
*Grand Siege Scenes
-Depending on sieging a castle or town, you’ll have many options in siege. There are always several ways of sieging a castle.
*Huge Towns
-Cities and their countryside are big as their maximum capacity. Every city has its own architecture. Towns doesn’t only include theirselves. There are many places that you can explore around them.
-You don’t need to be a good person. You can gain from bad ways. Including the pillage feature you can also steal items. But don’t forget that will have consequences.
-There will be animals in the game.
*New Menu Designs and Artistic Works
-New artistic pictures. A newly made menu from the start.
*More Dialogs and Conversations
-New dialogs that will change the flow of events. Persuade skill will take an important role in those.
*More Ground Coverings
-Changing ground coverings according to ground type. You will see a different ground in a forest, and an other different one in plains. Also, more usable Ground Spec has been added to game.
*Perfect Optimization
-What would you say if I said that all of these work perfectly like in Native? All of the objects in the game are being optimized. But still, if you are experiencing performances drops, you just need to lower your drawing distance. Even the grass in the game has been optimized. All of them have optimization.
*Perfect Graphics
-HD coverings, models with high number of polygons, objects which don’t look like each other, an environment which doesn’t repeat itself, a big variety of plants and more. Only for plains, there are 120 varieties of plants and all of them in HD. An environment remade with the pictures I took from nature, remodelled trees and more.
*New Sky Designs and Skybox
-To make great scenes greater, new sky designs are being added into game. From now, box typed sky will be used instead of sphere.
*Characters Physical Appearances
-You can select your character’s physical appearance at the beginning. A feature that only affects our appearance is not special to us..

I didn’t tell every feature above. I want to keep some of them as secret.

We are making this mod for SP. If it brings success, we will port it to MP.

Erozbey:Map Design

(There is no place in the cast.)

Special Thanks
Thanks to Erozbey for his comments and his advices.
Thanks to Apox for English Localization.
Thanks to Erchamion for signs

No OSP has been used in the mod. If I do, I will write it here.

Some of the textures: www.texturelib.com
Technology which used to create Skybox: CloudWright www.simul.co.uk

Rise Of Swadia Forum has been opened


Sound and Music%2
Town Designs:%1
Environment Designs:%0
Artistic Designs:%10
General Optimization:%10
Object, Item Designs:%27



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I think that will be very successful mod.I liked the details.I am following the developments.Good luck :smile:


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Do you have a ModDB thread ? and ,

Are moving objects will be on the current area ? for example windmill.


Yes , here it is  http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-swadia
And of course. the moving object increase the realism.


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Actually, that's a pretty good idea, hopefully the mod will be as good as it sounds. :smile: