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Hello Fellow people this is Blucher the Lead Dev of the Anglo-Zulu War. I am now presenting my new Project Alastar:A Medieval Fantasy. I have been working on this mod for about a month. It is completely made up. None of it is real. The lore for the mod is still in the works. I have made a map for this. Again remember Its all based off my imagination and fellow team members. It is just a Multiplayer  mod as of right now. We do plan on having a single player eventually.  I leave for basic training in May. Thus is why this mod is only mp for right now. I will still work on it when i come back though. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this mod and keep an eye on it.

Some Lore(Still in works)
1st age:

In the first age their were 9 kingdoms/empires all ruled by nobles that fought to overthrow the other rulers of the lands
of . Eventually they each in time realized that none of them would be able to overthrow the other 8 on their own and they
all hated the others so much so that no 2 or 3 or more could come together in an alliance. Finally they decided that the
fighting had to end and that for the betterment of the people of their lands they came together in an alliance/agreement
to end the fighting and conflicts. This ended the first age of the realm. But their ways of old of corruption, deceit,
criminality came back to bite them in the ass. One of the nobles , Johannes Zilts, began an elaborate scheme of
Mercantilism corruption to undermine the rule of the others nobles so that their rule would end. One by one the other
nobles fell and finally only two remained. The only other noble was Mathew Lottany.
2nd Age:

Finally when their was only Johannes Zilts and Mathew Lottany, Lottany fearing his own lands were soon to be undermined.
Fled back to his lands, closed off all his boarders with rebels, the last other noble and everyone else. Johannes seeing
that his plan had succeeded proclaimed himself king of all lands and named his Kingdom... The Empire.
The rebellions were to great for Johannes Zilts so he abandoned the parts of the world in rebellion and took in all the
resources he could into his... Empire. The rebels realizing their King had forsaken them made new kings and new nations.
This ended the second age.

3rd Age, (current):

Now the world is as it was in the first age. In constant peril and conflict and bloody war.

Wendol: Many rebels formed nations quickly so as not to starve in the coming winter. But one group could not elect a King
democratically, neither could any of them declare themselves dictator over the others. Finally with no leader, through
winter running out of food, having had no organization they resorted to cannibalism. The survivors lead by Uffgar the
Great agreed to stop the mass killing of their own... but they did not agree to stop eating others, they called themselves
the Wendol after the land they made it on. Because of their dietary change and mass consumption of human flesh they
developed a disease that made them dependent on human meat. If a Wendol goes too long without human flesh they break
into a terrifying rage, gaining strength and cunning instincts.

Ordo of Sanctus Lore: during this turmoil in the world a battalion on Kings guard under the direction of the high chancellor
Jaque Necker head of the religious order of the King, left for a new land fearing the King's rage would engulf them as
well. Their leader having been at the Kings side while he plotted. He new thought he would die and would rather die later
than sooner. With his men he fled the capital to a new land. Having their leader being a priest they now fight a holy war
against all others to reclaim the throne for in their eyes they are the chosen ones to govern the world.

The Empire: emerged out of the 2nd age with great power but an insane leader and declared the beginning of the 3rd era.
Their leader cursed by his wife for his corruption when he confessed to her his crimes, cast her aside and banished her
from all the Empire's lands. The Empire is a trade/capitalist dependent nation filled with corrupt aristocrats and a strict
government who will issue unequal/unfair punishments against any who commit anything an imperial guard considers a crime.
Their King is slowly but rapidly loosing his sanity having been cursed and left by his wife.

Cultis Mortis Damno: Maria Zilts was left in the wild to die by her husbands guard. On the verge of death she was encountered
by a spirit that she claims saved her. She was found by a group of rebels passing through the area to meat up with another
group. When they found her she entranced them and made them follow her, she had them raid other towns and villages and
replenished her army by resurrecting her fallen enemies.

Rangers of Ravenhall: The rangers were originally a group of thieves murderers and prisoners. But when chance came,
(chance being a mas prison riot/ mass escape plan), they banded together and freed themselves. Seeing that they would
need order some established themselves as leaders and made promises to get the band of miscreants to follow them. They are
now a feared and deadly group of trained assassins lead by Alvon the Lesser vying for control of their lands. Hampered by
constant invasion.

Kingdom of Dorogvon : Lead by Mathew Lottany, the are a great people and fight courageously for their way of life to continue.
The Kingdom of is the only surviving kingdom of the first age and the people believe that it is their time to have a king
sitting on the throne to rule over the world.

The Empire
The Wendol
Ravenhall Rangers
Cultis Mortis Damno
Ordo of Sanctus
Kingdom of Dorogvon

Screen Shots

Our team/Want to help?
Add me on steam Baddude2588. Our small Team could use help. If you cant add me for whatever reason Message me.

Team Members
Me Arthur:Coder/Maper/lore maker (Blucher For Anglo Zulu War)
Candy:Loading screen/Menu

The Last Days mod in general
Light and Darkness mod for their amors and weapons
Band of Warriors: Steel armor set, death mask, Head hunter's crown, a arena scene model. Thanks to fisheye.
The Tripartition:A crossbow, a shield, a horse. Thanks to muyiboy.
TLD:1 helmet, 1 grove, 2 shields, 1 axe. Thanks to Ancientwanker.
1 set of LOTR weapons made in MNB Chinese forum.
Two axes and three swords made by TheRock: administrator of ali213 forum.
kelavis from MNB CHN forum: Extinguished knight armor set, first released in this MOD.
Ninja8181 from MNB CHN forum: Medieval equipments pack for MNB
ly_szc from MNB CHN forum: A set of MU female armor and a set of male armor
magicxx from MNB CHN forum: Female ninja armor set
theguard from MNB CHN forum: Kunai and Ninja weapon container
flyfly-1 from MNB CHN forum: A set of dark lord
su2006 from MNB CHN forum: A set of boots
sylxs from MNB CHN forum: A elven blade
romawushi from MNB CHN forum: Rebinded skeleton of talak_horse
poiuytrewq from MNB CHN forum: Aromr of Sword sister and Dragon warrior
txzwxm from MNB CHN forum: Blades, swords and lances
baixiong from MNB CHN forum: The repeating crossbow
mskimizd from MNB CHN forum: The shield and lance
破碎之人 from MNB CHN forum: The whole set of plate armor of 16th century
Talon:Standard Weapons Upgrade Project
Ursca: A set of helms
OSP Spak_Items
TES4_OSP_Andragorn 2

Make sure to tell me if i forgot anything.


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Interesting looking mod. Good luck with this, I'll certainly be watching the progress of it with anticipation.


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Oscar.Hedlof said:
Nice work! I will be watching this one. The map reminds me of Tamriel.
It would be nice if you added some kind of firearm in the mod to give it a twist.
Just don't make them turn into Pike & Shot warfare. It's boring.  :roll:
I wanna see knights and his men-at-arms charge into volley of guns but win.
AxiosXiphos said:
What exactly do you need help with anyway?

Well I would like more people to help... It doesn't matter what your skills are. At this point any help is good enough. Honestly Im debating on starting from scratch and coming up with a new idea. So I will need help anyway.. I have a lot I want to do but I cant do all of it at once.....

Thane Delphi

Atleast keep the map. Its badass. It won't cause map lag will it?
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